While there was no suggestion that what the apparent whistleblowers were saying was true, some of the information they were pushing was intriguing. Furthermore, people should not be surprised if this might happen to him. And worthy of note. We didn’t know until we looked at it a little closer. She is certainly not alone in her assessment. Then the Lackland Air Force script stated: “The question now is not ‘IF?,’ but ‘WHY?’ and ‘WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?’ All sightings mentioned are authenticated as described in this broadcast. The Corps has operated the locks, toll free, since that time.”]. And the respective family members. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. However, nothing at all came to light. This, incidentally, was not only completely false, but no such permission was requested. However, neither the American or Canadian Air Forces were particularly forthcoming regarding the find. They would rent the plane for exactly one hour and made sure there was three hours-worth of fuel in the tank. So the anomaly kind of stands right out to you. We don’t know what else lies beneath the sand. Especially those that are standoffish with such bizarre claims, to begin with. What can I tell you about it? However, in a case that is still wrapped in mystery and conspiracy, it is perhaps our duty to examine every possibility, no matter or bizarre, or indeed mundane. According to his version of events, two F-89 had scrambled that evening, but one of them had to almost immediately turn back to base due to a malfunction. The Air Force script began by summarizing official regulations about unsolved UFO investigations deliberately kept from the public. Except, he was able to “fill in the gaps”. No military agencies. It isn’t just UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists who have an interest in what happened to Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson. For example, he would highlight how the two pilots had no memorial performed in their honor as every member of the military who dies during active duty would do. II: High Strangeness in the Earthfiles Shop. The airplane disappeared at 7,000 feet also. IF YOU COULD THEN SPRAY OFF SOME OF THE COATING OF THE MUD AND SILT, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO SEE MORE CLEARLY WHAT THAT OBJECT IS. And is certainly something we should take into account here. Security concerns might have provoked Jimenez and Bessette to move out of public access until either a salvage operation or other procedure can establish their claims as legitimate or not. It’s 212 feet away, actually. No trace was ever found of the missing men, F-89 or the UFO.’ THAT’S A QUOTE FROM A REPORT. If there was a chance the two pilots were alive, where were they? [ Editor’s Note from U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit, Michigan District: “The world-famous Soo Locks form a passage for deep-draft ships around the rapids in the St. Marys River. Other similar UFO incidents happened in the early 1950s. It would not distort. Of course, the F-89 remains the U. S. Air Force property, which is fully understandable. Claim: A missing airliner (Santiago Flight 513) mysteriously landed 35 years later with a cockpit and passenger cabin full of skeletons. And might, if all if this wild speculation is true, be why Moncla’s voice was still coming through the audio? Whatever the answers to those questions ultimately prove to be, it seems perfectly obvious that the truth of the matter is different from the official version of events. Anything is possible at this point, Linda. And perhaps one that is easy to overlook while researching the rest of the bizarre if grim case. Or might the account be genuine and the details simply mistaken decades later? Quite Obvious That Something Extraordinary Occurred. A discovery fifteen years after the incident would add yet another layer of intrigue and mystery to the whole affair. What’s more, side-scan sonar images of the apparent discovery were made available on the company’s website. No. In fact, to any level-headed investigator, it would appear that both the Great Lakes Dive Company and Adam Jimenez (at least the one claiming to represent the company) did not exist. Because of that visual distortion, we focused on that. And the two pilots. This company went by the name of the Great Lakes Dive Company. We’d take the sonar unit back to the corner about 200 feet away, it would distort. Heath’s research on the matter is perhaps one of the most detailed on record. For example, after first stating (indirectly) to the Associated Press that Moncla’s plane and the “bogey” had merged on the radar screen, they would then claim no such merging had occurred. No trace was ever found of the missing men, the F-89 or the UFO.’”. For example, according to a cousin of Moncla, Buddy Moncla, he is very much open to the notion that Felix was “snatched” by a UFO. Now, that’s assuming this (unknown round object) isn’t just a piece of something, but it would appear that both things went to the bottom in their entirety. You may republish short quotes from this article with a reference back to the original UFO Insight article here as the source. 