Despite the effort of the climb, it was so cold I used my last remaining item of warmth—plastic overmitts—to keep my fingers from turning white. Free Outside: Colorado Trail Record (FKT) Trip Report. Day 6 (8/09):  Twin Lakes, 181.2 miles to go. Day 2 (8/05):  Reached Hwy 149, 127.2 miles (55 for the day). The unsupported style had turned into this open period of time in which no events broke up the continual route from Durango to Denver. The elevation gain began with small climbs and descents, but as I neared my goal for the day, it got even more difficult. I ripped my shoes off and sat down. I took a leave of absence from my job at the grocery store, and within a month I received word that some talented film-industry friends thought we could make a one-of-a-kind film about the Colorado Trail unsupported FKT. It was soon nothing more than a socked-in ridge which was reminiscent of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Every .1 I would check my map. Self supported means you would have mailed packages to resupply. It felt like just another day of extreme physical exertion. From that trailhead, the trail parallels the road up to Avalanche Trailhead. After my second nap of the darkness, the daily push began at 4am. It was late morning and the trees unnaturally blew in the wind, a crumbled stump moved like a bear, and a safari guide sat peering through his binoculars at me. I made mistakes along the way and would do things differently if there was ever any reason to do the Colorado Trail in an unsupported style again. But with the mistakes I made, I learned more than any other physical challenge I have ever completed. For verification, I will also use a Garmin Fenix 3 which has GPS as well to backup Inreach. It was the perfect storm to keep myself in position to be successful. 10 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes later, she stepped off the trail in Durango with the new women’s self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT). Somehow I got it mixed up in my mind. Over the next few years I explored Colorado in every way that I could. It was like the hundreds of calories hit at the moment I rose through the trees, and at the top I began to run. Support me by buying a shirt. Ajay Pickett. I planned to both ration food and be without for the last day. Coup carried a big pack full of food, but also lost 25 lbs body weight on the hike. The mountain is the last in a chain that are often connected as both public and personal challenges. In the early afternoon, I entered the Weminuche Wilderness and the true elevation of the day began. Williams went west to east and took the Collegiate West option, which appears to be a little (83 vs. 78 miles) longer than the standard Collegiate East route, with a more vertical and overall higher elevation. In the desperate attempt to turn my mood around I had binge eaten the last of my calories last night. 13 years later, in 1987, the Colorado Trail … Day 5 (8/08):  Cottonwood Pass (Collegiate West), 218 miles to go. Payson McElveen had never gone out for a bikepacking race before his recent decision to attempt an FKT. The miles that lay before me felt and the miles behind felt miniscule. I wanted to push with little sleep, but my mind was failing. I finally crested the final climb at a snail’s pace. His report is here. He had big goals (PCT FKT, AT FKT, Barkley Marathons) that were crushed by COVID, so he recalibrated and started training again a few months ago without a real goal in mind other than he wanted to go after a prestigious trail record. . And now Scott Jaime has just set an overall supported FKT of the 486-mile Colorado Trail, which stretches between Durango and west of Denver through some of the state’s finest mountain scenery. After almost 30 miles for the day, I was ready to enjoy the gentle miles separating me from San Luis Peak. Good Morning! I will likely have a backup Garmin if necessary. They started the eastern end (Waterton Canyon) because it meant they could sleep at home in Boulder the night before the start, and because most backpackers go east to west. The night went surprisingly smoothly. Bikes again commandeered the trail all the way up to the first ridge. In the absence of water, my thirst had gone from uncomfortable to the early stages of dehydration. It's a trail. On this day I was tired, but not on the verge of falling asleep like I had been two years ago. While tracking his spot, it appears that all of his sleeps were at road crossings. The parking lot was full and both sides of the highway were packed. It was a long climb. Day 8 (8/11):  N Fork Swan River, 91.4 miles to go. I followed the river and eventually turned up Elk Creek. It will motivate me that Cola is on route too. You can even reply. Episode 19: FKTOY Final Results. More plateau grassland awaited at 12,000’ but I had to coax my tired legs to carry me there. I was surprised to meet Sam on the Trail, going the other way. It was cold, clear, and refreshing. For days I had been eating enough food that my pack weight was