I melted the m&p just fine. I did notice though that 3 weeks later the soap started to sweat – a lot. The fragrance and essential oil choices are totally a preference and we encourage you to experiment with your blends until you find on that works the best for you! The salt at the bottom was like a hard layer of candy, just crumbling and breaking off, not making a nice clean slice!…I immediately decided to remelt the batch and pour into muffin tray! I’m brand new at this and want to make sure I understand the step correctly. Himalayan Rose Melt and Pour Soap – 1lb. Goats Milk Soap Recipe Also Works With Other Milks Honey almond chamomile goat s milk soap melt and pour recipe melt pour goat s milk soap with pink himalayan salt homemade almond oatmeal goat s milk soap recipes homemade top 3 goat milk soap recipes organic beauty. For now, they’re in a lidded glass container. Maybe adding charcoal and black hawaiian lava salt? Filed Under: Crafts, DIY Beauty Tagged With: DIY Beauty, goat's milk soap, grapefruit soap, himalayan salt soap, Homemade soap, melt and pour soap, Pink Himalayan Salt. of soap base into a large glass pyrex measuring cup. This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the products used in this project, You can find all of the products and other recommendations on my Amazon Favorites list. You can leave it on the counter overnight or you can place it … I bought a sea salt from Walmart and used it in my “lemony zesty” soap. Question though, my soap is not pearly white like yours! If you don’t have a heat gun, you can just wrap your soaps in plastic wrap and they will be good to go. P.S. Add 1.10 oz. Once completed I will tell you what the finished product looks like. I’ve never made soap before, so I’m super excited. O-M-G! The key is pouring at a lower temperature, around 120 degrees F, to increase the viscosity of the soap. What am I doing incorrectly? Melt in the microwave on 30 second bursts, stirring between each heat. -Becky with Bramble Berry. I’m new to soap making. I can’t wait to try making them , How to Label Cold Process Soap: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/cold-process-soap/how-to-label-cold-process-soap/. I’m sorry to hear that this recipe gave you a few problems. Hi! I’ve been making very similar soaps for about a year now (I don’t add white pearl to the shea base and I scent mine with Lavender & Herb). It sounds like it might be the salt drawing moisture into your soap, but if you could tell us a little more about it, we are more than happy to help you troubleshoot it. I made the soap (minus the .4oz of patchouli). =). All I saw at first was the list of ingredients that came with the kit. A lesser amount of salt: Some soap makers will do 50 to 70 percent of the total oils and are happy with their bars. (I live in Canada, so I sadly can’t order from your lovely store, and the canadian store I’m looking at doesn’t have medium) I would recommend using our medium pink himalayan sea salt. This soap would work in the Disk Mold and Package! If it’s on the scratchy side, you may really like to use it on your feet as a exfoliant! . I’m wondering. Add 4 - 5ml (¾ teaspoon) Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil and stir well to combine. My other problem is that when I added the sea salt, it clumped. We included the Pink Sea Salt in this recipe because it is known for it’s stimulating and soothing properties and we just love it in salt bars for it’s exfoliating and moisturizing abilities. When labeling your soap, you want to list the ingredients from most used to least used. It inspired this soap, which is topped with Gold Sparkle Mica and pink sea salt. You can also use our extra small pink sea salt as well. =). But instead of the grapefruit essential oil I think I am going to use a grapefruit blush scent made for soap crafts. I’m wondering why nobody mentioned this… Did you experience something like this or maybe heard about it from people? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated…. I would work along the same lines as this recipe for the salt and experiment with different rates of the Activated Charcoal until you find an amount that works the best for you. I typically use silicone molds which are easier to work with but this work well if you don’t fill them up all the way. Around the time the leaves start falling I start “Jonesing” to get busy making some homemade gifts. When it came time to add the FOs I messed up in a way that you can all find humor in. 1 oz. Remove soap from heat and stir in grapefruit essential oil. Note: I linked a silicone mold above that I highly recommend, it makes removing the soap so much easier! It is located on Bramble Berry’s website here: https://www.brambleberry.com/Pink-Sea-Salt-Extra-Small-P5775.aspx, I hope that helps! Hi There, May 28, 2014 - How to make grapefruit soap - easy melt and pour soap recipe made with pink Himalayan salt, goat's milk soap and grapefruit essential oil. Since posting my comment to you, I have wiped the soap dry, sprayed it very lightly with the isopropyl alcohol and rewrapped it…and it still sweats ☹ – don’t know why. that helped a lot, thanks again , We are so happy to hear that this information helped out. .4 oz patchouli If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! if you heavily color your batch. You don’t want that. Place in the microwave safe jug, and melt in short bursts until liquid. In this case, the label would list the melt and pour base first with all the ingredients in there, then the salt. I’ve been using grapefruit essential oils in homemade lip balm, bath salts, and in this easy soap recipe using a melt and pour soap base. We liked the medium because it worked perfectly for the scrubbiness we were going for. It sounds like you might be living in an area that is a little humid and that is what is causing the sweating along with the salt drawing the moisture into your soap. https://www.brambleberry.com/English-Rose-Fragrance-Oil-P3860.aspx. I saw this recipe in Willow and Sage and would really like to make it but it does not give amounts for the melt and pour soap base nor the Pink Himalayan salt. Thank you! Disk Mold and Package, Plastic: https://www.brambleberry.com/Disk-Mold-Package-Plastic-P5914.aspx. so I put it in one of those plastic veggie containers and figured I would just use it for myself-well it is chemically changed for sure-so is not setting up well-I will just scoop some out for me and see if I can use it after a couple hours it is still not set-so it’s not going to. By volume unless otherwise stated In the comments above I read: grapefruit, Do we mix those together and add the entire thing (we’ll have left over if we buy the kit, I’m assuming) to the soap base? How many of these type of soap molds does it take to make a batch of soap from this recipe? I LOVE this, but I need it to be CP! I am using Brambleberry everything so was that supposed to happen and is that why you all added the Color Block? Transport yourself to the seaside of a breezy Mediterranean village with this #HomeSpa Pink Himalayan Sea Salt tutorial. Himalayan Sea Salt Soap. Haha. I will have to update when my disasters come out of the mold! We are so excited that you’ve tried this tutorial out, we can’t wait to here more about your soapy projects. Or maybe just sprinkle some sugar on the tops of the bars after I pour the soap? Thanks! They don’t look very pretty so I hope the underside looks better. I’m so glad you like this recipe! This soap recipe is made with goat’s milk soap base, pink himalayan salt and grapefruit essential oil. I’m sorry this project didn’t turn out quite right, but practice makes perfect! I wanted to make the soaps tomorrow, how will not having this oil effect my oil blend? The reason we added the salts to the mixture first, then scooped them out into the individual mold was so the salts didn’t all go to the bottom,forming a somewhat solid layer, which it sounds like is what happened to your soap. Hi, once I made the CP soap with just 3 Himalayan salt crystals embeds (coarse grain) on top and when I tested it was way too scratchy… I had to remove those embeds from all finished batch and replace with with shea butter drops. Thanks for the idea of adding the Himalayan salt!!! How much is it in ozs please. And now, boy, do I feel dumb! I hope your new fragrance blend smells good at least! It looked great once released from the mold, until I tried to cut in into bars. :) Don’t want angry customers to sue me… What do you think? This easy to make soap recipe, scented with a combination of essential oils to create a rose fragrance, is a great way to bring Himalayan salts to every shower. This has been one of our favorite melt and pour projects as of late and we love hearing success stories about it. I think your soap will probably turn out just fine :). I’m sorry that the lip flavoring oil gave you trouble, but you’re correct, these are not made for use in soap. Thanks! How could I go about making this on a stove top? I am so glad to hear it turned out so well for you, it is one of my favorite of the home spa recipes. I have actually made a mistake very similar to that…it happens to the best of us :). Long story short, the mixture wasn’t melting as fast due to the salt clumps and the soap was thick and skin was forming….what a mess!!! We hope you get a chance to soon and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Pour melted clear soap over the salt. I am so in love! =). Thanks! 100% of the soap amount (which means that if your recipe is for 3 lbs of soap, then add 24 oz of salt. , if we use this recipe, what quantity does it make ? Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. Handmade Potpourri: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/home-spa-handmade-potpourri/, Soothing Eye Pillow Sewing Tutorial: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/home-spa-soothing-eye-pillow-sewing-tutorial/, Gentle Gel Serum: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-spa-gentle-gel-serum/, We will eagerly be looking for your pictures to be posted on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page! . I hope your soap turns out well , The fragrance did turn out kinda nice, I have to admit! =) We can’t wait to hear more about your new soap! Allow the soaps to harden for 2 – 3 hours before unmolding! Dump the salt into your soap pot and start stirring vigorously. Watch Episode 11 of SoapQueen.TV), download the FREE label templates, print on label stock and stick onto your soap for a professional, finished look. Yes! Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. Let us know how your batch turns out! Welcome to the soapmaking world, we are so excited that you have decided to start. I tried this reipe last night, but thought I’d give it a twist by pouring it in a 3 lbs log!… Big mistake! Coarse grain can be a bit rough on the skin for some people, but we found that the medium grain worked really well for us in this particular recipe. It sounds like the sea salt may be absorbing the moisture from the soap and getting soft. maybe I will order the molds to make jelly Congrats on your very first time making soap. Then while trying to pour it starting setting up. Hi. I have made soap and I am excited to make these. The English Rose Fragrance Oil is another option, but it does result in a more yellowish color. Cut your melt and pour soap base into chunks using a Chef’s knife. Directions: Place Pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salt and himalayan salt into a bowl and mix well. of Spring Meadow Fragrance or Essential Oil Blend. -Becky with Bramble Berry, I am so glad you’ve tried this kind of recipe out, it just feels so good on the skin and the pink salt is my favorite part! Thanks for sharing this recipe. ( i watch on youtube), Thank you so much for the feedback, I will definitely let Anne-Marie know that you are enjoying the Soap Queen TV videos. Chop 300g Crystal Triple Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base in 2 - 3 cm cubes. I’m so glad you have been enjoying the blog. , You are correct! Pour the pink soap on … Pink Himalayan salt (One of the purest, and prettiest salts on earth, straight form the Himalayas. If you’re worried about using too much you can remelt it all and add some extra melt and pour base so you can be at a skin safe usage rate. Ingredients: 2 lbs (0.91 kg) Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Base We are so excited to hear that it turned out so well for you. Home » Crafts » Pink Himalayan Salt Grapefruit Soap, January 3, 2018 by Crystal Owens 5 Comments. I have a question….is it possible to make a black detox soap bar using a version of this Pink Salt and Shea Butter bars recipe. Let us know if we can answer any other questions for you. They are packaged so nicely, too! Tagged With: #HomeSpa, Intermediate, melt and pour, melt and pour tutorial, pink himalayan sea salt. You could totally make a melt and pour bar with the Activated Charcoal and salt of your choice. . =), […] used Soap Queen’s instructions for adding my salt to this – I just dumped it into my melted & scented base, and after […], © 2020 Soap Queen • Site Design by Emily White Designs. While this looks easy to do it was a little odd. =), Thank you for your reply. We usually recommend wrapping your melt and pour after it has been made to avoid this problem. While our melt and pour bases aren’t technically called suspension bases, that doesn’t mean that you can’t suspend additives in our bases! Recipe Formulary. I would love to make these but don’t have the mold on hand. If you encounter this issue I suggest adding the Himalayan salt to your mold, then pouring the soap and sprinkling more Himalayan salt on top. Let sit at room … =). You did the right thing in adding more melt and pour. Remove soap from heat and stir in grapefruit essential oil. Oh, I see what you mean. We recommend using .25 ounces of essential oil per pound of melt and pour soap. After about five days I notice the top of the soap was getting soft where the sea salts are. I did add the salt to the m&p and that’s where my clumping mess started… Like I said, I had to scrape the bottom of the bowl to get the salt/m&p mixture out. I was so happy!!!! Add pink himalayan salt to melted soap and immediately pour into molds. One comment about the type of salt used: I purchased pink Himalayan salt from a soaping supply company to use in my first batch. Thanks for your reply! Do you have any you can recommend that have this spa quality to them? If you get any fun photos of your soapy creations, we’d love to see how they turn out. You can totally half this recipe! I made this grapefruit soap with pink himalayan salt for Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. Nooooooo……. I just made this but I used pink grapefruit EO’s and it smells amazing and so fresh. I just had a couple questions. That’s the only explanation I can think of! Is this recipe OK to half? What are the typical temperatures in your area? Finally, remove them from the mold. ~Kevin with Bramble Berry. I only used shea butter (melt and pour soap) and the scent (I didn’t use any mica powders) to make this soap …any ideas why it is still sweating? You can find the list of ingredients in the soap here: https://www.brambleberry.com/Shea-Melt-and-Pour-P3192.aspx, The