No commitment. You'll need to post high-quality fitness images or videos on your page. In fact, weight loss Instagram accounts are the exact opposite. (We can also hold the camera for you.). Weight-Loss Journey Instagram Jess Posted These Photos of Her Belly to Make You Rethink Your "Flaws" November 17, 2017 by Jenny Sugar. For example, if you're a fitness influencer who wants to help people lose weight from dancing, then your ideal follower is someone who loves dancing and music. No problem. Imagine what you can do once you start growing your fitness Instagram following. You can comment on your own picture with the hashtags you’d like to use. (Pro Tip: Don’t tag a photo with #healthyrecipe if it has nothing to do with food.) People aren't just following because of your looks, they want to see the work that goes on behind your success. Never Give Up on Yourself. Posting often means you show up in more hashtag searches and more timelines. Beauty. ... Just started my weight loss journey too check it out and I'd love any advice you can give. My Weight-Loss Journey – find out how real people lost hundreds of pounds. Rinse + repeat = grow. Try to keep a healthy balance with fitness and personal content. 3,188 Likes, 52 Comments - Healthy Keto Meals Recipe (@keto.meals.recipe) on Instagram: “This is how I started my weight loss journey. You’ll be able to use these images in before-and-after photos. To achieve maximum engagement, we recommend having a dedicated account just for your fitness progress. 28.1k Followers, 5,865 Following, 2,445 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Fast Weight Loss Journey (@fastweightlossjourney) Get Victoria Taylor to personally send you his new posts. Fitness & Exercise, Blogger Erika Nicole Kendall went from avoiding exercise to becoming a certified personal trainer. Just start somewhere; it doesn’t matter where, just start! The 25-year-old lost 100 pounds in two years—and her candor about the journey is easy to relate to. To be sure, you wouldn’t attempt to climb a mountain without some forethought and preparation. It tells you to start by (1) downloading MyFitnessPal and (2) logging for a week without making any diet changes yet. whose attitude alone will help motivate you. Try to avoid making your photo look too filtered. If you don’t have Instagram yet, you’ll need to create an account. The ideal Instagram profile picture size is 180 x 180 pixels. So, here are my top eight tips on weight loss and doing life, as they have applied to me. Make a list of your favorite fitness brands (clothing line, equipment, health supplements, locations, or events) and buy their products and create content around them (don't forget to tag the brand). In the digital age, creating a fitness journey Instagram is a great way to keep yourself motivated, track your progress, and interact with other people in the fitness community. Create a buzz with an exclusive discount from your eCommerce store or a brand you're collaborating with as a fitness influencer. Don’t sacrifice your health for a good photo!) But Instagram profile photos must be at least a minimum size of 110 x 110 pixels. It adds a human element to your brand and makes you look relatable. Each Instagram account can create their own IGTV "channel," which is where all your IGTV videos will live (separate from your regular Instagram bio + Instagram story highlights). You’re not alone if you don’t know where to start. Focus on using your hashtags strategically. Create fitness videos using dance moves to the latest songs. Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. All in one place. You want people to find content when you begin to build your following. Check out Hubspot's guide on How to Get Sponsored on Instagram (Even if You Currently Have 0 Followers). What got me going is the “Quick Start” info in the sidebar (a.k.a the About section). Bio: Your Instagram bio is like a mini trailer, showing people who you are and what kind of content they can expect from you. With your combined audience, you'll increase the chance of getting more followers for each other. Most people with these accounts expose the vulnerable thoughts of body image and self-esteem that we all have, but wouldn’t even admit to our best friends.. People with weight loss and fitness Instagram accounts post progress pictures, recipe ideas and their non-scale victories.The posts are intimate, diary-entry confessions. That was the year that all of the pieces of healthy habits that I had been building over the years finally fell into place. In the same way, laying out a detailed plan of attack for weight loss is essential to your success. Maybe at one point, weight loss seemed impossible for you, but you started working … Fitness Instagrammer Kayla Itsines has one million followers and she always makes time to post her workout routines and videos. Eating Well, That's apart of your brand. You can network with your local fitness community, and with find influencers you can work with in the future. You should aim to post something at least twice a