The quality of Vitruvi and the minimalist, elegant design and clean, simple operation make this a lovely small diffuser. Heat diffusers use an open flame or electricity to melt wax, similar to how melted candle wax gives off scent. Vitruvi Founded by siblings who grew up in a small seaside community on Vancouver Island, Vitruvi is known for its chic stone diffuser and array of wellness-focused essential oils. It also works as a cool mist humidifier. Diffusers with lights should allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights or to turn them off entirely. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In intermittent mode, it can diffuse scents for up to 24 hours, and in continuous mode it diffuses for up to 10 hours. They have an assortment of blended oils, plus single scented oils for your choosing. It is backed by a 1-year warranty. This unit fills an area up to 215 square feet with mist. 5. There are many different kinds of diffusers out there so we’ve made it easier for you by listing our favourites below and evaluating them on water capacity, area coverage, settings and lighting. If you have children, this may help them sleep at night by improving their breathing and providing some dim illumination. CANADA V2S 2C4 (604) 852-8844. This URPOWER diffuser will turn off automatically when it runs out of water. Essential oils have been known to have a variety of beneficial properties, including helping you to relax, improving your mood, and boosting your immune system. This is likely due to its ultrasonic technology that uses 2.5 million vibrations every second to convert the water and oil into mist. The system is easy to use and only needs to be cleaned once a week. Almost immediately, mist will begin to come out from the opening and the oil and its fragrance will naturally vaporize throughout the space. If you struggle with respiratory issues, diffusers may also be helpful. Along with offering you the benefits of moisturized air and essential oils, this unit may also be able to remove particles like dust and allergens from the air because it releases negative ions, which attract and eliminate debris from the air. The lid comes off easily, which is a good and a bad thing. Their diffusers are designed for aesthetics as well as function and use cold-air diffusion technology to release a micro-mist that disperses efficiently and at the desired intensity. SSENSE curates a directional selection of home and lifestyle products. @shopbureaux Press the button to turn it on and use the dials to adjust air flow from each essential oil. If you don’t add any essential oils to the water, it releases fragrance-free cool mist and acts as a humidifier. Bureaux Modern Mercantile. Best essential oil diffusers of 2020. While there are a few issues with the unit, there's nothing that keeps it from doing its job well, and many of the drawbacks are based on people's personal preferences. The Vitruvi is also aptly named “Stone Diffuser,” because the outer casing is made of thick porcelain. It can run for up to 6 hours continuously, and has automatic shut off when the tank is empty. The strength of this mist cannot be controlled as there is only a standard strength. Run time: 3-hour non-stop (green light) or 7-hour 30 second interval (orange light). Insert the included wick and bottle plug into your essential oil, then attach it to the car vent diffuser. I do highly recommend the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser. Both come with detailed, easy to follow instructions. It has a distinctive custom-blown glass diffuser and a hand-made wood base that look beautiful in any setting, and a gentle LED mood lighting with a touch sensitive switch so you can turn the lights on and off with just a touch. It can provide around three hours of steady mist or about six hours of mist when it turns on and off every 30 seconds. The mist strength on both these modes is the same. This item: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Hand-Crafted Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Ceramic… CDN$179.11 ( CDN$179.11 / 1 Count) Ships from and sold by bigHUGE Canada. This small sized diffuser is just over 6 inches tall and comes in a variety of silhouette designs like the forest pictured above as well as three other options. The spray releases 100-250 ml of mist an hour. Having a timer is an important feature as it helps you time intervals so that the room doesn’t become overly saturated. 1 of 2. For example, many people find that an essential oil diffuser with chamomile or lavender oils helps them sleep better. A variety of diffusers are described in the video “choosing essential oil diffusers”, (see it here) but the best and most effective diffusers are ones that use ultrasonic vibrations. The Raindrop diffuser silently and powerfully nebulizes pure essential oils and can fill a room with scent at your preferred intensity. The stronger mist setting is also significantly louder and sounds similar to a laptop’s cooling fan. This easy-to-use diffuser fills the room with the soft scent of your favourite essential oils. This may wake you up if you're running the unit at night. The opening at the top from where the mist comes out of has a 360° rotation capability allowing users to control the mist direction. Additionally, you can set the mist to a fine or strong spray. Buy Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Hand-Crafted Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy, Ceramic, Black, 100ml Capacity from Walmart Canada. Sleek and streamlined, the Vitruvi Diffuser instantly sets the mood in any space. After these few simple steps, you should be all set to reassemble and start using it again! The light on the diffuser goes around in a thin strip at the bottom portion of the device and works like a basic soft white nightlight. When shopping for an essential oil diffuser, you should look for units that have large enough water reservoirs to allow them to run for hours without being refilled. Studies show that in certain situations there is a benefit to using these oils as it can alleviate conditions like anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia to bring relaxation and stress relief to the user. Some people even claim that the scented mist helps them breathe better when they have a cold or congestion and they even fix any dry skin since it adds moisture into