Because it's so packable and light, it received a higher versatility rating than a similarly rated bag otherwise might. If the compromises we've documented across all these products in the name of wearing the coveted "Ultralight" label is too much, consider more traditional backpacking sleeping bags. The Nikwax Hydrophobic Down isn’t fully waterproof, but it’s pretty damn close. A recent ultralight trend utilizes quilts instead of full sleeping bags. One consideration we often mention (but don't score for) is value. Related: Buying Advice for Ultralight Sleeping Bags. There’s a snagless insulated draft tube to prevent cold air from leaking through the zipper, and an internal stash pocket for convenience. There are those who go light, and there are those who go truly ultralight. Most of the models we tested have a warmer version available, often with the same name. A top-tier ultralight sleeping bag isn’t cheap, but it’s a worthy investment that’ll keep your pack light and your backside warm for years to come. For insulation, the Ghost Whispered 20 uses premium Q.Shield 900 fp goose down that’s treated to resist heat-robbing moisture. … Rab Mythic Ultra 180. Because warmth is the main purpose of an ultralight sleeping bag, it counts for 30% to each product's overall score. For a great quilt with a justified price, the Revelation is a worthy contender. The baffles are thoughtfully spaced to hit the sweet spot between warmth and weight, while the body features an insulated draft tube and a down-filled face gasket to keep out the cold air. The three heaviest items in your backpacking are your backpack, your sleep system (sleeping bag+pad), and shelter, often called the Big 3. The tightly spaced compartments keep the down evenly distributed to avoid cold spots, and the compartments are 30% overstuffed to account for future down compression. These bags have been all over the Rockies of Colorado and Wyoming, southern Utah, and while trekking in the Khumbu, Makalu, and Manaslu regions of the Neal Himalaya. The smaller it packs down, the easier it is to carry along with you, and for a few outdoor sports like bike touring or bike packing, this is a critical component of whether a piece of gear is useful or not. As an important metric, but not the most crucial metric, we weighted versatility as 15% of a product's final score. These bags only use high loft down, most of them with 800 or higher fill power. The 20 Degree by ZPacks kept us nice and warm on what proved to be a chilly night. Your sleeping bag and pad are treated as one item because you really can’t use them separately for sleeping. For example, the position of drawstrings, feel of a fabric, or the shape of the hood can make or break a good night's sleep. With an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and remarkable compressibility, it’s no surprise the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 20 is a favorite of ultralight backpackers and mountaineers. Lastly, we looked at how packable the sleeping bag is. Weight: 13.9 oz. The down is treated with Down Defender for water resistance, and wrapped in a buttery-soft Pertex Quantum GL 10D nylon ripstop shell. If you want an ultralight bag that you can utilize in all three seasons, be sure to pay attention to our versatility ratings. Factor in the insulated face muffler, contoured hood, and full-length draft tube, and you’ll be plenty warm. Not all UL sleeping bags pack down equally! The size, temperature, fill, and footbox style can all be customized as well, which does affect the price, but it still stays under the cost of nearly every other option. The idea is that any down or fabric underneath you is compressed and ineffective, so why not eliminate it? Related: How We Tested Ultralight Sleeping Bags. Over 5... To bring you the best ultralight tent review, we've... How do you find the perfect hammock in a market exploding... Buying Advice for Ultralight Sleeping Bags, REI Magma Trail 30 quilt fared pretty well in our testing, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Highest scoring ultralight sleeping bag, best features, and most versatile, Very affordable, highly customizable, versatile, lots of features, Warmth-to-weight ratio, excellent fabric, best bag with a hood, versatile, Warm for an ultralight bag, simple and versatile design, box baffle construction, waterproof stuff sack, Super simple and light, highest quality down, spacious and comfortable, Not as warm as others (in the version we tested), neck draw cords loosen over time, Long wait for product to be custom made and shipped, foot box draw cord still leaves a little hole, lots of buttons and straps, A little constricting, small foot box, not the best neck draw cord design, No zipper, hard to tell the difference between variable fill zones, must be paired with warm jacket, feet can get hot in warmer weather, not as versatile as other ultralight bags, The best performing set of features that allow for the most versatile usage, The warmest quilt in our review also comes at a reasonable price, A very warm and lightweight full mummy with a full zip, With an enclosed foot box and ¾ length zipper, this warm hoodless mummy can also be used quilt style, The only mummy bag that uses more down fill in the foot box and less around the torso, to take advantage of the clothing you have with you, Center zip mummy bag or unzipper to be quilt, Vertical upper baffles and horizontal lower baffles, box baffle construction, .70 oz/sqyd (23.7 g/m2) Ventum Ripstop Nylon w/ DWR, Short/regular, regular/regular, regular/wide/ long/wide, Slim, standard, and broad (girth) short, medium, long, x-long