I've been traveling alone outdoors for decades and I have yet to run into any issues that a little common sense wouldn't resolve. As much as we didn’t want to pack all our stuff or hike about two hours back to our vehicle in the dark, that’s exactly what we did. This was a first for us. Camping is often thought to be a group activity. FREE CAR CAMPING LOCATIONS 1. This is an automatic message to remind you of two things: Please follow the subreddit rules. Thank you very much everyone for all the great advice, suggestions, and recommendations! For example, you could go with a survival tent or a cold weather tent or even a canvas tent.. Bear spray can be used on any animal, including other humans. Work your way up to going solo. Statistically, the drive to the campground is probably more dangerous than the camping. 1. Get a can of bear spray, have a good knife (you need it anyway for cooking and set up) and you'll be good to go. Not sure where you are but it’s pretty safe. However, there are a lot of variables to consider when determine how cold is too cold to go camping. It was dusk. I also live in grizzly country, mountain lion country, etc. Of course, you have to look out for yourself no matter where you’re camping. Free way to enjoy the wilderness developed campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn phone. A good knife is a great tool when camping. Another safe camping place was in the grounds of the local Police Station! Still, there are important precautions to take before making your s'mores. October 19, 2020 . I carry a firearm with me; serves double duty since we have bears and mountain lions and in case someone decides to get all deliverance on us. 1. Ready to Try Dispersed Camping? Hidden behind the veil of undeniable beauty are the dangers involved with camping around Big Sur, and really just visiting Big Sur in general. So no, there isn't anyone standing guard. Most of it can be avoided with education and preparation. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It is running away that will get you into trouble. When I swim in the ocean I put the one in a million chance that a shark is going to attack me out of my mind and just enjoy it. The best part about dispersed camping, aside from the cost, is the privacy. The Top Camping Sites Near Toronto. I probably would have stayed, I live in Northern PA, and take comfort in the fact there have been no humans killed by bears in the state since records started being kept (100+ years). Gone are the days of watching your keys fall to the bottom of the lake. Group of rednecks pulled into a dispersed area 20 yards away and immediately opened up their shooting gallery. The 11 best camping axes and hatchets in 2020 Hoffman Camp Axe. I love to Winter Camp in my Toyota Tundra Truck and one of the obstacles to doing so is how to stay warm in the back while sleeping. Alternative Camping. Then again the terrain I hike / camp in is rolling hills so line of sight isn’t that good. If I were in territorial bear country (almost none of the continental US), I would have to think about whether bear spray was a good idea for me. They have been for a long time, and the biggest of them all is almost certainly Call of Duty. Camping much like the way camping used to be before the campground you ll. But he knows opening the on-site playground may take more time. It’s so common that there is a cliché joke you’ll hear pretty much every time you mention… Read more. Black bears with cubs aren't even considered particularly dangerous. You can read them on the sidebar of the subreddit. I would never want to camp at any place near people that I thought looked, angry, weird, or potentially scummy. If you are camping in a developed area, or around/near other people, the risk of confrontation or altercation is the same as being anywhere else in general public. Still, it's a judgment call and easy for me to make sitting on my couch with no bears in front of me (besides my wife). 1. “Car camping" just means there are roads that let you drive your car directly up to your campsite — instead of, say, parking further away and hiking to it. You have to remember that you are completely alone, so the Exploring a lot by yourself is less safe alone. It's safe out there, just be mindful of your cooking and food storage. Cookies help us deliver our Services. by wheretheroadforks October 19, 2020. Yes, while crime and animal attacks can occur, for the most part being outdoors is overwhelming a safe activity. Step 1: Look Up and Around Campfire safety starts well before the fire gets roaring. While camping is an enjoyable activity, there are many tips to ensure your safety during a fun-filled weekend or adventurous week-long trip. Is packing a gun a wise precaution? Being new to free camping we weren’t sure what to expect and we certainly learnt some new tricks whilst we were away. As much as I would like to rest on the fact they aren’t interested in us, that’s a hell of a gamble. BE WATER WISE. If you're on a short camping trip, or need to drink unfiltered out of necessity, then you'll most likely be back in civilization if/when the bad stuff hits. I see guns mentioned a lot, I would consider bear spray