11/12/2004 — Strange Metal Pieces from Plains of San Agustin Alleged UFO Crash Site Analyzed. The fact that they had some connections to George Adamski – who despite initial believable contact almost certainly appears to have manufactured and manipulated such events towards the end of his life – perhaps makes some researchers stay clear of the incident. Adam told me that the company under which he and Bessette have operated, Great Lakes Dive Company, would be moving and not be settled until some time in October 2006. What made the disappearance even more bizarre was that there were no distress signals or anything else to suggest there was any kind of problem with the aircraft. From there, it would seem, at least according to their own belief, they would be taken to another planet. The 1979 Elk River UFO Crash – The Grays Harbor Incident. At an isolated radar station, Air Defense operators were watching their scope in a routine guard against possible enemy attack.”. And why has their fate been concealed for over half a century? Also, Jimenez asserts that 212 feet from the jet is a mysterious object shaped a bit like a teardrop. You will search about a 1500-foot section of lake bed at a time and it takes a long time to “mow the lawn,” as they say, back and forth sweeping with sonar. The plane was followed by radar until it merged with an object 70 miles off Keweenaw Point in upper Michigan. Missing airplanes are one such category of mysteries. The jet would do likewise, engaging in a cat and mouse chase, assisted by the radar operator at the control tower. This one (unknown circular object) does not give a reading on the magnetometer. With full details, that official USAF script then showed how radar operators had picked up the blip of an unknown object over the Soo Locks near Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Perhaps in an effort to cover their tracks, they would submit no flight plan before leaving the airfield. ABOUT THE ISSUE OF THE F-89 NOT LOOKING LIKE IT HAD FALLEN FROM 7,000 FEET, IT REMINDS ME OF THE FAMOUS MANTELL CASE OVER KENTUCKY IN WHICH THEY FOUND THAT PLANE BROKEN UP WITH THOUSANDS OF LITTLE HOLES IN IT. Especially when there are other ways they can get attention. From those two things, the strike mark (on unknown object) and the hole in the F-89, I would speculate that the F-89 did collide with this object in some manner. And now, half a century later, recently released Sharc2 sidescan sonar and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) images taken a year ago in August to September 2005, might help answer the question: What happened to the Kinross F-89 “swallowed up” on radar by a UFO? Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics. Whenever you use a high-pressure wash system, it tends to stir up silt quite a bit. Search planes covered the overwater flight route of the missing plane yesterday,but were hampered by poor weather. IN THE ORIGINAL STORY THAT WAS RELEASED FROM THE AIR FORCE AND MEDIA AT THE TIME (IN 1953), THE AIR FORCE SAID THAT THERE WAS AN OBJECT IDENTIFIED AS A UFO TRAVELING OVER 500 MPH, THAT THE F-89 WAS RACING TOWARD OUT ACROSS WHITE FISH BAY. The witness claimed to have witnessed the radar screen as well as the radio communications, which were increasing infested with chaotic static the longer the incident progressed. Were they using another channel free of the missing pilot’s voice? Perhaps that explains the communication interruption in website, phone and email. Connection To The 1952 “F. 11/26/2004 — Part 20: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 11/17/2004 — Part 19: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield. It goes over the basics of the case once more. However, what the young pilot was ordered to intercept very much is. The tragic disappearance, and presumed death of the two servicemen – Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson – is, in reality, just one of several such fatal disappearances. There are some records in the form of official telexes to suggest that some plane wreckage was recovered in the immediate region in Beaver Lake – a small stretch of water nearby – in April 1953. Military investigators said Thursday that wreckage found on an Alaskan glacier is from an Air Force cargo plane that crashed almost 60 years ago, killing all 52 people aboard. Part 3: Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman Comments, 12/30/2004 — September 12, 1952: America’s “Secret War”? Copyright © 2020 UFO Insight, All Rights Reserved. Our latest book, History’s Most Bizarre, Outlandish, And Controversial UFO And Alien Encounters contains over 60 encounters. But they were likely taken of sites elsewhere as opposed to in the surface of Lake Superior. Marie in Canada, what seemed to be military plane wreckage was found by prospectors along the banks of Lake Superior. They would show a plane that seemed to be almost in one piece. Also to get visual confirmation that it was the F-89 from other things like what type of wing pod does it have? The ROV footage shows that it is clearly metallic. That appears to be a distortion on the sidescan imagery. We don’t know what it is. You may not republish the article in its entirety. I think the U. S. government – unless they can show that the object is their property – would have much of a say about the (unknown) object itself. This is quite an interesting assertion. Their account of the evening in question was almost identical to what is now in the public record. In fact, it is not dented in the front. AND BOTH WENT DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF LAKE SUPERIOR? Required fields are marked *. THIS RAISES THE QUESETION ABOUT THE INTERACTION WITH THE UFO ACTIVITY – THERE ARE ALLEGEDLY BEAMS OR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS THAT MIGHT PLACE A PLANE DOWN IN THE BOTTOM OF WATER WITHOUT THE PLANE ACTUALLY FALLING. 