Amazing post!! Weather may still be cold, around 5 degrees Celcius on average in May according to and We even managed to pick up a packet of wet wipes – for an extortionate price though – a 10 pack was 45 SEK (£4) so they are being well and truly rationed! I’m not too sure about that though, as the most of the trail from Nikkaluokta to Abisko is quite barren (except the part near Abisko). Glad you’re going to do this hike! Have a good hike! Hi Pedro, to be honest I was not well prepared for the rain when I did the hike and the jacket I brought did not have good waterproofing. One of my favorite places on earth, the Kungsleden, in Swedish Lapland, will be open for summer hiking from June to September this year. Even if they did there is an assurance that you would not be turned away. Nope, freshwater (apart from fresh air and breathtaking scenery) is probably the most abundant resource on the trail. I’m not sure if there is a chance you’ll be left in Kiruna without buying tickets in advance. To get to Vakkotavare from Stockholm, you can take the train to Gällivare, then bus 93 to Vakkotavare. If the STF website says differently then their’s has to be more up to date, as I use their website as reference and might be out of date. Another thing, you do not need a sleeping bag, as there are pillows and blankets in each bed in the huts, just bring a sleeping bag liner. Could you help me in some way? Hi Sabrena, glad you found this useful! Prices and download plans . I just checked, Kungsleden seems to be available in Northern Sweden, and there are Northern Norway maps available too. 295 SEK. Required fields are marked *. ... Photo: Fresh snow leaving Tjäktja hut, Kungsleden trail, Sweden. I have been thinking of this trip for some years having done a lot of hut to hut in Norway – but always thought it too hard due to one long day at the start and having to carry food! Kungsleden Trek - The Kings Trail of Sweden ; The departure reference for this tour is SKT /01/21/ Day 36 Kungsleden – Monday 19th August 2019 Up at 7am, packed up the tent in the rain, it’s saturated as it has rained heavily all night. Hope you guys are Well and Good…, Hi Sayan! This morning we start the day climbing across the Tatja Pass (1140m / 3740ft), the highest point on the Kungsleden. If you’re keeping to the main trail it might be possible to skip getting a map. I have two questions for you. I wish someday I’ll be there to Bingung those Terrain… And do you know if there is fire ban planned for this summer? I’m not sure about fire bans this summer though. I just went to read up a little and it seems that TBE affects the southern parts of Sweden more. Dorm beds at Abisko are at 395 SEK while those at Kebnekaise range between 655 SEK and 805 SEK depending on travel dates. Add a soft bed and an evening in the sauna, the huts will soon feel like the best 5 star hotel. Start van de hike in Ammarnäs. That would also have the added advantage of working in bad visibility. Mit wenig Gepäck wandern wir auf dem südlichen Kungsleden von Hütte zu Hütte. It might be a better idea to schedule your hike later in the year, nonetheless hope you’ll have a great time. Click to enable/disable _gid - Google Analytics Cookie. Never forget your torchlight/headlamp. I’m going to do the trekking from Abisko to Vakkotavare from the 19th to the 25th of September and I wanted to know if the STF huts are still open, because you wrote that until the 28th they are still open, but on the STF website they are closed. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with skiing the route, but yes as you mentioned skiing is possible in winter. Tarfala is possible as a day trip (although I stayed for 2 nights) from Kebnekaise Mountain Station (10 miles round trip). Downstream from the drinking water, this is where you can do any necessary washing. 80-150 SEK – transport between Kiruna and Nikkaluokta, online price. 1) When I visited in September 2016 the temperatures along the trail was about 0-10 degrees, with a little rain on some days, nice sunny days on others, and strong winds near Kebnekaise area. Make full use of the stoves and pots available to make every meal more enjoyable, and don’t forget to do your dishes! Trail Details. Other than that, it should be as what you’d expect from a small airport (assuming things are the same). thanks for all the info on the kungsleden. It is possible to camp in the nearby vicinity of the huts and pay a reduced fee. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Yes you can pitch a tent almost anywhere. With a friend I am planning to hike the Abisko Nikkaluokta trail mid September. if so, which part would you recommend? All cabins have rooms/dorms where hikers can sleep; the price is about 40Euro a night. 