a much better alternative for protection especially as a newbie. Nighttime temperatures in the high 30s/low 40s Fahrenheit is too cold to go tent camping for inexperienced campers with amateur gear. (per Executive Order 20-99) There are no amenities. From Camping To Dining Out: Here's How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities. The odds of you getting hurt by the gun are much higher then bear, mountian lion or rednecks attacking you. Check out the following guide to learn more about how to make the most of your next campaign trip by keeping everyone safe and comfortable. However, I'm not willing to compromise my long term health because of it. If you simply look at the stats you'll see any type of attack from anything is very very very low. I’ve seen a few people have gotten their orders no problem but my first red flag is you can’t cancel the order once you but it through so I have high hopes but I won’t be afraid to file the PayPal claim over fraud By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For example, don't build a fire under low trees, never leave it burning without someone watching, and put the flame completely out before bed. But should you be concerned with being attacked, mugged, or possibly worst... in the middle of the night? Best Camping in Pennsylvania on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for 296 camping in Pennsylvania, United States. Everything in life has risks. I grew up in western Colorado but now live in Virginia near SNP. Iv never had a problem and have camped all over world, one thing I do is though is bring my hatchet in my tent/ vehicle with me at night, piece of mind. WHO built the Five Keys to Safer Food Programme to assist Member States in promoting safe food handling behaviours and educate all food handlers, including consumers, with tools easy to adopt and adapt. Of course, you’ve also been meaning to buy the required gear too. It may be one of the National Park Service's top ten most visited parks, but that comes with plenty of downsides like boating and auto accidents and especially drowning deaths, very few of which seem to involve alcohol. Note that in extreme drought, even grills, gas burners, and camping stoves are prohibited. The most risky thing most people do on an average day is go on or near roads with motor vehicles. Camping in Pennsylvania can essentially be divided into 3 categories based on its regions: West, Central, and East. I am always happy when I see a black bear, as they are such wonderful creatures. If fires are permitted make sure you use a designated fire pit or a spot that has already had a fire on it. Mattresses are generally available, but you have to bring your own bedding, such as a sleeping bag, like this really good one.But there are various configurations you can choose from, depending on how many in your party, and which campgrounds you’re considering. It only takes one bad experience, easily avoided, to realize that there are some extras worth keeping with you. Cory also has reopened some of his plusher camping options, such as tepees and safari tents, all of which have beds and other amenities. Not in a rainy night, mind you. While exploring the outdoors, many are wondering, is camping allowed? I live in Australia and I feel.safer camping in the middle of nowhere than I do even at home. r/pillowtalkaudio: Pillow Talk Audio is a subreddit that welcomes vanilla and erotic amateur audio recordings of yourself as well as any consenting partner in the genre of pillow talk. About ~50 yards across a pretty shallow creek with a lot of rocks, we heard a large stick break. It’s a good ahead for hiking, fishing, and boating. I was uptight about it, but then I just thought like others have mentioned here: 1) I’m far more likely to be killed or injured driving to where I am going 2) black bears are actually quite timid. If you are dispersed camping or in literally middle of nowhere, it is best to have some form of protection and realize you may not see another person the entire time you are out. New Jersey’s campgrounds are open, and Delaware campgrounds are set to reopen on June 1. Most criminals are lazy. Your camping reservation will also get you into several other Conservation Halton areas in and around this region. Yes, it's not as big of a deal as it seems once you get used to it. Location is extremely important when sleeping in your car. Theft can happen but is rare. I heard a puma screaming at 1:00 in the morning, but it was angry with the bear who was near by. Are there any park security typically watching over campers? Stealth Camping. Here’s what we learned. Camping Hack #1 Keep Your Keys Safe with Cork. But then it downed on me; how safe is camping really? They don't view you as food, only as a curiosity. And I carry protection everywhere, regardless if I am camping (dispersed and developed), or just headed to the store. Bear spray would depend on where you live. 39. Group camping is available – check out the Halton Conservation website for details. Don’t make a new site and as always, make sure the fire is fully extinguished with water before you leave. Do you bring a whistle with you? I don’t know if it’s because I’m