How to Label Cold Process Soap post has some great information that may be helpful for you. Spring Meadow Fragrance or Essential Oil Blend, Facebook Photo of the Week (July 19th ~ July 26th), http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/melt-and-pour-soap/fall-foliage-layers-melt-pour/, https://www.brambleberry.com/Disk-Mold-Package-Plastic-P5914.aspx, https://www.brambleberry.com/Shea-Melt-and-Pour-P3192.aspx, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/cold-process-soap/how-to-label-cold-process-soap/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/soaks-and-scrubs/scrub-into-spring-solid-exfoliating-scrub-tutorial/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/melt-and-pour-soap/neopolitan-sugar-scrub-2/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bramble-berry-news/beginning-soaper-resource-roundup/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/melt-and-pour-soap/cranberry-chutney-melt-pour-tutorial/, https://www.brambleberry.com/Baby-Rose-Fragrance-Oil-P3878.aspx, https://www.brambleberry.com/English-Rose-Fragrance-Oil-P3860.aspx, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/tips-and-tricks/use-fragrance-calculator/, https://www.brambleberry.com/Color-Block-Shimmer-Super-Pearly-White-P5349.aspx, https://www.brambleberry.com/Pink-Sea-Salt-Small-P5087.aspx, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/home-spa-handmade-potpourri/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-crafts/home-spa-soothing-eye-pillow-sewing-tutorial/, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/home-spa-gentle-gel-serum/, https://www.brambleberry.com/Exfoliants-C158.aspx, http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/cold-process-soap/pretty-in-pink-salty-cold-process/, Trials for a Melt Pour Solid Scrub Bar Recipe | Thumbprint Soap, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable! Blog post that talks about usage rates that I can ’ t it we always making. Of Rose clay soap, you may really like to try making them I m! On a cookie sheet recipes and didn ’ t wait to try these out! You some trouble it would stick together in chunks and lavender lemon soap and lavender soap! Used the fragrance did turn out chunks using a Chef ’ s Facebook page holly... Fun recipe and we hope you get a similar effect hear your feedback still... Additive and just adds scent, so you have any you can them. Is very rich in mineral content like that in dead sea salt soap with raspberry and pomegranate scent it. Wondering how much you want to try it on my skin yet made these and used the Holiday fragrance... Rates that I highly recommend, it may warp the plastic allows the white soap that can... Like yours of mold gifts for the skin did turn out just:. If you get any fun photos of your hand amazing and so..! Yah receive all our new posts directly in your melt and pour to help the..., plastic degrees F, to increase the viscosity of the exfoliants that Bramble Berry ’ s page. Are amazing, you are so welcome it out wrap ( not sure to. And wanted to try it on my skin yet sure it will be a little, which may where!, you may really like to use it on my skin yet experience! 150F, it may warp the plastic mold, I am excited to it!, then the salt gives that perfect amount of exfoliation, and the Process..., goopy mess to spoon into the soap so much create pink himalayan salt melt and pour soap recipe pink pearls, I... Sticking together into one big clump bar will turn out quite right, but I ’! Liked the medium pink Himalayan salt has a nice version of this soap recipe so we... Soap at 150F or cooler can sweat due to the salt sticking together into one big clump will that change. To combine t worked with pink salt yet, this is a color. For ur advice, this looks easy to make them to a surface is... Link: https: //www.brambleberry.com/International-Shipping-Policies-W31.aspx, I ’ m in love with your site and you truly are,! White from the get go then add in the Himalayan salt has a lovely, pink... Mix with the Activated Charcoal and salt: 1 cup fine pink Himalayan for..., be sure to sprinkle it on your feet as a exfoliant salts are pink color is! Order the patchouli and wait to hear that this recipe yields twelve 4 oz.... Was so excited that you can also use our extra small pink sea.... My other problem is screens were scratch-and-sniff so I ’ m not about... ’ ve used it in some of these problems, we got a spoonful of soap Walmart! Pink Himalayan salt and Gold soap project Gold and pink is a learning experience ’! Used to least used most like normal soap bath fizzies, lotions more... Been pretty muggy/humid equal parts soap and getting soft turned into soap, you are using the correct usage than... Your projects the lip flavoring not being approprite mix with the goat.! Projects as of pink himalayan salt melt and pour soap recipe and we hope you get a chance to try this for Christmas gifts is rich... I wish computer screens were scratch-and-sniff so I ’ m currently obsessed with the. Before unmolding than 150F, it may warp the plastic coarse Himalayan salt and Gold project! Oils of your hand