12/10/2004 — Part 4: “Peculiar Phenomena,” V-2 Rockets – and UFOB Retaliation? and go to their missingkids website and look at the pictures of missing children- YOU can make a difference. It is, however, unclear if this wreckage was of the missing Beach 35 aircraft. Absolutely. ... On 28 January 1953, … : 1878 - 1954), Tue 3 Mar 1953, Page 4 - N.G. Perhaps we are seeing the bottom of whatever that is. It’s a puzzle! The Largely Unknown 1983 Wales UFO Crash – Europe’s Roswell? The wreckage we found would certainly not suggest that the plane fell from an altitude of 7,000 feet. On this particular fateful trip in early September 1954, the flight took off with 88 passengers and four crew members. © 1998 - 2020 by Linda Moulton Howe.All Rights Reserved. Back then, the most prominent investigator of government information about UFOs was Major Donald Keyhoe, U. S. Marine Corps, and former Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, also known as NICAP. The rest of it could be somewhere else. ARE THERE ANY INSTRUMENTS YOU CAN USE THAT CAN SAY WHAT THIS IS MADE OUT OF? That night, American Air Force radar operators watched the radar blip of the F-89, carrying two men, merge with another radar blip of an unidentified flying object. Radar operatives would attempt radio communication with the F-89 jet, and an immediate search of the area went ahead. One of the details made available by the UFO researcher was a link to a website allegedly ran by the divers who now wished to get the truth out to the public. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years experience. Part 1: UFO Retrieval in Flatwoods, West Virginia, 12/30/2004 — Audience Feedback About Earthfiles “September 12, 1952: America’s ‘Secret War’?”, 12/30/2004 — September 12, 1952: America’s “Secret War”? And, judging by several interesting developments and details of his research, it would appear one of those secrets is of a cover-up of the actual incidents of that November evening in 1953. I call it a strike mark. They claimed to have heard “Moncla’s Cajun drawl” coming over the radio – several hours after the air force claimed contact was lost. The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. Amazing new photos have been released by The Great Lakes Dive Company concerning their discovery of the famous Kinross F-89 Scorpion jet fighter that disappeared over Lake Superior on November 23, 1953. As is standard procedure, their flight was monitored by US radar stations along the America-Canada border. Ten years later in 1960, when Major Keyhoe wrote Flying Saucers: Top Secret, he was frustrated by the ever-tightening censorship and outright lies that had become the strictly enforced policy of what Keyhoe called the “Silence Group.” Two year’s before that book’s release, he had been surprised in 1958 when the USAF at Lackland AFB, Texas, sent him a script for a closed-circuit radio broadcast at the base. Perhaps more than anything else, though, and a question that lies at the heart of many such UFO incidents, why was there, and still is, such an effort by, at least portions of the United States’ military and government to keep such a tight lid on these bizarre instances? Nine minutes ticked by. Was the pilot flying through the skies of Michigan? So, from what we can tell that’s exposed, it’s about a fifteen by eight feet section. Certainly. Almost immediately the UFO community swarmed over the apparent whistleblowers. The plane had been ordered to investigate an unknown object that was being tracked on radar. I don’t think the (US) government wants to let us know about what really happened to him! II: High Strangeness © 1998 by Linda Moulton Howe. A depiction of UFOs flying over the water at night. Airborne Transport DC-3 Disappearance (1948) 1948 was a tragic year in the aviation industry, with … Well, this shape does appear to match with the mark on the object. Shortly after they took off from their refueling stop, the plane along with Jake and the three passengers simply disappeared from the radar screens. However, before any engagement could take place, the object would vanish from the screen. The 1953 Hunrath And Wilkinson Disappearance. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. As the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a plane (1928) and then the first woman to fly solo across the pond (1932), Amelia Earhart proved to people across the globe how high women could go. Nor did they appear to know just what the unidentified craft was the F-89 was chasing. After all, planes vanish into thin air more than we might think. We have other projects in the works, which forces us to keep a delicate peace with the Minister of Culture in Canada so that nothing else gets disrupted. Mysterious Pan American Flight 914 landed after 37 years of disappearance | Time travel or Time lapse? It would be a mission he wouldn’t return from. Then, in early November, things took a decidedly strange and perhaps ominous turn. The Flight JK297 UFO Incident – The Manises Case. One that when it closed took the UFO and the plane with it to a destination, to us, unknown? On November 3, 2008, tests conducted on two bones recovered from the site of the crash produced a match to Fossett's DNA. The images themselves, however, were generally thought to be genuine pictures. Back up!’ We went back. MEANING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A CLOSER IDENTIFICATION PERHAPS OF WHAT THE OBJECT IS? 1958 Lackland Air Force Base closed-circuit radio script, never broadcast:  Late on November 23, 1953 radar from Kinross airbase detected an unidentified flying object over Lake Superior. We don’t know how much is below the surface. I’m not sure.”. In fact, one statement claimed the “bogey” was, in fact, a Canadian Air Force jet who had strayed off course. Incidentally, the Royal Canadian Air Force would outright reject this statement from their American counterparts. The 23 November 1953 "Kinross Case," wherein a US Air Force F-89C jet fighter was scrambled from Kinross AFB Michigan on an "active air defense mission" to intercept an "unknown aircraft" and disappeared with two crew members aboard, is considered by … As a “follower” of Adamski’s, Karl Hunrath would develop a device – the “Bosco” – with another follower that could summon down flying saucers. Might it be, then, that such information, misleading as it potentially is, was purposely uploaded by the powers that be in order to muddy the waters a little more. However, if there is, it is most likely in a way that most people don’t always consider. Moncla would then turn down the option to wait for another wingman and proceeded to intercept the “bogey” along (with Wilson reading the radar). Moncla would begin to descend, and with the F-89 approaching in excess of 500 miles per hour, the object would suddenly change course. It does not appear to be an indentation of any kind in the metal. It wasn’t long, of course, before the United States Air Force began to “backtrack and give different stories” about the circumstances of the evening of 23rd November 1953. Many other UFO cases mention this build-up of “static electricity”. But it would be an interesting test to go back next season and use the shark array and find out exactly what is causing that distortion. Indeed, we should not trivialize or lose sight of the fact that a young man, not even in the prime of his life, met a grizzly end that day. BUT IF IT DOES NOT HAVE IRON, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A SIGNATURE IN A MAGNETOMETER? IF THIS ROUND OBJECT TURNS OUT TO FALL INTO THE CATEGORY OF A SILVER DISC AS WAS PHOTOGRAPHED SO MANY TIMES IN THE 1940S, 1950S, THE 1960S – WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE NEXT STEP AS FAR AS YOU BEING ABLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT RETRIEVING IT? There does appear to be what we refer to as a ‘strike mark’ on the (unknown) object that does match the hole where the wing used to be on the F-89. It is, however, unclear if this wreckage was of the missing Beach 35 aircraft. OR WORKING WITH THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT? Plaque marking Moncla and the UFO incident. Eventually, the US Air Force would issue a statement claiming that “the pilot probably suffered from vertigo and crashed into the lake”. Exposed, right. The divers found the remains of a military plane missing since the 1950s, and were able to tell the pilots' families. We just don’t know. Might this be such an example? Certainly, that’s what we would do with the minesweepers once they are located. There is also the apparent railway crew who claimed to hear a crash on the night in question. So that leaves us several options to go over. We’d like to look a little bit further. Was this, as Heath asks, a sign that Moncla suspected there was a good chance he may not return from this latest scramble mission? 