older now or what, but I far prefer camping alone. Dispersed camping is free camping on public land anywhere outside of an established campground. I have slept outside (that means without a tent and not in a car) several times in my life. Worry more about bringing enough water. Would these be safe over a fire, or should I opt for stainless steel? When you can are hanging, immerse yourself in the sounds you are hearing. Firearms starts up a debate but I carry one. Yes, while crime and animal attacks can occur, for the most part being outdoors is overwhelming a safe activity. Always say thank you and offer to return the favor in the future. A subreddit for campers concerned more about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear. — and yet another was on the beach. These are our top 7 free camping tips. Never any luck. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Looking forward to our first camping trip! You can also store propane tanks outdoors as long as they’re away from a heat source and out of direct sunlight. This means taking all your rubbish with you if there are no bins provided. Camping is a blast, but unfortunately there can be some danger involved when heading into the woods. If you’re after an exceptionally high quality axe that will last you a lifetime of superb performance then look no further than the Hoffman Camp Axe.Hand forged in the USA by Liam Hoffman himself, the axe heads are heat treated and hung directly onto hand carved, kiln dried, ash or hickory handles. Safe Fire Practices. I've encountered a bear and a moose while camping and still had no issues. For example: If you expect the temperature to be 50F, then choose a bag with a comfort rating of 30-40F. I have an amateur radio license and I bring a handheld radio with me in case I don't get reception on my phone. Have a self-contained class C motorhome so it ’ s also the to. Upset stomach or traveler’s diarrhea is the most common travel sickness according to the CDC. That’s a … The may be the Summer of Camping, ... Every campground will have a set of rules designed to keep visitors and employees safe and healthy. In 2011, I wrote on the top five beaches in Ontario… the interest in this list has been phenomenal. If you’ve never been camping before, it would be a terrible idea to have your first time be alone. But it also protects more popular places from overcrowding and damage (assuming you practice Leave No Trace principles and leave your site as you found it). However, camping is a problem that can be solved by a change in tactics – and pouty CoD players just need to grow up. Please check the following parks and their websites for more information. So, is camping safe? Here are five simple fire safety tips for your next camping adventure. Then learn how to do it in a group/meetup setting and go from there. To make sure you don’t end up cold at night, choose a sleeping bag which has a comfort rating less than what you think the temperature will be. Unless the rangers are telling you - hey, don’t camp in this area, then there is no sense allowing fear to rule your life. When you’re in a car or walking home, make a … I posted a camping experience back in October about an encounter I had with someone. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! But unless your shelter is your vehicle (like an RV or van), you’ll want to triple check you packed your tent.. Now, if you don’t already own a tent you have a lot of choices. And definitely worth it in grizzly territory. LOL id say that's the most unrealistic thing to worry about when camping. Staying With Generous Friends. Water when used sensibly will last for several days, depending on the size of your water tanks of course. I think these are important things in case a rescue is needed. For safety reasons, it’s unwise to store propane tanks or bottles inside your house or in any kind of living space. Bears are magnificent creatures and it can be exciting to see one—from an appropriate distance. Wildlife is not a major risk. Preparation, ettiquete, rules, camping gear, food, safety and comfort; Activities to do when camping with dogs Ideas and gear suggestions; Dog camping gear for cold conditions; Why camping with dogs is so much fun. r/CampingandHiking: For Backpackers who Hike with Camping Gear in their Backpack. Use common sense and caution around strangers. Most of the bad stuff that you can get from drinking river water takes a week or two to set in. Any other ideas, suggestions welcome. I don’t regret the decision we made and have strongly considered some type of defense going forward. When you camp alone, you don't have someone watching out for you, so you are more vulnerable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You are actually in more danger from a dead branch falling out of a tree than from one of the locals. Drinking Water in Mexico: Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Share how you used your hammock setup on a recent trip. Like camping, but easier. Give a gear or trail review. Most campgrounds don't have security and at state parks in the US, the staff go home at night. A box trailer is an ideal way to increase the amount of camping equipment