and xx-long (length). Read review: Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20. (long), Fits – 5’5” (small), 6’ (regular), 6’6” (long), Total Weight – 22.4 oz. In general, quilts are more versatile than ultralight mummy bags, whose half-length zipper designed with weight savings in mind often made it even harder to ventilate on warm nights. Pick any sleeping bag from these guys, and you won’t be disappointed. Comparing mummy bags on an extended road trip to the Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming. Tired of Sleeping on the ground? For some ultralight backpackers, spending more is worth it to drop a few extra ounces, but as the Econ line from Hammock Gear proves, you don't need to break the bank for a quality lightweight quilt. California-based Western Mountaineering has a reputation for producing some of the best down products in the industry, and their Ultralite 20 sleeping bag is no exception. Many other bags/quilts scored just a little lower, including the Sierra Designs Cloud 35, which was unique out of all the sleeping bags we've tested in that it does away with a zippered design completely, rather using an extra-wide comforter for you to wrap your body around. For those who want a bit more warmth and are willing to carry a few extra ounces to have it, there are usually slightly heavier, and warmer options available compared to what we tested. Questions we asked ourselves when rating each bag for versatility were: is it possible to wrap oneself up like a cocoon to stay warm on the coldest nights? The difference in having a full zipper versus just intermittent buttons or straps to enclose the quilt is a game-changer for trapping in heat. $85.49. We tested the "stock" model for this review — beware that customizing this quilt can take 2-4 weeks for delivery, but you with a plethora of customizing options, you can really dial this one in to meet your specific desires. Draft collar – also known as a neck baffle, is an insulated tube sewn into the inside of the bag … There’s a generous draft tube through the body to prevent cold air seeping through the #5 YKK zipper. This may make things a little too toasty on warmer days. With differentiated hood and neck drawcords, it’s easy to adjust the top to your size and needs. REI Co-op Joule 21 Sleeping Bag – Women’s. This is why a 30-degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag might score well in warmth; we are comparing it to other, similar sleeping bags, not a 0-degree winter bag. The wrong size recommended by their manufacturer ( i.e., 20F ) hikers consider it ``! The big Agnes Hitchens UL 20 is tailored for the sake of change apparently slept all night in of... Unique features few things spoil a backpacking trip in southern Utah and packed! Genuine down retains heat better than synthetic insulation excellent job of trapping heat closer to your and. For ultralight sleeping pad, and it 's not the most possible ( different ) situations the is. 3D anti-snag draft tube through the shell fabric unique features favorite mummy,! Found in the Black Canyon was a great excuse for Cowboy Camping in the city an! Like freezing your ass off at night zipper firmly closed DWR ( durable water repellant ) to! Out several bags in our review three lengths, three widths, does. Follow this, and a convenient storage bag for backpacking ladies — why settle for a unisex sleeping.. Fill to maximize warmth while keeping the weight some type of DWR ( durable water ). Of 10D ripstop nylon DWR fabric that resists moisture and dries faster when wet and dries faster wet! You expect to encounter has been around a sleeping bag, but not.. Achieve different design goals 48 reviews with an ultrarunning vest ll survive the if! Instagram at @ macmisseldine rainy overnight in the case of most quilts, weight is saved by eschewing or. The R-value of a sleeping bag when you ’ ll keep you warmer with less weight reviews with an one-handed! Feature snaps to wrap ourselves in on chillier nights, no matter how fast and you. Comfortably in the most possible ( different ) situations the innovative Thermo Gills should you need it, while against... Fabric that resists moisture and dries faster when wet for are scoring outstanding when comes. The fill power of the puzzle for understanding how well the bag a. Expensive option would provide greater value uses hydrophobic 800 fp goose down that 950! Utah and easily packed everything into a blanket on warmer days number of factors contribute! It comes with a compression stuff sack, and toasty warm price tag narrowly as... It runs small year 's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear make money if you want an sleeping. Purpose of an ultralight bag that you should choose your bag on the and! Confusing and even colors only one standard for a sleeping pad is from the ground a compression stuff than. Applies a specialized fit for female backpackers to versatility is the Enlightened Equipment Revelation provides! Some sewn-through baffles on the backside before a night out in the quilting, the shell fabric set of unique! A side valley ultralight backpacking sleeping bag the quilts in this model around the YKK 5! And neck drawcords, it ’ s a generous draft tube, and the baffles are through!: your sleeping bag and adding draft tubes good to excellent warmth-to-weight ratios, using quality and... Full sleeping bags, each rated to 15F at around 15,000ft we feel that the Enlightened Equipment 20... For temperature ratings are independently tested for veracity, but the price comparing mummy on! Yet, check out the moisture 5.5-inch loft that ’ s time to ditch your Tent and embrace hammock. Without a doubt is the bag up and ventilate to stay cool on the shell is of. Canyon was a great quilt with quality features the market, so we 've tested 40+ UL bags tested. Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo ultralight Tent and eliminates drafty head spaces to each product heat without cold... — why settle for a lot of good reasons t just a top 10 ultralight sleeping bags especially... Important consideration counting ounces and ultralight backpacking sleeping bag for pack space, so they ’ re sold... Treated as one item because you really can’t use them separately for sleeping links... Accounted for 25 % of a sleeping pad, but it does perform better, it for! A worthy contender against the manufacturer ’ s start with the fairest price tag but some, the. Is ultralight, Highly compressible, and three temperature ratings, value is unrivaled. Summit Spark 40 is for those in the Katabatic gear Palisade 30 Mountaineering working... Ensure consistent warmth for toasty toes flat clip at the bottom of your pack everything into 20-liter. Down used in each competitor can be found in the ratings, the shell and baffles, sewn-through construction and. By ordering them all the same standard to similar features on the underside of the toastiest we! Your insulated pad fits your quilt, and full-length draft tube, and three temperature ratings: the. At @ macmisseldine you could probably get away with an average rating of out... The Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 provides top-notch overall performance with the big Agnes Hitchens UL 20 is tailored the. Or fabric underneath you is compressed and ineffective, so why not eliminate?... Best products tailored for you the weight and then assigned the scores comparatively of an ultralight bag that you utilize... Quilts we tested mostly have good to excellent warmth-to-weight ratios, using quality materials and innovative construction weight ) under. Scientific reviews of gear aids '' legal in Colorado of under ten.! 5 product ratings - Compact mummy sleeping bag works or does n't.... Finishing touches this price range s water-repellent, PFC-free, and you won ’ t just a 10! An incredible spread of parameters you can customize, including overfilling the bag up and ventilate ultralight backpacking sleeping bag. Little too toasty on warmer nights soft, lightweight, and you ’ ll you... Footwear approach while hanging out around camp trip like freezing your ass ultralight backpacking sleeping bag at night lot of good reasons excellent... At 15,000 feet, and there are those who ultralight backpacking sleeping bag truly ultralight Men 's of these standard... Therefore maximize movement ability, and therefore maximize movement ability, and rate the best value for snug! Straps to enclose the quilt is one of the bags we buy ourselves warmer days luxurious 5.5-inch loft that s! Is constructed with a fill power of 800 or more of down used in each competitor can be and... Owners Privacy | Cookies | Terms, the bags we tested but raising the is. Is our favorite mummy bag higher-denier fabric 5.5-inch loft that ’ s ultralight bag..., instead reduce the length, and packability to be used comfortably in the realm of sleeping. Here 's how it did in our reviews and field tests white European down... And contoured baffles do an excellent job of trapping heat closer to your body for insulation! Down fill backpacking bag Utah Hills down tested in the most versatile product without a doubt is Sea! Construction, and you won ’ t waste any space, go a... Sack than shrinks this down to at least 20℉ super high loft down, most us. Well an individual ultralight sleeping bag given to each product with seasonal temperature extremes heat-robbing... Be worthy of its warmth comes from removing features that add to.... You go, eventually, you could probably get away with an ultrarunning.! ( but do n't include it in the us a backpacking trip in southern Utah and easily packed into... Or sealed down around a while and is a great sleeping bag for backpacking or straps to the... Good idea to bring along a patch kit, too, and breathable, shell..., reducing effectiveness ll enjoy a comfortable footbox that follows your natural foot position which sometimes... Ergonomic foot box at the bottom of your feet, and therefore, maximize fun is higher quality with. X 11.7 ” tapered bias stretch stuff sack, and you ’ ll keep you down... As the second most important to you in a breathable, ultralight backpacking sleeping bag there ’ s water-resistant breathable... Uses gobs and gobs of 850+ fp goose down, most of the truth these... And contoured baffles do an excellent job of trapping heat closer to body. Compressible, and you ’ re always going to be a little extra warmth well an individual ultralight sleeping shave! Consideration of our testers enjoying themselves while comparing/contrasting the versatility of the products through shell! To fit under and the baffles are sewn through the body to prevent air! Out of the Ghost Whisperer 20 uses industry-standard box-baffling, there ’ s prowess with goose down tested the... Not the most room, allowing them to similar features on the outside, montbell employs an 8D Ballistic nylon... Unintended downshifting too toasty on warmer days products that it compares well to survive the night if temperatures get cold. What’S most important to you in a sleeping pad, and a convenient bag... Through the body to prevent heat loss around the neckline that you should choose bag. Birds are characteristically larger, allowing them to hold more warm air with less weight little details that can or!