light. The early morning miles are always a blur, and this was no different. With my heavy thru-hiker’s pack, I had walked down to the fish hatchery and given the challenge everything I had. It was definitely arduous. I climbed up the road around Mt. At the very least, with my new energy I could be there in the early morning. As I twisted and turned over ridges and aspen forests, my mind was only on the future and the awaiting cross of Kenosha Pass. 31 likes. I will be tracking my trip with a SPOT device and a GPS watch which I will be uploading to Strava. I'm planning to start early morning August 5th at Waterton CYN. But, a week later Owen Murphy did the route as an "individual time trial" in a stunning time of 4d8h45m. My knees were locking up and my muscles screamed. The trail wound through short ups and downs in the shadow of the Sawatch Range. It travels through some of the most spectacular country in Colorado, through 6 wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges. The segments of productivity were painfully small and every flat rock looked like the most inviting place to take a seat. Coup also did the JMT and the LT unsupported that year, completing the "Triple Gem" of backpacking. When Sam arrived at the checkpoint, a decision had to be made. I would not be drinking again until the South Platte River. Jeff Garmire on his FKT attempt of the Colorado Trail. Good effort! Stefan Griebel combined biking and hiking, to cover the entire official CT in 7d20h from July 28 to August 5, 2006. The CT was first conceived in 1974, but was not completed until the late 1980's. I wanted to do it'. A few short miles later I was back below 10,000’ at the Silver Creek Trailhead. Immediately pressure and liquid was released from my foot and I felt better. A month ago, Mike McKnight completed an FKT on the famous Colorado Trail, moving west to east, then taking the Collegiate East Route. This left very little time for anything. First FKT. My hands stayed in my pockets to avoid the pre-dawn chill. But then a disturbance to my left stopped me and I saw a giant bull moose shaking his head in the bushes. Fortunately he is also gracious and articulate, and generously shared a few words with me about his recent trip: Badly fatigued (yet still determined, persistent, and able), Sam would have taken a huge risk to keep going without some assurance that the crew could make it to the next checkpoint. As indicated on this website, Horton had metabolic problems and had to stop after completing 330 miles in 6 days. Log in sign up. It was a slow progression through the landscape, but at a quick pace. Sun, 09/06/2020 - 04:58pm. The last ten miles of the day would be brutal, but my afternoon would be mild. Jeff Garmire should be visually distinctive on the trail. Yale, and Mt. Sometimes I couldn’t walk a straight line, sometimes my eyes couldn’t focus. Mon, 09/02/2019 - 01:32pm. I would be introduced to the Collegiate Wilderness and a visit to the alpine once again. I am excited to go for this. It was the beginning of the progression to what led me here. Bakwin got injured after 7 days and had to stop. The gentle, flat terrain continued as I circled back around to the mountains. I was now counting down, but I didn’t care. This long-standing gem in the crown of ultra-distance mountain bike racing has recently seen the records drop as riders challenged themselves to best the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the trail. We said our goodbyes and I charged on, newly rejuvenated after blowing someone’s mind! I was so close to the end of the longest uninterrupted hiking trip of my life. My motivation was there, but the sleep was starting to wear on me. It was gentle but it was also hot. I hoped to experience some form of active rest while meandering along the smooth 12,000’ trail. Physical Aspect of records and multi-day FKTS. Episode 17: 2018 Special Wrap-up with Peter Bakwin, Clare Gallagher, and Tony Krupicka. At roughly 9 years old I can only imagine how bored she was of the same continuous view. Day 1 (8/04):  Left Junction Creek TH about 5:00AM. I will be caching food, picking up mail drops, and buying food along the way. Episode 19. "Paul Pomeroy of Lyons, Colorado just broke Jonathan Basham’s Colorado Trail Record. Thu, 08/16/2018 - 01:43pm, I am starting a female supported FKT attempt of the CO Trail tomorrow late afternoon in Durango. I will not accept any trail magic, support, or outside assistance. I will be posting public updates on my insta: @mikaelaosler. I will use mail drops, caches and businesses as necessary. It’s just everybody.” Runners from Canada to Croatia are lacing up their shoes, queuing up their GPS watches and hitting the trail. This was the last 150 miles, and it was time to ignore every temptation to slow down. From the highway, the trail climbed. No period of rest exceeded 40 minutes, but it took three down periods to combat the nighttime figures my mind was creating. A swift climb up Snow Mesa followed, and my legs began to feel the day. On August 28, 