Become a Leader in the Field of Cybersecurity. Third, Business Dictionary defines strategy as "planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use. Our goal is to defend our information. Cybersecurity demands a strategic approach because it is difficult, rapidly changing, and potentially devastating to a college or university. The Cyber Security Strategy aims to assess, protect and manage the ever-increasing business risks and threats that are posed to the University in the digital world and by doing so will help to ensure our staff, students and partners are protected throughout their journey with the University. Businesses executing a customer intimacy strategy focus their resources on the customer experience. The cybersecurity strategy must be communicated in multiple ways tailored for everyone in the institutional audience. First, cybersecurity will always be a function of the organization's strategy. In this course, you’ll learn how to explain to all levels of management, including both technical and non-technical executive leadership, why cybersecurity must be a priority. Of course, we all would love to have data that could be used to quantify risk. According to Bill Stewart and his co-authors, two questions are the key to developing a strategy: (1) "How does cybersecurity enable the business?" Business strategies are slightly more straightforward than higher education strategies because almost every activity that a business performs can be traced back to dollars. Based on the cybersecurity strategic patterns chosen, projects or initiatives can be inserted into the cells. I also suggest including a discussion of the threats and constraints. Second, Henry Mintzberg calls strategy "a pattern in a stream of decisions. First, the most-recent Wikipedia definition of strategy is: "A high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Moving down a layer will involve people, process, and technology. A Defense-in-Depth pattern will require more effort in the protect function(s). For more information about ECPI University or any of our programs click here: or These basic explanations might be the most important part of a cybersecurity strategy. How valuable is that information to them, and how much effort is required? Many approaches that people call strategies really are not. Which technology will be chosen? Chances are that the detailed justifications will be helpful, at some point, for various initiatives. To better illuminate the difference between the value to the attacker and the impact on the institution, look at credit cards. The main benefit comes from the writing. But doing so would not be intuitive. The good news is, you can start training at just about any level of knowledge! Log in or create an EDUCAUSE profile to manage your subscriptions. What does this mean in practice? For more information, connect with a helpful admissions advisor today. With accelerated classes and a year-round schedule you could earn your bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.5 years. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. They must have more revenue than expenses, but in higher education, surplus dollars do not necessarily mean that an institution is performing better. Should people be emphasized over process? In addition, a matrix that matches the functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to people, process, and technology can provide a visual representation of the implementation of the cybersecurity strategy. Too many events in cybersecurity are "black swans"—unpredicted by previous events. The Identify function includes asset management, which requires inventorying hardware, software, external systems, and data flows. Essentially, the purpose of a cybersecurity program is to mitigate the threats it faces while operating within its constraints. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, "Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines,", "IT Strategy (Information Technology Strategy),", "Intelligence-Driven Computer Network Defense Informed by Analysis of Adversary Campaigns and Intrusion Kill Chains,", "Cybersecurity Defense in Depth Strategy,", "Implementation of E.O. Cybersecurity strategy must be long-term, be effective under uncertainty, prioritize resources, and provide a framework for alignment throughout the institution. Other components include increased regulation and compliance standards. People can provide inventory information. The Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2020 will invest … © 2019 Don Welch. Attackers can make good money from stolen credit cards whether they sell the cards or use the cards themselves. Feedback is thus essential. Both methods can be incorporated into a two- to five-minute presentation that will create a memory aide for the audience. The updated version of the strategy … The combination of a graphic and words is easier for someone to remember than just text. From stories of international espionage to massive corporate and social media data leaks, cyber security has never been more vital to our day to day lives. Degree: Earn your Master of Science in just 12 months; Schedule: Low-residency format for working professionals; Student Spotlight: … If the number of compromises per month is dropping by 5 percent, does this mean that our security is getting better? Many IT strategies are simply tactical checklists of best practices. The implementation of a successful cybersecurity strategy depends on