Whether you’re a rank beginner or have strong Chinese language skills, you’ll progress by leaps and bounds, moving ahead at least two levels with CIEE in Shanghai. Depending on student interest, workshops in. The first half of the course emphasizes skills for conducting everyday tasks such as shopping, making telephone calls, seeing a doctor, or looking for a job. Summer 2021 course offerings and syllabi will available late fall. Six highlights of our programs. LTL Beijing Our School Neighbourhood Accommodation Social Life Summer Camp Social Events Weekend Trips About Back to Main Menu. CIEE: Council On International Educational Exchange ZOOM, WeChat, Ding Talk, VooV Meeting. Texts are presented in the form of a narrative that provides language situations, sentence patterns, word usage, and cultural information. Spend a summer at the Chinese Language School and you’ll experience the single most effective method for rapid language acquisition: a total immersion environment with the Language Pledge® —a promise … New York, NY 10027, 212-854-2559 212-854-5164uge@columbia.edu. 10 points. Each textbook lesson is broken into five components. Not a citizen of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan ROC, Hong Kong SAR, or Macau (includes permanent U.S. residents), Total credit: 10-12 U.S. semester/15-18 quarter credits. ... Wenbei Lou 502 Tsinghua University Beijing, … Summer Chinese Course Program- Students will learn Mandarin Chinese through real interactive Chinese Courses and traveling. During the last two hours, classes are broken down into smaller sections and might have 6-8 students per section. Hours. Each textbook includes 10 to 12 lessons, completed in eight weeks. The Chinese language program delivers Chinese language courses to the international students who are going to learn Chinese … Term Summer, Fall sem Taught In Chinese Language Prereq no Apply Now. Sat 10:00-16:00. Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student in good academic and disciplinary standing. Reading and writing are routine tasks and oral discussion and debate are important components of the class, allowing students to integrate and improve their communication skills in Chinese.Chinese 4015-4016 OC. Earn up to a year of Chinese language in Beijing. Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Beijing Programs. Electives are taught in English by CIEE faculty. A one week independent travel break in the 5th week allows you to enjoy time outside of the classroom to explore this vast and dynamic country on your own. One on one individual conversational sessions with a tutor are scheduled each weekday in the afternoons. Improve your Chinese language skills in Beijing, one of Asia's most dynamic cities. Classes are capped at 15 to ensure individual attention and participation. Chinese in Beijing. Meet the LTL Team. Beijing [About Beijing]; Long-term Chinese Language Program (spring semester) Beijing Language and Culture University: RMB 23,200 per year : Chinese Language Courses Curriculum See contemporary art, and musical and theatric performances, or take a day hike near Beijing. Beijing Summer Program. The program provides a immersive learning experience for students age 5-11 years old in the heart of China’s capital. In general, summer financial aid is not available to Columbia College or Columbia Engineering students, but may be available to School of General Studies students. All-year round Chinese Immersion Program at BLCU, the only international university in China mainly focusing … You will be matched with a language partner (local Chinese university student) to help you practice your Chinese outside of the classroom. Summer Camp in China is the best way for your kid to spend this summer. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Olympic Stadium are just some of the awesome historic sites that will amaze you, Explore traditions in the world’s most populated city, China’s 5,000-year history is marked with contributions. Study and learn Mandarin Chinese in Beijing Most meals are not included in the program fee. Taking the initiative to spend time with your partner in a relaxed, out of class setting will also give you the opportunity to gain perspectives on what to see and do while in Beijing. 88 Xiandai SOHO Building B, 5th Floor, Room 504 建国路88号现代城SOHO B座 504 In summer 2020, Chinese with Meggie and Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School will host our 7th Annual Chinese immersion summer program in Beijing, China! You should plan to bring between $5-$10 a day to cover the cost of your meals and bottled water. Contact LTL Beijing and Chengde. Residence Halls: Zhongguanyuan Global Village has inviting, comfortable accommodations. Please see our cost breakdown for detailed information on additional estimated expenses. BLCU 2020 Schedule, BLCU Calendar, BLCU Start Date, BLCU Dates, BLCU Summer Program. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a high advanced Chinese learner, CET Beijing in the summer immerses you in Chinese language and culture at every turn. Apply our Chinese summer school to have an amazing summer! Summer Language Program in Beijing: Intensive Language This is an intensive nine week academic language program that also provides students with many opportunities to use their language skills … Non-Columbia students should check with their home schools for funding availability. Students are expected to work independently and diligently. Email: [email protected] Phone: +86 (0) 10 65129057 Mon-Fri: 9am-6.30pm China Time Beijing CBD, Jianguo Rd. Qu Shan was born in Qingdao, a harbor city with the population of around 9 million and the largest city in Shandong province. Semi-formal and literary styles are introduced in later lessons as transitions to more advanced levels of Chinese language study. Students typically eat at student cafeterias or at inexpensive restaurants on and around campus. III. Host families live within a 45-minute commute of campus. With multiple programs available, CLE offers the flexibility to choose the right progra Each room includes bed sheets, desks, air conditioning, a telephone, TV and internet access. The prestigious PKU focuses on advanced research in the natural and social sciences. As the birthplace of mandarin, Beijing is a marvellous place to learn Chinese… In Beijing you can find beginner programs that will give you about 3 or 4 credits of Chinese in one semester, all the way up to immersion programs with 15 credits of Chinese and a language pledge. Prerequisites: One year of college-level Chinese or the equivalent.Texts: Jingua Chinese (Columbia University staff, published by Peking University Press; traditional and simplified characters). Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in 1962. The summer program, Princeton in Beijing, offers second-year to fifth-year Chinese language courses. Hanging out with my new CIEE friends. The curricula include Comprehensive Chinese, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Chinese Culture, Business Chinese, Classical Chinese, Comprehensive and Discussion. Learn about business ethics, corporate structure, fiscal policies while completing a full-time internship. 1-on-1 Private Chinese Course in Beijing is the best choice for students who seek personalized attention and want to learn Chinese at their own pace and time. University Chinese Programs, Small group Language Programs and One on One Tutoring Programs: Learn Chinese in enjoyable, immersive language classes with Go Abroad China. Phone: 844-484-5687 | Fax: 207-553-4299 | inquire@ciee.org These sessions are factored into your grade, so you cannot miss sessions for travel. The most flexible Chinese study program in Beijing, this LTL program allows you to study Mandarin anywhere in the city, at any time. There are no hidden charges, and no disappointing surprises when you arrive. The teachers were very skilled and pushed me hard to achieve an incredible amount of learning in a short period of time. The four-week “Twin City” Summer Program is hosted by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and East China Normal University (ECNU) jointly. Long-Term program Introduction. Its main focus is on language education, with a particular focus on teaching Chinese to non-native speakers. Cultural activities, excursions, and focused learning in small classes make this an experience to remember. My son listened to the teachers very much in the summer camp and learned a lot. Privacy Notice | Terms & Conditions © COPYRIGHT CIEE 2020. Teens LTL Family Programs High School in Beijing Summer Camp Beijing For Parents Gallery. Columbia students may also be eligible to apply for the following scholarships: Columbia University's WEAI offers funding for research, language acquisition, unpaid internships, and dissertation write-up during the summer and academic year to selected Columbia students committed to professional and academic engagement with East and Southeast Asia. This nine-week program immerses you in Beijing and offers four levels of intensive Chinese language studies from first through fourth year. Readings in Chinese consists of five, two-hour Chinese classes per week. Local experts are invited to speak about contemporary topics such as the Chinese economy and doing business in China. The Summer Chinese Program in Beijing gives UChicago students the opportunity to study Mandarin in a completely Chinese-speaking environment. If you are on financial aid, check to see if it can be applied to studying abroad. Students live in suite-style units with one or two roommates (CIEE students or other international students). The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP), located on the Tsinghua University campus, is specifically designed to deliver advanced competency through highly intensive and specialized language skills training. Intermediate Chinese (second-year level). Part Time Courses … In the event of an emergency abroad, please contact International SOS at +001-215-942-8478. The Harvard Beijing Academy will not run in 2021 A new intensive Chinese summer language and cultural immersion program will be launched in summer 2022; information will be posted here in fall 2021. The awards will help defray the cost of the program tuition. Each student has a private bedroom, and shared living space and bathroom. For first year level: No previous Chinese language background required, For second year level: One year of college-level Chinese or the equivalent, For third year level: Two years of college-level Chinese or the equivalent, For fourth year level: Three years of college-level Chinese or the equivalent, Host University (Peking University) does not allow applications from Chinese citizens. As well as teaching Chinese, it also undertakes the tasks of teaching foreign languages, computer science and technology, finance and accountancy to Chinese students. Summer Programs; Continuing Education; ... Beijing 100084, P. R. China. Scholarships (ranging from $1000-$5000) will be awarded to a select number of students (up to 10) who demonstrate financial need. CIEE’s Intensive Chinese Language program is designed to help students improve fluency in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese through intensive language training. Students spend the mornings engaged in classroom instruction, and the afternoons with language partners and activities that introduce them to Chinese … Dear 2020 ACC Beijing Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program Students, We are writing with profound regret to announce the suspension of the 2020 Associated Colleges in China summer Chinese language immersion program in Beijing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Study abroad provided me with the mechanism to not only enrich my language learning experience, and my understanding of the world, but also to rediscover some of the hidden beauty in everyday life. Thu 10:00-18:00. Visit incredible sites loaded with history, like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE, because our high-quality programs include everything from excursions to insurance. For more general information and resources on financing your time abroad, please see the pages below: If you decide to withdraw from the program once it has already started, please be aware of the financial consequences and the office policies by clicking here. Group excursions and cultural activities are organized throughout the duration of the program. Since 1965, BNU started to provide short-term and long-term language programs in Chinese Language for international students. For more information, please see the section on Credit and Transcripts for Barnard Students on our Barnard student pages. The second half focuses on aspects of Chinese culture: the social norms of politeness and gift giving, traditions such as inter-generational relationships and marriage ceremonies, customs such as special foods and holidays. Contact LTL Beijing and Chengde. For more information, please see the section on Academic Credit in Steps to Study Abroad. Why Choose LTL Beijing. The Middlebury Chinese School provides a first-rate language program and life experience to look upon with pride and a deep sense of accomplishment long after the summer is over. During the summer, you will complete one academic year of Chinese in nine weeks. There are no kitchens or cooking facilities in the hotel. The language tutor program … CIEE has a reputation for being the most intensive language study program available, specifically the Beijing Summer Intensive Chinese Language Program. Explore our other active study abroad programs for summer 2021, or check out our travel assurances and updated health and safety guidelines. You will have a break for lunch at noon where you can eat at an on-campus canteen (cafeteria). Elementary Chinese (first-year level). PKU has modern classrooms and recreational facilities, many cafeterias, and easy access to mass transit – all within short walking distance. The Duke Study in China Summer Program offers an intensive summer language program based in Beijing. JOIN OUR POPULAR MANDARIN CHINESE SUMMER CAMP IN BEIJING OR SHANGHAI Explore the Chinese culture, visit famous sites in China and learn Mandarin together with 300 other campers from … CIP’s summer programs provide a great combination of private Mandarin study and University Chinese language study. Its main task is to teach the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. Therefore, our Chinese language programs for this summer will be delivered online. Tue 10:00-18:00. You might visit the birthplace of Confucius in Qufu, as you examine traditional Chinese philosophy; visit the bustling port city Dalian to explore urbanization; or visit a village and hike in northern Shanxi province to dig into the environment and rural governance. Whether they want to earn credits toward their majors, submerse themselves in intensive language programs, or simply study something new and intriguing, Beijing study abroad summer programs offer lots of options. Based on your application, you will provisionally be placed in one of the courses below. About Beijing Normal University Beijing Normal … | Terms of Use | Accessibility | University Home Page, Barnard College, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies, Columbia Graduate Students, Non-Columbia Graduate Students, Non-Columbia Undergraduates, UGE continues to plan for the return of Summer 2021 study abroad programs, in case the Columbia. If the button doesn't appear above, the program is not yet accepting applications. The jam-packed cosmopolitan city buzzes with a lively arts scene, and boasts a record number of top research institutions and technology companies. BLCU Chinese Language Program, All-year round Chinese Immersion Program at BLCU, the only international university in China mainly focusing on teaching Chinese Language and Culture to non-Chinese people. Advanced Chinese (third-year level). The program will include several group trips to historic and cultural sites including: Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market, a Chinese acrobatic show (Chaoyang Theater) and a Peking Opera show (Huguang Theater). Choose a theme-study weekend and expand your horizons. There are year-long, semester and summer options, as well as short-term study abroad. Group excursions in and around Beijing and a week-long travel break give you insight into Chinese society and lifestyle, and provide a variety of environments in which to use your language skills. The Summer Chinese Program in Beijing gives UChicago students the opportunity to study Mandarin in a completely Chinese-speaking environment. Click the “Start Your Application” button above. ... Summer Program Chinese Language & Culture. The first 3 weeks of the YingHua Beijing Language & Leadership Summer Institute program include intensive language classes, culture activities, sightseeing and cultural shows. Chinese Program Options. Although phonology of Mandarin Chinese is supported mainly by the Beijing dialect, the vocabulary emerges from a diverse and very large selection of standard