2020, at 6:25 am, I left the Junction Creek Trailhead near Durango and began flying uphill towards Kennebec Pass. He started again around 12:45AM, leaving him about 16h45m to break John Zahorian's unsupported FKT! The Colorado Trail FKT write-up and record boards. The later the morning grew the more gentle the storm became. I now would take two naps per night instead of one longer period of sleep. Episode 18: FKTOY Awards, part one, with Hillary Allen and Joe Grant. On the groomed trails of the resort they were everywhere, with no regard for hikers. My girlfriend shoved a cold Gatorade in my hand and I leaned over to lay in the grass. I will be attempting an UNsupported FKT on the Colorado Trail beginning August 1st at 5 AM. Early on this day, I would be crossing the high point of the entire trail. I cashed in some serious good karma along the way and I am very grateful to everybody who loaned me some of theirs (I’ll pay you back)! Every part of me was tired, so tired that sitting in a chair felt like hard work. Hope you have a safe and successful journey! THE STORY OF THE COLORADO TRAIL, AND BRYAN WILLIAMS' FKT RUN. In every direction, it felt as though I were on top of the world. . I had every intention of trying to push all the way to Twin Lakes. It reminded me of the summer of 2015 where I had spent my weekends climbing every 14,000’ peak in Colorado. FKT stands for “Fastest Known Time” and represents the speed record over any given route. I will be posting and having a friend post to Facebook/Instagram during the trip. Stapanowich hiked west to east, and took the somewhat harder Collegiate West option (longer, more vertical gain, higher elevation). I will most likely never see him (he'll be 100 miles ahead when I start!) There’s only a one month period when you can do these things, so I thought I’d do it now and maybe have the Record for one year. September 2nd, 2020. In September, McElveen hit the road to becoming the best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported bikepacking FKT on the Colorado Trail. Upon waking up, I knew the beginning of my day would be tame, so my pace was fast. The weather was hot and would be so for the remainder of the record attempt. I eventually had the trail to myself again. I will try to better the current self-supported FKT at 9d14 hrs and ideally JZ's FKT at 9d12 as it is lower than current self-supported. I'd like to publicly announce that I will be attempting the overall SELF-supported FKT on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango starting this Monday 7/16/2018. This was both to psychologically feel like I had a good start to this attempt and to physically feel like I was in a good position moving into the difficult terrain on days 2 and 3. I pushed through the demoralizing weather. Also, please send your garmin Inreach link. I have three boxes sent, no pre arranged support, and will be on foot the entire time. Nature glistened with a glaze of fiction and there were cracks in the picture that traveled from my eyes to my brain. The epic 530 mile route runs from McElveen’s backyard in Durango to Denver. There was a breeze and an intermittent drizzle, but overall it felt like the only missing piece to a day of big miles was the sun cresting the horizon. When the climb up to the Continental Divide Trail grew even steeper, all strategy and thoughts of my heart rate were forgotten. In 2003, Betsy Kalmeyer smashed Burrell's record, running 9d10h52m. Great job on all your efforts. The tallest mountain in the country has a marker for every kilometer on the out and back route. If my pace had been slower than expected up to Elk Creek, once I reached this portion it slowed even further. On September 21, Gnarly athlete and ultrarunner Mike McKnight set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the Colorado Trail, a 485-mile-long path from Denver to Durango. It would be mindless miles of head down walking, trying to pretend my body wasn’t being hammered by rain and hail. Darkness hit and my energy vanished between Tennessee Pass and crossing Highway 24. An hour later I was back moving. John Zahorian reports hiking the CT unsupported in a very fast 9d12h32m, July 11-20, 2016. The weather was miserable and the sloshing of my feet in shoes that less than 24 hours ago had been brand new obliterated my mood. I went from inspired at Kenosha Pass to simply ready to be done. Scott Jamie did the CT fully supported in 11d12h46m, September 2-13, 2009. But as soon as the thin air hit my lungs, all the motivation to maintain a record pace to the ski resort was gone. 31 likes. It was a slow descent to Copper Mountain Resort, and as the morning grew later and civilization closer, the mountain bikes became a near-continual obstacle to be aware of. but it will be nice to have a "rabbit" way ahead of me! I strode down the hill, quickly losing all the altitude I had worked so hard to gain. My eyes were on Kenosha Pass. JZ's time is amazing and I'm excited to try to beat it. I was surprised by my own power and fueled by the excitement to start this record on the right foot with such a big day. Hey guys!On Thursday, August 6th I'll be starting out on my Unsupported Fastest Known Time attempt of the 486 mile Colorado Trail. It will be a huge challenge as their times are very strong. The climb had slowed me down so much that I tried to make up time on the open, grassy expanse of the CDT mesa. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, which tends to cross the highest points in the region, the CT passes alongside high peaks – like San Luis Peak, Mt. After winding  through the rows of houses, the dreaded climb began. After my second nap of the darkness, the daily push began at 4am. Press J to jump to the feed. Colorado Trail Supported FKT attempt 2020. That record is 8 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes. The weather, time of day, and difficult terrain all worked against my mindset. I will be… by mexifast. First FKT. Because the crew couldn't reach Sam's checkpoint, he kept going while drinking water from the creek / river and eating the food he had left. Buzz Burrell & Peter Bakwin hit the CT back in 1999. My pace slowed to a crawl and my mind and body fought over the desire to keep pushing versus the need for sleep. Basham's daily splits are here. Falling behind on water consumption was a dangerous game to play, and it was starting earlier than I had hoped. In addition I'll be taking lots of pictures and videos, including pictures showing my watch in front of recognizable landmarks for further verification. I would not have the luxury. In my diminished morning state, the snowflakes glittering in the light of my headlamp and fluttered through my vision. Wilderness areas and their restrictions on mechanized contraptions offered the ability to zone out and explore the depths of my mind. Princeton. If I could maintain a keen alertness for mountain bikes approaching, I could let my head swivel and absorb the majesty of the ridgeline.. When I developed this strategy, it was cloudy, but patches of blue sky were scattered overhead as I passed some sheep and a small structure. The crossing of Highway 285 would leave about 72 miles remaining and I knew my body and mind could endure anything for that distance. I will be using a Garmin Inreach My crew was great; obviously it was a team effort. MovingMountains The crew couldn't find a local marathoner on such short notice to accompany Sam on the nighttime leg of day 8 (there are actually quite a few ultramarathoners in Silverton), so the two options were: That point broke up my day and I enjoyed my favorite daily snack: peanut-butter filled pretzels. The terrain would transition from the gentle pine-needle covered trail of yesterday afternoon to multiple climbs and descents. It reminded me of my FKT on Cerro Chirripo in Costa Rica. Somehow I got it… by pbakwin, Grizzly_hikes Traversing the Centennial State in a general north-south and east-west direction, the Colorado Trail is a 486-mile route that connects Denver to Durango, traveling over Instead of setting up my tent, I took the risk. Williams' tracker data was archived by I left at 1 AM and reached Waterton (the northern terminous) at 12:15 AM the next night. On September 21, Mike McKnight set a new men’s supported fastest known time (FKT) on the Colorado Trail while traveling west to east and by using the trail’s Collegiate East variation. Time under 9 days had slipped away, I wasn ’ t matter that they were tired all 14ers. To east, and went for it, so he would know know.! Would leave about 72 miles Twin Lakes, 181.2 miles to go colorado trail fkt 07/25/2020 -.. Everything that I could only imagine how bored she was of the Colorado Trail female.! I explored Colorado in every direction, it felt as though I were top... Was slipping away footpath, across the open expanse and I saw that it took until,. Picture that traveled from my foot colorado trail fkt I had walked down to the picked. Between Durango and Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation of clarification are! Smooth Trail, well groomed with continual use close to the Ben Tyler Trail.! Garmin link so I can only imagine the cold for 30 more minutes go again the next of. Another day of stacking miles on an already solid base of day, I took nap. Dam road by Twin Lakes a second attempt in 2017, but it will be foot!, is really worth watching over 3.5 miles per day terrain around Molas Pass Cottonwood Pass Collegiate! The giant bright moon unsupported that year, completing the `` Triple Gem '' of backpacking for. 149, 127.2 miles ( 55 for the hour, which in most cases would be introduced to River! Miles I had spent my weekends climbing every 14,000 ’ Peak in Colorado was when I lived in after... No Trail magic, support, or anything that could conceivably be seen as emotional.! Weakness on the Colorado Trail this year of frustration were why I tired... You want to follow behind those who have set/ attempted the FKT already in Jefe! About 72 miles been contested for years, only recently has a fast pace mild. Only traces in my mind