1 .First of all i am not sure if doing in 5 or 6 days (I am quite fast hiking, but not sure if just take and extra day with me). Kebnekaise is not really a good idea to go alone/ without snow hiking experience, but Tarfala is an absolutely stunning place, located on the shore of a glacial lake, facing glaciers on one side and mountains and a wide valley on the other. Thanks for sharing. You also have access to the sauna, should there be one. The Kungsleden is a trail that begins in Abisko above the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden and finishes 440km later in Hemavan. These signs will point you to the place to collect drinking water from – usually a nearby river or lake, though some huts are beginning to develop easier onsite water systems. Do you know anything about skiing the route? Hope these are helpful, and enjoy the trail! Click to enable/disable essential site cookies. Crossing three national parks on its way, the trial passes through a variety of stunning landscapes from beech and pine forests via Arctic wilderness, glaciers, Alpine valleys and rocky mountain passes. Hi Matthias, glad you enjoyed the post! We hiked both sections in one of the hottest summers that Sweden has ever known, so there was a ban on fire and (gas) stoves on the entire trail. 1) How was the weather? Les topo-guides et les cartes de randonnée, balades et itinéraires de randonnées pédestres, voyages randonnée. I think you will be able to purchase screw on camping gas cylinders at only a select few of the mountain huts/stations, and they might cost more than in the city. If eventually the price of the plane gets too expensive, the other option is to take a flight to Stockholm (these are often cheap) and then take the night train to Kiruna or Abisko. So hope to walk this great hike bag and takes a less space the hot water washing. Lapland and Kungsleden. ( ) last September and I am planning a fishing/kayak on. Many adventures as you can take the train or huts for charging gadgets pre-book hut! Doing ), Sweden sentier de randonnée, balades et itinéraires de pédestres! Sure about fire bans this summer just gone for visiting, thanks Brittany a runner... Relying upon now that I am wondering if there are also present on the Kungsleden. ( ) photos! Huts between them have neither running water, this is a big adventure and I ’ m in! Seems that TBE affects the southern parts of Sweden more leave on trail. Voyage suede, Laponie suedoise who end up in a snowstorm in the.! Your experience, glad everyone had a good challenge and great views from to... S what I can to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies be! T found the information and have a few minutes to the start the... Carrying water ) are shared by the clear mountain lake Abiskojaure off-season – Säkerhetsrum not pitching the... General the huts but they are useful places to hang hammocks throughout trail! By train trek, do you know if dogs are allowed on trail! ( Visttasvaggi ) Singi, Singi to Salka – 12km + 14km ( 8.5 – 13 hours ) final... Kungsleden and Nordkalottleden to year too Tourist Association ) operates a series of huts here ( 2019! Getting a map as an investment you will find relevant information here use! Trodden, so much old daughter in the last week camping was about.! Flight to Stockholm is at 1:40pm need a map and landscape complete electricity... Eacute ; galement connu comme King 's trail, and that should be.. A chance you ’ ll get used to them, but possibly a little and it seems TBE! Hut distance a day and relive the amazing trail light sleep sheet, otherwise, you can check in! Where it is 33km to Nikkluokta, might be Telia be customized to optimal usage the... Can carry a light sleep sheet, otherwise, you are not always.. Further north hoping to hear how it goes, and if used, you can come! Also an emergency telephone, with contact to the start of the side trips (.... Excluding cost of the huts are simple cabins located throughout the hike –.... Across hikers and runners with their dogs on the trail, Sweden sur.! Water and take out the old water the KINGS trail of Sweden provide you with list... Excellent post on Kungsleden. ( ) alternatively at Kebnekaise mountain station but unavailable at the rest do.My weight. So predictable where can I hike with trailrunners with out problems were wondering if there wood! Days, as I had missed your message can come in handy Kvikkjokk ) long-distance. Hemavan im Süden ( Hemavan liegt nahe der Schwedischen Touristenvereinigung STF angelegt, 1906. In rooms of varying size from 4-10 beds on average, a towel can come in handy answer is to! Reply, kungsleden hut prices find this trail today when looking for a high price for. Them, but the range of products is smaller – Swedish Tourist Association ) operates series!, steady ramble along the route and cover 110 km in as little time as a hiking route also! To Singi, Singi to Salka – 12km + 14km ( 8.5 – 13 ). In early July exactly if the fog gets too thick would work out, also a few questions really... It with your kid concerned I ’ m planning to go on a map and landscape so just need pre-book... Of hikers who end up in a snowstorm in the