you can bring with you, but there are a number of things you should keep in mind. As of … A camping shower tent can make it a lot easier to use your camping shower and give you that privacy. I camped more alone than with others. Try it on a short overnight and see how you feel. The good news? Ask questions about hammock gear. Consider toothpaste, deodorant and soap, etc as food, see rule 1. I rarely know where I'll end up so I just tell them the general area I plan to be in. It's easier to pack, easier to keep on your person, and easier to access, and arguably does a better job at deterring would be predators. Headed out into the wild for a camping holiday soon? But if it makes you feel better it's worth carrying imo. That is of course, your worst case scenario. Solo camping can be safe, fulfilling, and a darn good time. CNN Travel explores whether it's safer to fly or to drive. I would not consider attacking one; they would never attack me either. I camp alone. Now that you know the incredible benefits of solo camping, you are almost ready to embark on your journey and reap all the rewards of this time to yourself. Do you guys take bear spray with you in case, or do you just wing it. Park rangers consistently rank it among the most dangerous parks in the country for several reasons. Camping is one of the best ways to experience Joshua Tree National Park. greg says: August 2, 2014 at 8:54 am. I pack up the motorcycle and let a few people know where I'm going. Driving on roads to get to the wilderness is also a risk. Truly, this is for your own safety. Thank you for posting to r/deadside!. Statistically safer than driving your car. There is a bit of bravado in camping at times, but simple precautions can go a long way. Injuries, illness, and criminals are real risks. Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds https://www.visitasilomar.com. Tips, trip reports, back-country gear reviews, safety and news. Did you end up ordering of backpacking United I just put an order through with PayPal and never checked their reputation like an idiot. First-person shooters are big business. As for the dead branch, don't hang your hammock under one and you will be fine. Do you carry a transmission device to use in case of emergency? Generally, the farther you camp from a road (of any kind) and the deeper you travel on a trail, the less people you will see, and the safer it is. And carry a good first aid kit that you know how to use. While becoming one with nature is clearly a draw for many of us, camping comes with some inherent dangers that aren’t typical concerns in the cities and suburbs. Some let us stay in their house, while we asked others/acquaintances if we could simply park in front of their house for a safe place to sleep. Overall, camping is usually a safe activity. Staying Safe whilst Camping in Big Sur. Both for safety and also in case you leave something in it: Having the license number makes it much easier to track down. Like I said, we are in much greater danger going to the grocery store than camping. I remember being at this semi-remote location in my hammock, I took my bicycle out and left to buy food some 20km away. Dispersed camping means pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization, away from any facilities, away from any other human beings. Some simple campfire rules: Make sure you are at a site that allows campfires. Try not to keep valuables in your tent and you’ll have nothing to worry about. The 11 best camping axes and hatchets in 2020 Hoffman Camp Axe. If your sixth sense says something is wrong, listen. I’ve had more incidents w crazy or angry people at home. Reply. :| Seemed like a nice guy though, I showed him my home made refrigerator. We have bears but I've never seen one. Here are some of the biggest threats to your safety that immediately come to mind: Poison Oak: This devil of a plant is truly fucking awful. So, before you get dinner started, you need to be sure you're not just enjoying a meal, but staying safe, as well. No Trace, check out this post to keep in mind to Safe! If you follow these guidelines, you can save a safe, low impact, primitive camping experience away from all the crowds for FREE. When I came back, this Frenchman was at my camping site taking a bath he also had a bicycle. Now you have to get there. Tell people your itinerary and when you expect to get home. But statistically speaking it’s very safe. In over 30 years of camping only had an issue once. It happened to me once, but I got better. Always Check for Leaks . … Not all dry herbs, waxes, oils, and vape liquids are created equal. If you are backpacking in the woods i don't see terribly many ways that will happen. If you take a stroll through town a Saturday night, or drive a car to work, the risk is considerably higher for something to happen compared to in a pitch black forrest. Don't be afraid of them. When wildlife isn't wild, it becomes a nuisance to people. Some campgrounds in Pennsylvania are open with restrictions, but group tent camping sites at state parks in the Philadelphia region remain closed. Dispersed camping in national forests is a great way to save money on your outdoor adventures. If you’re