week (but once a day is ideal). Share your workout routines on Instagram for followers to try. Nike sponsors Ji So-Yun, a female footballer with only 13,000 followers. Ecommerce:With Instagram shopping features you can sell fitness products like supplements and athleisure wear with your fitness account. Don’t just follow a whole bunch of people in the hopes of getting more likes. Get on track and tweak and adjust from there but these tips help develop structure. There are tons of people just like you and you should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask this question. I continued focusing on my diet and walking each morning and evening. Do you have any tips or advice to help me get started?" “At the end of February 2016 I decided to get up and do something about my weight,” she said in a YouTube video posted in April. You'll have to decide at your discretion, but I usually find that a 30:70 ratio (personal to fitness) works well. Instagram Stories are becoming a more powerful medium to foster engagement. Twelve photos and videos will give you four rows of imagery – but the more the merrier. How many is a good start? Be sure to have your face in the photo, photos with faces get 38% more likes according to Sprout Social, so smile for the camera and increase your engagement. The prize you choose should be something your followers are interested in winning. The fitness Instagram world is OBSESSED with hashtags. Fitness Influencer Taylor Hill goes live during her workouts to show her fans how it's done. Weight Loss, This could be with a camera or your phone. Instagram was initially made to connect with people around the world, so connect. Ross Mathews' Weight Loss and Fitness Journey In His Own Words. Choose your words wisely. Social media, magazines, and even your physician can all offer useful weight loss tips, but properly executing them is easier said than done. The more engagement and content you post, the more likely you'll get recognized by the social media manager of that brand or another. Here are 25 Proven Call-to-Action Words to Maximize Conversions. Begin to tag your photo captions with these hashtags where they make sense. (Just make sure you’re focusing on your safety first. I will be keeping my diary on Instagram. It allows you to connect with followers on a deeper level. How To Start A Weight Loss Instagram : How To Start Your Weightloss Journey | Weightloss Motivation - Welcome to my Weightloss journey to lose 100 pounds!! We have taken the guesswork out of creating new fitness spreads in your bullet journal or happy planner by dividing the styles up into. Jamie Hall says: May 5, 2018 at 8:40 am Thanks for sharing, I love your videos! contacts, and automate email campaigns. You can place hashtags in your Instagram post: You can place hashtags in your profile bio: You can place hashtags in your Instagram Story: You'll have to pick the most popular fitness hashtags to improve the visibility of your post, here's a list of the best fitness hashtags for your niche to use for your next post. Instead of posting multiple times in one day, consider saving a second photo for a future #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. Ask your family and friends to follow you along your fitness journey. Tips on how to start and stick with a new weight loss journey, even if you have tried diets and weight loss plans and failed before, shared by a dietitian. This will help you to do three things: Abhish Desai posted about himself as well as the group he met at a bear crawl challenge. More than eight months since giving birth to her second son, Axl Romeo, Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla is once again hitting the mat to start her weight loss journey.. On Instagram, the mother-of-two shared that she's very excited to see the changes in her body. This protects you from any legal complications down the road. There will be binges, breaks, crash-and-burns, but what we really want is look at it as a lifestyle. Aim for 16-24 photos for a solid collection. Get fresh new content to post on Instagram from the event. If you’re looking for fitness inspiration that’s raw, real and ready to go, look no further than Instagram. Therefore, the accuracy of this video on this webpage can not be … A niche is what brands use to decide if an influencer is perfect for them. Have a start and end date for your giveaway. Is there someone whose fitness journey is closely related to yours? This account is ALL ABOUT YOU. © 2020 Jersey Strong  |  Privacy Policy | Accessibility, How to Build a Fitness Journey Instagram (And Build Your Following). August 18, 2020. Not to get too technical, but when you know exactly who you want to attract to your Instagram page, you'll be able to create specific content that they'll be sure to love. Endorsement & Sponsorship If you're an athlete looking for endorsement, you can use your Instagram page to get noticed by top brands. Click the calendar to download or click this link to get your FREE Pink Flowers 2019 Weight Loss Calendar for Instagram. Have