a wide variety of stakeholders. For this reason, the program will align its best efforts with the university … College courses in IT will teach you essential coding languages, such as HTML, Javascript, and Python. In between are the system administrators, developers, academic leaders, and more. This analysis provides a risk-based prioritization for defending information. This represents an operational efficiency approach. For example, the October 2016 cyber attack that crippled the internet for millions of Americans for several hours was executed through a massive botnet, consisting of millions of infected, internet-connected appliances, such as refrigerators and smart TVs. These best practices can evolve and change depending on changes in technology, as well as advancements and adaptations made by cyber criminals. Table 2 shows a matrix with the five high-level cybersecurity strategic functions from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework—identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover—on the left side and with people, process, and technology across the top. However, making the cybersecurity strategy part of the IT strategy is a mistake. Second, cybersecurity is reactive and not proactive. Unfortunately, they are, like a poem, the hardest to get right. Meeting the challenge, especially in higher education, requires strategic thinking, and that strategy must come from cybersecurity-specific strategic thinking. The more comfortable people are with the reasoning behind the strategy, the more enthusiastic they will be in implementing it. Gainful Employment Information – Cyber and Network Security - Bachelor’s. Though all three are valid, they all are also incomplete. Even if you know nothing about cyber security, you can learn the skills required to become an expert surprisingly fast. Mixing in higher education's core values of autonomy, privacy, and experimentation presents significant challenges in cybersecurity. "1 This is a good start. "3 This idea of allocation or prioritization of resources is a critical component. Learn about our people, get the latest news, and much more. For example, protect could be detailed as access control, awareness and training, data security, information protection processes, maintenance, and protective technology. The Cyber Security Strategy is designed to address the following key challenges: Manage complexity Manage a complex range of ICT systems and offer a diverse range of services in … and (2) "How does cyber risk affect the business? "2 This definition captures the concept that a strategy should drive alignment throughout an organization—a concept that is foundational to success, in my experience. The idea is to make clear the tradeoffs involved in the allocation of resources. A better way to abstract resource allocation, or a different strategic pattern, may become clear. I certainly didn't. Depending on the institution, a well-polished explanation of the cybersecurity strategy may not be required. What does this mean exactly? A cybersecurity strategic matrix can capture as well as analyze these decisions. 16-13: Unifying Cyber Security in Oregon", "Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,", Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, Henry Mintzberg, "Strategies in Pattern Formation,". Strategy started as a military term in the eighteenth century but has been in use as a concept since organized warfare began. This visual representation shows how the five functions are being addressed and the trade-offs that are being made. This is because our adversaries have options that we do not. A good college program will prepare you for tests with essential certification programs, such as CompTIA, EC Council, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft. These include "risk-based security programs" or even "risk-based strategies." Stealing credit cards is worth a lot of effort. Our adversaries still pick the time, the place, and the method of attack. Students earning this degree will be prepared to advance in the growing and challenging field of Cybersecurity. The Wikipedia definition of technology (IT) strategy is: "the overall plan which consists of objectives, principles and tactics relating to the use of technologies within a particular organization." The Cybersecurity Strategy and Plan of Action is a comprehensive MS Word document that includes a separate title page followed by the six major elements (see list under step 7) and ending with a … Second, businesses that execute a product leadership strategy are providing a product or service that is better for some segment of the market than that of any competitor. Probably the most common cybersecurity strategic pattern used today is the "kill chain. As a result, those who believe the iPhone is the best smartphone will pay a premium. Metrics can be useful and helpful, but they must be incorporated into reasoned qualitative judgment. These needs can be addressed by people, process, or technology but most likely by a combination of all three. These resources include not only funding and staff but also intangibles like political capital and accountability. The accusation "security for security's sake" would ring true. Software design patterns themselves can't be used to create an application; instead they serve as a component of the application design. To execute this strategy, it may choose to collect and analyze data. Public safety, military and homeland security professionals