I spoke with the Brow’s publisher Sam Cooney about moving from magazine to book publishing, and what made Doyle’s novel the perfect debut. It blew my mind at the time because it was so far removed from anything else … Sam Cooney runs the not-for-profit publishing organisation The Lifted Brow, which produces a quarterly literary magazine (also titled The Lifted Brow), publishes books, posts commentary and criticism online every week, stages events, awards writing prizes, and more. Sam Cooney is a Melbourne based publisher, writer and editor. Saved searches. Sam Cooney runs the literary organisation TLB, which houses the independent book publishing press Brow Books and quarterly literary magazine The Lifted Brow, as well as running a website, writing prizes, events, and more. The first piece I ever came across by The Designers Republic was their infamous nosebleed ad for the first Wipeout game on PlayStation. any australian Annas or Dashas know what went down at The Lifted Brow? He is also the … Sam Cooney is the publisher behind the independent Australian book press Brow Books and quarterly non-profit literary magazine The Lifted Brow.. Cooney will be appearing across four panels as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival to discuss how small and independent press is pivotal in providing fertile ground for budding authors, and for remaining artistically daring. Who is Sam? ( Supplied: Sam Cooney ) He is publisher-in-residence at RMIT University, and teaches sessionally at RMIT and University of Melbourne. Search query Search Twitter. Sam, incoming editor of The Lifted Brow and experienced editor across a range of genres and publications, will be on hand to answer your questions about finding a market for your work. Publisher Sam Cooney says The Lifted Brow magazine has been raising the profile of comics as a literary form since it was founded in 2007. Sam Cooney runs publishing organisation The Lifted Brow, which makes a quarterly literary magazine, a commentary website, produces events, awards writing prizes, and now publishes books. Remove; In this conversation About Sam Cooney. Our special Facebook event Lunch with Sam Cooney is your chance to ask. - does anyone know what's going on and what's happening with any commissions? Sam Cooney is the publisher of The Lifted Brow, a Melbourne-based literary journal that publishes emerging and experimental writing. The Island Will Sink is also the first book published by The Lifted Brow, an Australian literary magazine that specialises in the provocative, challenging and experimental. I've seen a lot of tweets recently about fucked behavior from one of the editors and sexual misconduct from someone else involved in the pub (I think?) –Sam Cooney, The Lifted Brow Publisher . give me the goss lmao He is publisher-in-residence at RMIT, teaches sessionally at several universities, and is a freelance writer and literary critic. Ever wondered what editors want from writers? He runs the not-for-profit publishing organisation that produces the quarterly literary magazine The Lifted Brow.. Sam is also a member of a number of literary boards and is a sessional lecturer in creative writing and publishing subjects at RMIT and the University of Melbourne.