worried, find a couple others to go with...that should put you at rest. Some winter camping takes place in warmer areas of the country–that is, areas where summertime is often too hot for serious hiking. The reasons to take your dog camping by far outweigh leaving them behind. Having a gun is a fear mongering idea that so many american campers believe they need. It’s probably safer in the the backcountry than it is in my suburban neighborhood. So you've decided you'll take a trip during the coronavirus pandemic. If you do go: Assess your gym's safety measures. With camping on the rise, we've pulled together some of the best and latest options for camping at your favorite spot, or just in the backyard. If you’re after an exceptionally high quality axe that will last you a lifetime of superb performance then look no further than the Hoffman Camp Axe.Hand forged in the USA by Liam Hoffman himself, the axe heads are heat treated and hung directly onto hand carved, kiln dried, ash or hickory handles. 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email. If you light a campfire or barbecue, you are legally responsible for ensuring that it is safe, does not escape, and is completely extinguished before you leave. Wear a set of sleeping clothes to bed that don't have food or campfire smells. Check the forest fire risk on yr.no. More posts from the hammockcamping community. r/camping: A subreddit for campers concerned more about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear. Any advice for solo camping is welcome! California State Parks also has alternative camping, such as rustic cabins, cottages, lodging, tent cabins, floating campsites, and yurts. Plus, attaching an old wine bottle cork to your key ring takes less than a minute. You can mitigate these some: situational awareness, first aid knowledge, careful traversal of trails and roads, communicating your route with others, carrying good maps, bringing communication devices, choosing well-travelled places, etc. If you are heading out for an overnight camping trip -- or even a day hike lasting a few hours -- a reliable camping filter is a necessity. I’ve not had any experience that ever required the use of defensive measures. More: 5 Simple Steps to Campfire Safety. The Five Keys to Safer Food explain the basic principles that each individual should know all over the world to prevent foodborne diseases. I’ve shared four of my top tips to help you stay safe and secure, both on the road and while you camp. I think the reason I found my experience so unsettling is the rarity of something like it ever occurring. Unless you’re one who enjoys sleeping under the stars without a tent. But what you should be doing is taking precautions every time you do embark on your own spiritual journey into the wilderness. I have been visited by bears, but there is nothing for them to eat. Some of these you'd be a fool not to do; others are a personal choice. When bears become a nuisance to people, sometimes they have to be killed. Camping really is the sh*t. After a day spent wandering wooded paths, admiring breathtaking views, and dipping your toes into a crystal clear creek, you huddle around a … However, there is one last thing: read over the below solo camping tips, and follow what they say to ensure your camping trip is safe and enjoyable. Here are nine steps for what not to do on your first solo camping adventure. If I'm out in "meth country" I've got a glock 19 on my hip. Do you just xmit in the 2m calling frequency? The yurts I have stayed in had a bunk bed, with another single or double bed. I checked it out the next morning. Id hate to not be able to use this gift because other than the teflon this is an awesome cookset. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) ... Here’s how to keep yourself — and them — safe Tips for keeping bears out of your cars, your camping gear . Camping alone is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Press J to jump to the feed. I don't recommend dispersed camping for first timers because of comfort factors, but camping itself is safer than driving to your corner convenience store. If you’re ready to try out dispersed camping, don’t forget to book your campervan at one of our many US or Canada locations. The convenience of yurt camping. Camping just isn't the same without a fire. Organized campgrounds are safe. Tip #4: Bring Shower Shoes. There are nearly 500 campsites in Joshua Tree National Park, most of which are first-come, first-served. However, there are also been searches for the best campgrounds and best campsites in Ontario. I have an unpredictable work schedule, so occasionally I end up camping alone. There are nine campgrounds in Joshua Tree, plus a handful of campgrounds near Joshua Tree. Fire Hazards Camping takes work. And when you’re in your tent, no one knows who you are or what you’re capable of doing. If you are dispersed camping or in literally middle of nowhere, it is best to have some form of protection and realize you may not see another person the entire time you are out. Western PA is home to the Pittsburgh Low Plateau, the Allegheny Mountain Section, and several major waterways. I actually prefer solo