Chinese dialects spoken in all parts of China except the western area. 40A Orchard Road, MacDonald House Level 3 , Singapore 238838 +65 83283208 info@hanhai-language.com. The curriculum is designed to provide maximum exposure to Chinese language and society, with a well-articulated core language curriculum reinforced by effective co-curricular programs including language partners, task-based language practicum, Chinese … The pace is fast, and students are expected to prepare for each class with at least four to five hours of work. Weekly individual oral presentations and written reports are required. There are no specific language requirements for this program. Beijing School Location. Tel: +86-10-62773058. This is a reputation that the program lived up … ... students practice their Chinese one-on-one with local Teaching Assistants during intensive language development sessions. Our Chinese Summer Camp Programs are suitable for kids and teens. 10 points. Internet access and share kitchens included. Cultural and social events are often scheduled at night during the week, and cultural excursions take place on Saturdays. The courses have eight levels, covering from beginners to advanced levels. These sessions are factored into your grade, so you cannot miss sessions for travel. No. Depending on student interest, workshops in taijiquan, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional music, and Chinese dance may be available. Harvard Summer Program in Beijing, China. Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the largest city in China when you study abroad in Shanghai. 88 Xiandai SOHO Building B, 5th Floor, Room 504 建国 … Students take a Readings in Chinese and Spoken Chinese course at the appropriate level. Each textbook includes 12 lessons, completed in eight weeks. Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)—RICH Learning Center is a professional language learning center based in Beijing providing Mandarin Chinese Summer Camps for kids and teenagers, a … Program Fee for Summer 2020: Includes tuition, housing, course excursions, group dinners, orientation and cultural activities: $11,200. Also, being able to listen and understand my homestay mom after a month of studying feels amazing. Our Chinese language summer programs offer students a good chance to learn Chinese language, experience traditional and modern China, and make international friends. -Will Scott, Columbia General Studies '20. Leading the way for more than 55 years, IUP is the choice of more Blakemore-Freeman, Schwarzman, Yale Light and Yenching scholars annually. Places that cater to foreigners and offer western foods tend to be more expensive where prices can be similar to those in the U.S. Non-Columbia students: can request electronic transcripts online through the Columbia University registrar. On the weekends we do day trips and the program offers rapid language Chinese learning progress in a safe and supervised environment. 11/16 Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated health and travel risks, Princeton in Beijing will not hold its Summer 2021 program in Beijing, China.In lieu of an in-person program for Summer 2021, PiB is moving ahead with an online program designed to deliver the same high-quality, intensive language … CIEE offers more than $8 million in scholarships and grants annually to help students like you make your study abroad dream a reality. The head instructors for the language courses are: Local university faculty are hired to teach different sections of the Chinese language courses and trained language tutors are assigned to support students on an individual basis.A Program Assistant will be hired locally for the program to support students with daily life. You can schedule classes with only six hours’ notice and cancel up to … Virtually unlimited opportunities throughout the day abound to learn about Chinese … that illuminate coursework and heighten your understanding of Chinese culture. Blog. Chinese 1101-1102 OC. Prerequisites: Two years of college-level Chinese or the equivalentTexts: Jingua Chinese (Columbia University staff, published by Peking University Press; simplified characters)Introduces Chinese social values and attitudes, focusing on the rapid changes now taking place in China. Share your plans and confirm you're on track to meet all required steps to go abroad. You will be issued a University student ID which can be used as a meal card to be used in the dining halls on campus. The Mount Holyoke summer program in Beijing offers an intensive program of language immersion that covers a full year of Chinese language study in eight weeks. Students walk and use public transportation, which is easily accessed. Wed 10:00-18:00 . At Chinese Summer Camp, students will take Mandarin classes, participate in various Chinese cultural activities, and visit different historical and tourist sites in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen. A fascinating blend of the very old and the ultra-modern, it’s home to 15th century treasures like the Hall of Supreme Harmony and stunners like Beijing National Stadium, a.k.a. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are emphasized in the … About The Program. Tuition and fees are subject to Board of Trustees approval and may change. 10 points. A tonal language, Mandarin Chinese differs from southern Mandarin because of its use of fewer vowels but more initial consonants and compound words. Send us an email if you still have questions or need information about applying to this program. The commute can take more than an hour when traffic is bad. This is a reputation that the program lived up to, and so I will of course recommend it to others in the future.