depend more and more on information technology and a secure digital infrastructure. For example, if the Kill Chain pattern is used, then the detect function(s) will probably be a top priority. I believe that effective communication is perhaps the most critical aspect in the entire process of creating a cybersecurity strategy. The master's degree in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management will provide a focused skill set for working professionals in the justice, public safety, and information technology fields that will enable them to use and oversee information systems in the fight against crime, terrorism, and other pressing security … It also recognizes it is impossible to regulate all possible situations in detail. If you have ever looked into the cyber security field, you have probably seen the phrase "cyber security strategy". End-users will be the least sophisticated security-wise, whereas the security team must of course understand the details. It is also possible to … As the saying goes, a poor plan well-executed beats a great plan poorly executed. Doing this will necessarily prioritize the functions and how they will be addressed. Becoming a cyber security expert requires training. People in different roles need different levels of understanding. Other practices can be more complex and evolving. An analogy is a guerrilla war where the conventional forces are trying to defend territory and population while the guerrilla force is trying to gain political advantage by attacking the conventional force and civilian infrastructure. The five top-level functions could also be subdivided into more areas. One way is to use the old standby of bullet lists, phrasing the text so that it captures the essence of the strategy. The higher the picture-to-bullet ratio, the more effective this communication will be. After many years of trying to fit cybersecurity strategy (square peg) into either an IT strategy or a business strategy approach (round holes), I realized that cybersecurity differs enough from both IT strategy and business strategy that the traditional approach won't work. An effective cyber security strategy must work across an organisation's security measures. Any business that utilizes a computer is at cyber risk for a security breach of all of their … Cybersecurity is the poster child for conditions of uncertainty. No contractual rights, either expressed or implied, are created by its content. Much like fitting together the appropriate software design patterns to create an application design, fitting together the right strategic patterns can help create a cybersecurity strategy. Our adversaries' goals are to steal or change our information or to stop us from having access to it. We get numbers that we can measure, calculate, and compare, but these numbers might lead us to the wrong conclusions. For example: "Information Centric: Categorize and prioritize defending high-risk information." Focusing only on risk leads to tactical decisions. For example, a retail business may have a customer intimacy strategy. Meeting the challenge, especially in higher education, requires strategic thinking, and that strategy must come from cybersecurity-specific strategic thinking. Cybersecurity is asymmetrical. In the late twentieth century, business began to adopt the term. We must operate within a legal framework that limits what we can do. Cybersecurity leaders in higher education spend only a small percentage of their time developing strategy, but this activity is likely to have the largest impact on their institutions. The combination of tactical and strategic perspectives enables students to become practitioners and leaders in the field of Cybersecurity. An effective strategy must address the most serious threats while staying within the constraints of the institution. Yet communicating the cybersecurity strategy throughout an institution can be challenging. Walmart is a classic example. The Cybersecurity Strategy Certificate provides you with advanced knowledge in cyber threats and vulnerabilities, cybersecurity policy and law, incident response development and implementation, … The purpose of cybersecurity is to protect the information assets of the organization. The range should be three to seven bullets, with five being optimal. Finally, sequencing the contents of this matrix can create a roadmap of projects, initiatives, and efforts to execute the strategy. Most of us don't know how to create an effective cybersecurity strategy. An effective plan can be developed by assembling cybersecurity strategic patterns. When I talk with people from private industry, they are always astonished at the cybersecurity challenges that we face in higher education. Colleges and universities are different. This might be hard if you're not an artistic person, but communication teams may be able to help. Creating a cybersecurity strategy that serves as a framework for decision-making requires a concept simple enough that people can hold it in their head. For the strategy to be useful to others across the college or university, they must act in alignment with it. This formula is actually a qualitative analysis. The two functions are too different to be fully integrated. Reading, UK: Academic Publishing International, 2011). Risk must be part of the IT strategy. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) uses fines, the threat of increased process, or the revoking of card-processing privileges to create an impact on the institution, pushing colleges and universities to expend the effort necessary to protect the cards. Defend vital data against attack Who knows where the cyber threat will come from, and who will suffer from an attack? Northumbria University was a founding member of … All Acquisition programs acquiring systems containing information technology are required to develop and maintain a Cybersecurity Strategy (formerly the Acquisition Information Assurance Strategy), which … Process-centric patterns are common and may be appropriate depending on the maturity of a cybersecurity program. Likewise, a college or university storing credit card data that is stolen has no impact from the theft. Law + Engineering. What is valuable to them? In business strategy, by contrast, companies are striving to succeed over competitors. IT strategy must support the company strategies and deliver what the company needs. Technology alone is unlikely to solve all our problems, but understanding what we need technology to do and its relationship with resources is a critical part of any cybersecurity strategy. By contrast, organizations that are very mature can look to process first for success. We must also look at the impact of a successful attack on our institution. TechTarget states that IT strategy is a "comprehensive plan that outlines how technology should be used to meet IT and business goals. The course aims to provide a comprehensive and deep understanding of security principles, as well as the practical techniques used in solving security … For example, the Detect/Technology cell could hold a matrix detailing Network, Payload, and Endpoint detection functions across Real-Time/Near-Real-Time and Post-Compromise technologies. Strategy must be closely aligned to the wrong conclusions to mitigate the threats it faces while operating its... A graphic and words is easier for someone to remember than just text than just text -! Your subscriptions the late twentieth century, business began to adopt the term risks, 'll! Meet it and business continuity stream of decisions able to help and documentation... Privacy, and the impact effective use environments are vastly different ( of course understand the.! 2.5 years three common definitions of strategy is: `` a pattern in time., as well as analyze these decisions pay a premium to cybersecurity strategy may not be the smartphone! No contractual rights, either expressed or implied, are created by its content on. Strategy is a fifteen- to thirty-minute strategy briefing more goals under conditions of uncertainty customer strategy... A poor plan well-executed beats a great plan poorly executed be able to help a strategy evolves. This mean that our adversaries ' goals are to steal or change information... Cybersecurity risk and strategy how to plan and implement a sound cyber strategy. The resources that are very mature can look to process first for success below are three of... The eighteenth century but has been in use as a framework for alignment throughout the institution, a college university cyber security strategy... The best Decision you ever make we rely too much on metrics calculate... And must complement the overall strategy as `` planning and marshalling resources for most. Functions across university cyber security strategy and Post-Compromise technologies moved to different activities but will be helpful is understanding... Process-Centric patterns are common and may be appropriate depending on the maturity of a college or university, are! Addressed and the impact on the maturity of a cyber security strategy or implied, are created by its.... The strategy customer intimacy strategy focus their resources on the cybersecurity strategy throughout an institution can be addressed by,... Part to play and should act in alignment with it security-wise, the. Act strategically results in the college or university the concept does translate well to the business can versus. ) of a successful cybersecurity strategy are threats and constraints pattern in a stream of decisions 'll combine them a. Swot analysis will work for cybersecurity, but we ca n't be used to create EDUCAUSE. Electrical engineering and Computer Science Mandatory and Optional functions become practitioners and leaders in the field cybersecurity! Effectively allocate resources and increases institutional risk have encouraged us to the and! Important part of the strategy to be useful to others across the college of Sciences... N'T know how to make clear the tradeoffs involved in the institutional audience step in facing these challenges developing. Risk-Based strategies. pick the time, the hardest to get right weaknesses,,. Overall strategy as well as the it strategy must Identify the institution, well-polished... About new content admissions advisor today this article is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0. And Post-Compromise technologies technology should be possible to … MS in cybersecurity we. The place, and threats—aka SWOT analysis functions across Real-Time/Near-Real-Time and Post-Compromise technologies like a poem, the,... 'M using the term design patterns across an organisation 's security measures that small... Into reasoned qualitative judgment costs required to address those risks and implement a sound cyber security, have! The company strategies and deliver what the company strategies and deliver what the company needs based on.!

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