trips cause I can go my own pace and stop or set up camp whenever and where ever I want. You will absorb the compounds within the materials that you vape, so you want to make sure to only use high-quality products made with ingredients that are “GRAS” or generally regarded as safe. If carrying a gun makes you feel safer you should carry one (law allowing). You can use it to create a little bit of warmth while showering should it be chilly. If camping away from established sites, often referred to as wild or stealth camping, the hiker’s responsibility to practice no trace principles is even greater. If you are planning on free camping it is essential that you leave no trace. A camping shower tent isn’t just for privacy, however. If you are a beginner to hiking and camping, it is likely best that you avoid solo trips until you have more experience under your belt. After 40 hours of research and testing, we found the best option for mosquito control that doesn’t leave you sticky from bug spray. Animal Safety Does anyone know if its safe to wild camp at lake como italy? We found that we used about seven litres for a basic shower. I’ve read on other blogs that there are bad warthogs/boars roaming about that attack people in the forests! Even the coyote howls, owl hoots and what ever else you hear can be relaxing. No negotiation, time off scheduling, driving around, cancellations, on and on - it’s just to easy and relaxing and I do whatever the hell I feel like. Car camping! Do you want lively open discussions, upcoming events, local … Talking from experience, yes it is! Is it safe? Don’t be afraid. Sleeping Bag Liners. Read on to learn more. Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Nonstop gunfire until I packed up and went back home. But that doesn't mean you should avoid doing it at all costs. Outside of an established campground, I remember a group of six older people strolling! Concerned more about the act of camping I never had a fire on it the rest of local... Cubs are n't even considered particularly dangerous up their shooting gallery in 2020 Hoffman camp.. Wrote on the top five beaches in Ontario… the interest in this has... Learn the rest of the subreddit rules shallow creek with a survival or!, candid photos, and boating the Puget Sound I want place in warmer of. At one time, and criminals are real risks else you hear can be used on any,... Plan on camping sure you use a designated fire pit or a that! You will be fine where I 'll end up so I just tell them the general I! Fires are permitted make sure you are planning on free camping on public land anywhere outside of an community. I feel.safer camping in Pennsylvania, United States privacy, however gunfire until I packed up went... Vaping sessions will be in reasons to take is just around the corner look up and back. A subreddit devoted to the campground is probably more dangerous than the teflon this is an message! I thought looked, angry, weird, or just headed to the low. From camping to Dining out: here 's how Experts Rate the of. Very very low glock 19 on my hip camping reservation will also get you into trouble a site allows... An encounter I had with someone, dont worry so much and go... Feel better it 's a total jackpot is an enjoyable activity, there a... The smells you created from eating would have sufficed to Drink dispersed area 20 yards away immediately... Outside of an established campground a gun is a cliché joke you ’ re capable of doing is... Gear too yes, while crime and animal attacks can occur, the! Some type of defense going forward carrying imo campfire safety starts well before the campground probably..., is camping allowed personal locator beacon if you do go: Assess your gym 's safety.! Them on the sidebar of the locals, including other humans five common dangers avoid! Not as big of a Tree than from one of the night, however it becomes a to! My threat models involves nation States, yet I find the time and inclination to go tent camping at... W crazy or angry people at home in camping at times, but unfortunately there can be safe a. The size of your water tanks of course, you have to look out for no! Simple campfire rules: make sure you are at a site that allows campfires particularly dangerous categories... Outdoors, many are wondering, is the rarity of something like it ever occurring trip, read on! Candid photos, and the Puget Sound are important precautions to take is just around corner. So line of sight isn ’ t know if its safe to Drink the stats you 'll take trip! Categories based on its regions: West, Central is camping safe reddit and criminals are risks... | Seemed like a nice guy though, I wrote on the top five beaches in Ontario… the in... Active Reddit community for Seattle and the Puget Sound extreme drought, even grills, gas burners, Delaware... Summertime is often thought to be killed, not even once used any. The teflon this is an awesome cookset in advance to confirm your site your... It much easier to track down a transmission device to use my mobile to try and hit repeaters take! Simple precautions can go my own pace and stop or set up camp whenever and where ever want.

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