you already posted pictures to your account? By having honest, thoughtful engagement with people in the community. Connect with gym or brand owners at events for possible sponsorships or to become a brand ambassador. Defining your ideal follower is also known as creating a buyer persona. Thank people for giving you advice and make sure you @tag people when you reply to them. However, that doesn’t mean your account can’t have personal flair. Unfortunately, after a winter of seemingly non-existent energy, tons of comfort eating, and … Reply. Motivational Weight Loss How to: Weight loss is a common issue spreading across the nation. And the weight loss was slow and steady - about 1 pound per week. Fitness Insta-Mom Christy Gomez’s main goal is to help moms like herself gain confidence back after childbirth through quick and healthy meal plans and workouts. Kylie Padilla to start weight loss journey. A New Year means new goals – for this blog, for myself, for my family. Any steps you take toward building a happier, healthier you are good steps. Your fitness journey and personal story speaks volumes about who you are and why your fitness Instagram account differs from the rest. This writer starting bullet journaling to keep herself accountable along her weight loss journey, and it worked. Follow her on Twitter @vicknwsbest. YogaLife, Yogi, Balance, BeginnerYoga, DailyPractice, Namaste, Flexibility, InstaYoga, YogaLifestyle, Asana, Vinyasa, Crossfit Hashtags: Comment on their pictures to share your own story or words of encouragement. You never know when you might respond to the right person who will reach out for a partnership. It is as simple as that. Save the best stories in your "featured stories" section. The best part about stories is that you'll never overwhelm your followers with "feed spam". Results are not guaranteed and should not be viewed as typical. They reach out to brands! Here are 18 ways to start a bomb fitness Instagram account: Victoria is a Marketing Generalist at Wishpond specializing in all things digital marketing and social media marketing. Hashtags help to make your post more discoverable to people who don’t follow your Instagram account. Bobeo says: 527 Shares View this post on Instagram. Instagram has long been a channel for people trying to increase strength, lose weight… Here are some goals you should consider for your fitness Instagram account: Mission or Purpose: Sharing your fitness journey to inspire and help others can be your main goal. If you don't, you can share content, ebooks, or Youtube videos. You can post 5+ images and videos to your story in a single day. If you prepare ahead of time by getting into the right mindset, planning meals and workouts ahead of time, and setting aside some you time, you’re on the right track to lasting health and weight loss. Healthy Living, After a rough start to the year with a devastating divorce, 2014 became one of the most influential years of my life (and my weight loss journey). Some even include their pets! Don't put all your eggs in one basket, reach out to multiple fitness influencers, you can never have too many collaborations. Motivation Hashtags: Short videos of you working out, or trying new machines will also help you track your progress. Other fitness influencers opt for longer, 'mini blog posts' with more detail broken up by space and a few emojis. Ed says: January 25, 2016 at 7:18 am Any comments on the benefits of rebounding . Just Start. My number one piece of advice to start your first 30 days is to just start! I am no expert just a…” hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(446722, 'e25f7299-b476-441e-877a-b673ebbd5a76', {}); Topics: bodybuilding, bodybuilder, gains, muscle, shredded, BodybuildingMotivation, BodyTransformation, FitFreak, BodybuilderLifestyle, PowerLifting, SwoleLife, CleanBulk, Yoga Hashtags: Spend some time exploring popular fitness accounts that you admire. Ask yourself, does this person’s message align with my own? Instagram has long been a channel for people trying to increase strength, lose weight, alter their diet, and feel inspired while doing so. This type of content shows that you're marketable, and you can manage your life outside of fitness. The support you receive from them will help you stay on track. For tips on how to create the perfect Instagram bio, check out 10 Tips to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio to Attract a Bigger Audience. Guess, what? You can also invest in lightboxes, GoPros or a phone ring light, to help you capture images better single-handedly. Think of your Instagram goals like your fitness goals, once you know where you're going, you'll be able to find the activities to get you there over time. Beginning a weight loss journey may seem intimidating, but in truth, it’s simple. Posting pictures on Instagram, along with your thoughts, gives you to opportunity look back on your journey and see how far you have come. Maybe at one point, weight loss seemed impossible for you, but you started working out and planning your meals.