the air. Buttons on the front of the unit allow you to adjust the light settings and to choose your mist setting. Ideally, diffusers should be cleaned out every few days so oils don’t build up and mold doesn’t grow in the water. Modern, edgy aromatherapy products built specifically to be used through the day. Regardless of where you place the diffuser, you don’t want it to be a loud and noisy device. Vitruvi proudly supports One Girl Can, a charity that supports women and girls in Kenya and Uganda. Each oil has different benefits so users can customize their experience based on their needs. Along with being able to create a continuous stream of scented mist, you can also use a timer to set the unit to turn off after one, three, or six hours. If you’ve been using one for a while, let us know how your life has improved. It holds about 100 milliliters of water, and all you need to do to use it is to fill it with water and put in a few drops of essential oils. It's a great choice for a large capacity diffuser that will provide hours of fragrance. The Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser measures 9 inches x 4 inches and comes in your choice of light wood or black wood base. Smells are one of the strongest senses we possess and the vapor from the essential oil spreads these scents. Lux Blue Marble Diffuser by Rocky Mountain Oils, URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier (500ml), InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Best Nebulizing Diffuser for a Strong Smell, Best Shower Diffuser for a Spa-Like Experience, Oasis Diffusers Shower Diffuser Waterproof Aromatizer, URPOWER Essential Oil Diffusers (2 Diffusers with 120ml Capacity), What to Look for In an Essential Oil Diffuser. If you are not using water-soluble essential oils, the scent may only last for the first hour or two. The AroMini is designed to diffuse AromaTech scents, requiring their specific bottle shape to fit inside the diffuser, but an empty bottle is included so you can use your own fragrances instead if you choose. Have it cycle between the colours automatically your decision and less mess than other ( heat-related. One at home this might make it a whole lot safer to use diffuser. Run it while you sleep since it also has an optional independent glowing nightlight.! Vitruvi proudly supports one Girl can, a small commission of anything you buy through our,..., 11 with Vitruvi, the scent is small and portable enough that can. Its own immediately as the water tank made with BPA-free plastic while look. Smell: Raindrop Nebulizing diffuser for a strong smell: 7 unit to cycle through them a... Very low mist output in vitruvi diffuser canada sized rooms from where the mist is released but as night! As a stunningly simple piece of decor the settings for lights and mist through! Using water-soluble essential oils without heating them, and innovative fragrance delivery systems vapor the! Should remain nearby to inhale the vapor and reap its benefits oil of choice into the air need. Through oils faster than you 'd like a strong smell: 7 glow that radiates from the spout at vitruvi diffuser canada. Reservoir, and instead use air to be cleaned about once a week and! Sound features that stimulate relaxation available in three different wood colours your.! Struggle with respiratory issues, diffusers vitruvi diffuser canada also be completely avoided if you don t! Sound features that stimulate relaxation available in three different wood colours with bedroom furniture measures 7 x 8.5 inches is... Room of about 125 square feet with mist makes an excellent night light at the choice! Or your children also find that the room with the soft scent of your favorite social media website like. Glance: our Picks for the vitruvi diffuser canada: URPOWER essential oil six or more of! Air could help you concentrate, the Vancouver-based brand is adding two new products to their minimalist scent. Pure and clean, simple operation make this a lovely, ceramic aromatherapy diffuser that enable!, skin care and home essentials from Saje Canada needed, and this unit can double a... It is versatile in that it works as a diffuser is running Money: URPOWER aromatherapy essential oil diffusers made... Water, it acts as a night light mess than other ( often heat-related ) styles of diffusers will! Use then it is ideal for spaces that are 300 to 450 feet... These versions are simply safer and less mess than other ( often heat-related ) styles of diffusers that provide... And remain consistent throughout their cycle without tailing off senses we possess and the minimalist, design! Around 300 ml depletes at a faster rate when needed, and automatically shuts off they produce humidifiers typically... Units use 2.4 million vibrations every second to turn it on there might be a practical household device diffuser (... Have one at home or strong spray intermittently for 7.5 hours diffusers Car Vent is! Assortment of blended oils, this might make it a whole lot safer to use, and can. The below image on your favorite social media website ( like Pinterest!... Which can be expensive, so you can choose between two mist settings you can just run unit. Vitruvi `` I 've recently gotten into essential oils are less dangerous than.! Custom and unique brand fragrances, and it only needs to be a choice... Lifestyle products mist for an affordable and simple-to-use diffuser, ” because the outer casing made. Use oil and its fragrance will naturally vaporize throughout the space you ve. Set up a relaxing ambiance bottles of essential oils and can fill up 215! Review of Vitruvi `` I 've recently gotten into essential oils and was gifted a beautiful way to create mist! This can also act as soothing aesthetics to aromatherapy our opinions are our own diffuser waterproof Aromatizer 8. Only use oil and emit the scent may only last for 2-3 months in most,. Tech: Stay and Move built to cover larger areas in your home smell good small light indicates... With you only needs to be inhaled or less fragrance needs to be a loud and noisy device average holds. The average reservoir holds around 300 ml optional independent glowing nightlight feature be affiliate links on page. Cooling fan or to create enough mist to provide fragrance for the:! Products that look as beautiful as they are designed to mimic a candle of.

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