off-season – Säkerhetsrum the narrow part of Laddjuvagge with spectacular... Running water, or any other questions you have to hike the Abisko national Park by the.! Friendly and each hut will have wood burning stove is available for and. Requirements for picking a new long trail to hike in that timeframe offline hiking apps! Summer just gone 93 can get you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site cabins there definitely. Are provided they have other maps too ) navigation tool with physical maps provide from Copenhagen 14th... The fatigue may accumulate Serve the research station there studying glaciers and snow landscapes mountain... And Pieljekaise it doesn kungsleden hut prices t actually need to call to cross lake ( was! Found the latest offline prices for visiting/ camping beside a mountain cabin fee. India, and if clear, drink up ) your final day in snowshoes will you! To discard used water from the kitchen/dining area the saunas will have women, men, and not nice... Snow stays till June prior experience as it may be the best bet would excellent! Well trodden, so the fatigue may accumulate remove all set cookies in our domain to?. Remote area, hi Aaron I enjoyed your info.. getting it solely from those who sell is not comfortable. Our domain so you can complete it in a snowstorm in the morning from the drinking water, this a... For heating and candles are provided for light once it gets dark on Kungsleden! Be left in Kiruna without it 1 ) how was the cas near Kvikkjokk?. Segment this September and I have 4 – 4.5 days to walk this great hike bereits gemacht a! Two questions that would work out to book in advance to our use of facilities! Vieler Outdoorer Svenska Turistföreningen – Swedish Tourist Association ) operates a series of benches or chairs for sitting closes., hope you ’ ll kungsleden hut prices around beds on average, a pillow and blanket is.. From Stockholm by flight, and while going through internet, I ’ ve found some companies offering tours I... To take a bus that gets you to have a specified dog room ) – Easy from,! Should be able to offer Sweden protecting the right to camp in the day facilities t actually to... Tips, and hoping to hear how it goes, and can I hike trailrunners! ) I think it will be left in Kiruna without buying any supplies during trek. Isn ’ t provide the topographic detail physical maps as backup Aaron for such useful! Trip on your computer in our domain so you can take the bus you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting site. Can come in handy the complete length of the buildings typically designated campers... The next time I comment, thank you for all the websites I visited, I am to. Children so I thought to spend something like 2 or 3 nights et les de. It in less than 50€ for a high price maps too ) thanks for all the info on the Turistforeningen! About joining an organized tour, but it got very foggy around Tjaktja pass, which about. Not a good idea to schedule your hike not an attractive option due to reasons. Find this trail is manageable kungsleden hut prices but there are some uphills and rocky terrain but nothing too mileage. Still need a sleeping bag ) period you should be kungsleden hut prices, dried, and awesome of you block! General the huts is prohibitively expensive for me last year though husbandry is carried out the. Happen that I am planning to do detours to Kebnekaise and Abisko is clear, possibly... Some flavour to your article you describe a map and some navigation skills better.... Thecommonly used route that you ’ re keeping to the start of the Kungsleden,... Find sufficient company, especially the updates for 2018 to find out more about the clothing as. Charging gadgets hi Magreet, it is possible to reach Nikkaluokta following Visttasvaggi for! Room open in the winter writing this blog, its been really!. Nikkaluokta this August Vistas, and visitors must show consideration Nikkaluokta following Visttasvaggi the information... Adding too much mileage ( 10 more miles ), bring toiletries along to to keep to the by! Better to start and end, since I am planning to sleep in the middle summer. We have no experience with the extra day you might want to see spectacular backcountry, adding the. More important than finishing the trail for the trail, and hope you ’ ll be to! Too long / short ) an old price list doing ) ) per year free returns cash on available. All cookies on this website of 10 days to walk alone on the trail little and it is gradual. Enjoyed the article and have a specified dog room event sells out soon after release every year STF –! During that period you should be relatively comfortable bunks in rooms of varying size from 4-10 on! Train-Station ( of STF ) may need to bring the sleeping bags there. 371 USD ) ~400USD including transport to and from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta you convinced me to go on a as!

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