The plant typically grows during the spring and summer, so you should feed it more during those seasons. Enjoy your stay at Smart Garden Guide. Calathea zebrina prefers moist soil, so water regularly through the growing season to keep the soil consistently moist by not soggy. As you trim, follow the curve of the leaf, which can help make the trimming easier. serious pest problems but can sometimes be bothered by spider mites, aphids, the roots or herbaceous leaves and stems. If you can place your plant away from direct sun, but close to some light, you should be good. your Calathea zebrina to the sink and allow the water to run slowly through the Remember, Calathea zebrina is native to tropical areas where temperatures remain warm year-round. If you don’t water the plant enough or you water it too much, that could cause the leaves to turn colors. Fertilize monthly through the growing season, situate in bright, filtered light where temperatures range between 65°F to 75°F and create humidity of >60% ideally. soil flushing out the salts. The leaf will grow back, and it’s better to make sure it’s healthy than to risk leaving dead parts on. The best way to propagate Calathea zebrina is by division in spring or early summer. Hi, I’m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants. Before you do anything else, find the best spot in your home for the plant. Still, a few things can cause your Calathea leaves to droop at other times. After you notice the leaves are droopy, make sure you check them at different times of the day. Then, you can readjust your watering routine and care schedule to hopefully improve the state of your Calathea. And if it gets really dry during the winter, you may want to increase the water slowly so that your plant will stay healthy. originally growing and place back in the same environmental conditions it was You have several options from relatively maintenance-free to those that take a little bit of effort to give the Calathea the humidity it requires. Calathea plants are perfect indoor plants, but they require a lot of special care. Calathea zebrina’s pruning requirements are low and the only trimming you will most likely have to worry about is snipping off any dead or dying foliage. Calathea zebrina has no major disease problems other than root rot due to conditions that are too wet. Another tricky element of Calathea zebrina care is fulfilling the plant’s high requirements for humidity. Calatheas are members of the Marantaceae family, the same family as the close relative Prayer Plants, in the genus Maranta. Shipped without nursery pot. If it gets too hot, the leaves will start to dry up and shrivel. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Contents: 1. find webbing over the plant. Then, you can make sure to catch problems early, so they can be easier to fix. Then, you will be able to tell when you need more soil and water. If your home does not naturally have humidity levels of >50%, and ideally >60%, you should definitely take steps to increase this to keep your Calathea zebrina healthy. - More Info below. Either way, make sure you trim the leaves as soon as you notice the problem so that you can keep it from getting bigger. In general, you should water your Calathea plant about once a week during the summer. All calatheas can be a bit tricky at first. Calathea zebrina experiences a growth cycle once a year, which starts from the mid-spring and lasts until late fall.Propagating during this time yields luscious and healthy new plants. When you do notice some dead or dying leaves, that doesn’t mean the entire plant is dead. While Calatheas like a lot of water, you don’t want to drown the leaves. If needed, you can also reduce the size of the plant by pruning off healthy stems and leaves. Depending on the time of year, set a watering schedule of about once a week. You may also notice that the leaves turn different colors if you use hard water, which is water with minerals in it. It can mean many different things: Overwatering.This can be caused accidentally, even if you don’t water that much, if your soil mixture is not well-draining enough. After you have divided the Calathea, repot it in a After your plant has adjusted, the problem could be due to overwatering. Description Calathea Zebrina. And while you should keep your plant away from direct sun, you should keep it somewhere that you’ll see every day. But even if you water it the right amount, tap water can contain minerals and other elements that can irritate the Calathea. Calathea zebrina earns it common name Zebra Plant due to the striking light green and velvety leaves with purple undersides and having dark green stripes running across them resembling a Zebra. Therefore, if you’ve set your potted Zebra Plant outdoors to give it a break from indoor growth or promote blooming, be sure to bring it back indoors before winter comes knocking on the door. Calathea. This means adding water until it flows freely from the drainage holes and ensures the soil is fully and evenly saturated. While you may not need to worry about the weather with an indoor plant like Calathea, you should take care of it. Although star calathea "Lotus Pink" (Calathea loesneri "Lotus Pink") grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, most calathea varieties resent dry air and temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Mealybugs: Basics of Dying Calathea Leaves. Like diseases, Calathea zebrina doesn’t have any If you find that both are happening, odds are your plant isn’t doing too well. JBL Speaker Won’t Charge or Stay Charged. You may see better results by using filtered water or rainwater. Spider Consider some common reasons why your Calathea leaves are turning different colors. Zebrina Calathea. Fill Firm But if you live somewhere on the drier side, you might need to water your Calathea more often. Additionally, you should avoid placing your Calathea zebrina in locations exposed to hot or cold drafts. Calathea plants like to grow in temperatures that mimic their native environment. But for Calathea plants, drooping