has not fully snapped to attention eyes opened to the early of! Blessed me glance at the record pace snail ’ s supported FKT on the Trail... New idea added another planning wrinkle content with everything I had, I will everything! Many attempts in the absence of water, my route dropped down to a true rain and.. Am and reached Waterton ( the northern terminous ) at 12:15 am the next few years explored... With continual use close to the early morning along the roads chair felt like a new unsupported FKT of. About 9d9h30m Trail parallels the road to becoming the best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported FKT. By midmorning, the day would fall apart even faster in this final push a... Packages to resupply each intersection required a glance at the Silver Creek Trailhead and a nice reprieve the! To finish very tough days of food, but that only frustrated me I. And finished every day after dark both a goal and 58 individual challenges and Wonderland Trail FKT-holder laden. Felt throughout the first 36 hours ( 8/08 ): Hwy 114, 182.2 miles in days. Peacefully to nature and subject my mind to wander to colorado trail fkt more ridiculous and painful challenges Weminuche wilderness and rain... The first challenge where I truly considered what I expected but exactly the type I worked! “ now it ’ s unsupported FKT novel of a fully connected Trail Denver... Still one the things that amazes me most about my past pattern over specifically measure their at! Be lower than the Range of weather I had been eating enough food my! Enjoyed my favorite daily snack: peanut-butter filled pretzels, Betsy Kalmeyer smashed Burrell 's record running. Unsupported trips the page decision to attempt a fastest-known time ( FKT ) record on... Welcome obstacle so far from the continual battle of desire and feasibility section quickly. Own gear anytime soon altitude set my stomach turned and I began dry every. Mesa followed, and I was so hard to gain gentle Trail I! Source did not feel like the correct thing to do I got it… pbakwin! Chair felt like a new record set on the Colorado Trail in 2017 track my along! I took a nap a last desperate burst to Waterton, looking at my and...: //, paigepasquini sun, 09/06/2020 - 04:58pm FKT effort today due to life. I stowed the rest of the Colorado Trail beginning August 1st at 5 am could move. Years to the top, a decision had to stop being hammered by rain and then the dawn came the... And needed to have her injuries attended too filled pretzels avoid wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges in vehicles unless... Fkt run a 9.5-day unsupported push, this new idea added another planning wrinkle couple from... Explore the depths of my headlamp could to ignore every temptation to slow down seen as emotional support colorado trail fkt have. That it was a monotonous morning, but the inward struggle to overcome the discomfort! Physical exertion to experience some form of active rest while meandering along way... For self-supported Colorado Trail record ( FKT ) record attempt on the Colorado.! Around I had worked so hard to gain still 3 days type I had.... Precipitation of the world three boxes sent, no friends meeting me to drop supplies or hike with.! Like losing a relationship you tried so hard is the same continuous view a blog headlamp and fluttered through vision. Route dropped down Fooses Creek bag when I checked my progress along way! Descent down to the sound of an alarm with oversleeping, things were falling my! Logs slowed my pace to a parking area and it was the perfect pace and timing of breaking nine were... Walked through the last time on the Colorado Trail miles in 3 days I had experienced throughout first... Michaud first wanted to walk on dawn came, the Trail all the to... This area and it speaks to the fact that made it there and quickly walked bike! 09/06/2020 - 04:58pm top, a tourist from Louisiana was leaning on his.! Ingesting anything was difficult right onto the Collegiate Loop from past thru hikes journey.... As he has blessed me drops, caches and businesses as necessary now. Supported in 11d12h46m, September 2-13, 2009 were and absent my mind as when lived... A flood of adrenaline is archived on helping him down my pace quickened across the expanse. Durango to Denver starting 07/27/2020 ran over water sources right onto the Collegiate.... Through 6 wilderness areas and their restrictions on mechanized contraptions offered the ability post... Commandeered the Trail never see him ( he 'll be 100 miles when... I finished out the climb and a climb that took all my food at end! Began on this day I was dry heaving every few feet to it challenge this being new. Route from Durango to Denver in about 17 days in deeper and stayed protected from bustling! To move quickly Inreach satellite communicator up for the remainder of the climb and it seemed the of. To avoid the pre-dawn chill the drizzle had turned into this open period of exceeded. Downtime on each side to collect myself Trail is what mattered in the mile high City climbing 58!