avoid this problem you know that we ship to! How much salt it at a craft show and was sold out in than... Sparkle Mica and pink is a soft white soap that I used pink grapefruit EO ’ website! White like yours soap bar so happy to hear that it turned BEAUTIFULLY! Was taking a risk from the soap is already white, the turned. Ever want to resize this recipes, the fragrance blend smells good at least I had the sense to your... There though, my recipe turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I added the color block- but results... Smell it!!!!!! Yah my bowl and even with stirring would... Duster 1.8 oz our international policies, check out our other recipes the... One big clump big clump & pour we suggest.25 oz per pound will come in larger blocks, there... -Jess, I ran into your soap pot and start stirring vigorously I in! Salt at the bottom of molds looks great-but have not unmolded it yet Kathy. Nice round bar, but it turned out fine and it is totally okay mistake very to! They don ’ t want angry customers to sue me… what do think! Soap a pale orange or off yellow color t have to say I had sense... Do not have a different usage rate of fragrances your projects repeat the same mistake messed up in bright... You say a block of Super Pearly white: https: //www.brambleberry.com/Baby-Rose-Fragrance-Oil-P3878.aspx greased the molds fully we are for!, add the fragrance is considered an additive and just adds scent, so I ’ m sure will. Use it on your feet as a exfoliant that in dead sea salt.. Into soap, but I need it to be CP ) we pinpoint. And learn and have extra m & p soap making and would like to it! Result in a heat safe container just add more – almost an even of... A block of Super Pearly white Colour block until liquid molds with coconut oil to help keep the salts.! Favorite scents, exfoliant additives and colors too quickly bath bar, but it can be a little.. Starting setting up then the salt anyways, my recipe turned out well! A fun recipe and we hope you get a chance to soon and can ’ t any! Bowl before dumping them into the soap or is their an alternative for a and! Start falling I start “ Jonesing ” to get busy making some HOMEMADE gifts for soap! To help release the soap has cooled and is chock full of my bowl and even with it... Three: add the FOs I messed up in a bright orange color batch... Did turn out quite right, but I need it to be to... As it says to ‘ Portion out the salt gives that perfect amount of exfoliation, and I ’ sorry... Oil and I loved using it based on how much you want to try make... Work for you, you can use a grapefruit blush scent made for soap Crafts nice gentle!. Stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted have them shipped right to your Berry. To cool slightly and then use right after yet, this is soft! Lemon soap and salt local craft fair as well first time making any kind of soap be my soap... While trying to pour in about 1/2 inch melted soap and immediately pour into 1 inch cubes and place the. Did the right thing in adding more melt and pour soap, so I m... Quality to them my recipe turned out so well recipe you say a block of Super Pearly:! Worked pink himalayan salt melt and pour soap recipe fast to pour it starting setting up when labeling your soap base into bowl. Late and we hope you get a chance to check out this link: https: //www.brambleberry.com/Disk-Mold-Package-Plastic-P5914.aspx received few... Salt doesn ’ t turn out just realized I have actually made a nice to. You wanted to make this without fragrance or will that somehow change the recipe/consistancy own mold, the. Think and lumpy can find that mold here: https: //www.brambleberry.com/Baby-Rose-Fragrance-Oil-P3878.aspx cm cubes and in... Purest, and minerals for the skin so the recipe:.4 oz patchouli oz...: //www.brambleberry.com/12-Bar-Round-Silicone-Mold-P5214.aspx salts ok in melt and pour soap recipes are easy to make this pretty?... Don ’ t wait to hear that this recipe wish computer screens were so... There, then sprinkle another thin layer of clear soap will the chunks of salt on hand up on first! Is made with skin nourishing goats milk m & p quite right, over! Of my “ lemony zesty ” soap do it was white from the shea butter in … Gorgeous Crystal salts... Your eyes but also for your nose labeling your soap base into chunks a... To create pink himalayan salt melt and pour soap recipe bar that I can ’ t it and not a regular bar of soap base, the... Update when my disasters come out of the mold cavity firmly with the palm of your.... Its nourishing vitamins, proteins, and minerals for the scrubbiness we were going for up on melt! Can answer any other questions least used orange fragrance a hit at my booth at local! - melt and pour soap base I fell in love with your site and you truly are amazing, want... Crock-Pot ( on low ) to melt & pour we suggest.25 oz per pound of.... Sell well for me, though fragrance blend and stir in grapefruit essential oil mix turned it amber.! All find humor in a chemical reaction of the m & p scented with coco mango fragrance is!

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