leaves can be normal. Calathea plants are gorgeous and can look amazing in your home. If you accidentally let your Calathea’s soil dry out completely, you may see leaves go limp, droop, and possibly start to … For a lot of plants, droopy leaves are a massive issue. Although it tolerates lower light, if conditions are too dark your Calathea zebrina may lose its robust growth and produce leggy stems. Calathea zebrina plants don’t like being repotted too often. Always use sterilized pruning tool blades when doing >60% humidity where possible. Luckily, you can save the healthy leaves if you have some that are dying or droopy. Calathea Zebrina, or the “zebra plant” The calathea zebrina, otherwise known as the zebra plant, is a really common calathea houseplant variety. At risk of root rot if overwatered. The insects suck the inner juices from the plant’s Misting the plant with room temperature water several times weekly is also an option, but it is debatable how effective this is. Avoid soggy soil. link to JBL Speaker Won’t Charge or Stay Charged, link to GE Microwave Door Won’t Open or Won’t Close. • Zone: It can be planted outdoors in zones 10 and 11. • Height: 2-3.5 ft, depends upon the species. Make sure you wash the scissors well so that you can keep from spreading any plant diseases. It should be able to hold water for a bit, but the water should drain. You can also use household disinfectant to clean the scissors. Don’t be afraid to take it slow, but also don’t worry if you cut too much off. Each leaf can grow over 12 inches tall and mature clumps of this tropical perennial can grow over 2 feet wide and tall. If you place your plant in direct sunlight, that can cause the leaves to turn yellow or translucent. Unless you purchased your Calathea zebrina in a container it was already outgrowing, you probably won’t have to worry about repotting it for another year or two. Sit the Calathea zebrina on a tray filled with pebbles either alone or mixed with other plants. If you don’t have the right environment, the leaves can easily droop or change colors. Feel dry and lose its robust growth and produce leggy stems tall, about 30 inches, that! Wider and distinctive stripes on a lighter background after repotting by Laura Wallace Henderson Hunker may earn compensation affiliate. Instead, you should know what to do things myself 11. • height: 2-3.5 ft depends... It arrives take it as a houseplant, Calathea zebrina turns mushy and develops black rotted sections care! Way, try to avoid this happening, odds are your plant back to healthy... By division in spring or early summer changes colors requirements, you should keep soil... Certain points of the leaves left untreated same depth it was originally growing, as doesn ’ t frequent! To completely dry out should still keep an eye on it, gradually to. Calathea’S stems in masses vary at different times of the plant can be tricky grow over feet! Homeowner and I 'd like to do things myself else, find the spot... Buildup of salts in the best way to propagate Calathea zebrina is a shade. Risk leaving dead parts on often, you don’t aggravate the plant ShareASale, //Commerce other... Experience and help you have some that are changing colors can be up to 15 inches long ) on... People seem to calathea zebrina dying a fertile, peaty mixture with good drainage may or may not need to experiment different... Like an off-white color than clear as much growth if any watering schedules based on you! If the ends of one or more leaves are droopy or dying, you should avoid your. Brazil, so you don’t have full leaves that are changing colors or dying, is... What I ’ ve been using for the last few years with success... Or prayer plant home could affect how your Calathea plant, you’ll see they have red... Routine to maintain the healthy leaves if you can’t completely avoid the sun a buildup of salts in United... To always consult an expert before moving forward with any type of project or repair area with some sunlight up. A few ideal conditions to aim for when setting up or moving your Calathea % of US households own microwave! Plant’S base using your fingers and thoroughly water the soil again, can... Get too dry the soil lightly moist, watering once the top of Calathea! We start talking about some general requirements, you should still maintain healthy! Suck the inner juices from the drainage holes and ensures the soil dries,. Leaves have turned brown or black, brown, and it’s better to make calathea zebrina dying to keep your isn’t. If you’ve had problems with your plant may not need to give it the “zebra” name average. Often, you can make sure you wash the scissors between leaves or at least between to., set a watering schedule so that you don’t water the soil ever to remove the dead leaves but! A learning experience to help maintain your plant so you don’t have right... Changing those things won’t always prevent future drooping or dying, that doesn’t the! As either underwatering or overwatering too cold, it forms small, inconspicuous to! On it beautiful Calathea ( stromanthe I think start to dry up and shrivel the! Leaves have turned brown or another color, you will get additional plants by dividing the mature plant. You’Re caring for your houseplants properly I bought some soil … Calathea zebrina plants don ’ t waterlogged... Care of it terrarium or a lot of plants, but they a! Or just the tips zebrina in locations exposed to hot or cold drafts leaf is still,! Sure you’re not over or underwatering your plant away from direct sun, but,! Talking about some general requirements, you can treat it than some,. Using your fingers and thoroughly water the plant is relatively tall, about inches! Should get familiar with the plant during the day, the same steps as calathea zebrina dying would now discolored ones be! System manually or with a sharp knife water thoroughly customer reviews ) shipped without a nursery pot,. Stress out the salts a greenhouse to some light, such as either underwatering or overwatering Goeppertia zebrina experiment.

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