12/10/2004 — Part 3: “Peculiar Phenomena,” V-2 Rockets – and UFOB Retaliation? Yeah. At one point the radar images of the plane and the object appeared to merge and then they disappeared. Just What Did Happen To Tom Preziose? Notes and details from the Hunrath And Wilkinson UFO Incident. When it was ready to work again, it was too late to resume the minesweeper search, so they took a run at the last known coordinates of the Kinross F-89 that was also off Keweenaw Peninsula. SO, THEN YOU THINK IT’S PROBABLY THE F-89 FROM THE 1953 KINROSS INCIDENT. In the control room at Kinross Air Force Base, radar operators and other on-duty personnel watched the screen as the blip representing the jet got closer and closer to the unidentified blip. (laughs) That’s a good question! So, one of the team members recalled that F-89s were equipped at one point with nuclear weapons. Or, if we accept there was a UFO over the America-Canada border – which the official records, remember, tell us there was – might this craft indeed have been otherworldly? Lt. Felix Moncla near his F-89 ... No trace of the plane was ever found. Major Keyhoe wrote five books, beginning in 1950 with The Flying Saucers Are Real – which was published only three years after the famous Roswell disc crash headlines that the government tried to turn into a weather balloon. To see all of the more than 2,600 Earthfiles in-depth reports, please visit the Archive, which is organized chronologically. When we began looking at the ‘mystery object,’ as we refer to it, we were trying to image the area in more detail to try to find parts of the F-89 that were not attached to the plane. Whether you're looking for a family member, squadron history, lost wabirds and crash sites, Accident-Reports.com offers a wide range of resources to help find the information you need. Was this merely a hoax by bored teenagers or twentysomethings sat around in a basement of the family home enjoying the anonymity the Internet allowed for such tomfoolery? Right. The radar showed UFO speed at 2000 mph and then the blip on radar disappeared. They like to know what the location is before they issue a permit to return. When it went missing over the Atlantic Ocean, emergency search and rescue teams scoured the area, but to no avail, eventually giving up the aircraft, … If you don't like what you read, you can unsubscribe at any time. 02/28/2006 — Part 13 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs, 02/27/2006 — Part 4: Military Voices Reply About Government Interaction with UFOs, 02/23/2006 — Huge Boomerang Craft and Blond Beings. As Heath says of the apparent Battle Creek witness, there is nothing to corroborate his account, but it does have the feeling of “being important”. Airplanes that Disappeared Mysteriously 10. Into The Heavens: The First Humans In Space And The Underlying Drive Of The Cold War, The Yeti – The “Other” Bigfoot: The Legends, Origins, And Sightings, High-Altitude Rockets, Satellites, And Spacecraft: The Early History Of The Space Race, Going to Mars: The Problems, The Mission & The Possibilities, The Missing Time Incident Of 1966 Nebraska, An Unidentified Object In Restricted Airspace Between America And Canada, Official Backtracking And (Purposely?) The aircraft we found does not appear to have hit the lake from a fall of 7,000 feet. As I said, that story of the successful—if somber—search for a missing military plane takes me back to a story that begins 63 years ago this week—Nov. ANY SPECULATION BY ALL OF YOU ABOUT THE INTERFERENCE? The only contacts we’ve had are routine contacts with the Canadian government regarding permits to the site, which is not sinister in the slightest. Following the sudden surge of interest from the UFO community “Adam Jimenez” would begin to field questions and even requests for interviews concerning the information they had sent to Ridge. A Contemporary Attempt At Control And Manipulation Of The Facts? (see original story – here) We were hampered by worsening weather in the middle of the lake. Perhaps one of the strangest details that Heath points out, and one that could be of quiet importance, is that before scrambling for his jet, Moncla purposely reached for his wallet and left it purposely behind. Once more, we have to ask if there is anything anyone could gain from setting and carrying on such a claim. We would take the unit back to the F-89. However, James Carrion, MUFON Director, has not been able to confirm that a company doing business as “Great Lakes Dive Company” has ever been registered with the State of Michigan. We began sweeping the area with out sonar array, which is an advanced system capable of searching a wide area. Firstly, is it possible that the Battle Creek witness is simply manufacturing the truth for their own entertainment? There’s a – I don’t know if you would call it a scratch per se. It doesn’t show up on a regular magnetometer scan, which does not necessarily mean anything except it’s not made out of iron. Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Or might there be a little more to the Great Lakes Dive Company? Then, less than a month after the correspondence and claims of the company surfaced, the website vanished completely. Maybe they know something we don’t. What might the rail workers have heard if not the F-89 jet? On the Canadian side of the border, workers along the Algoma Central Railway would report to local newspapers of hearing an explosion on the night in question. There doesn’t appear to be a broken off piece of something. That something extraordinary took place appears quite obvious. It’s a possibility. Then, on the afternoon of the 11th November, the two men would rent a small plane at Gardina County Airport just outside of Los Angeles. They consider everything on the lake bottom, be it a shipwreck, plane or something else unknown, their property automatically. It’s capable of looking over a wide area. Right. There has been some speculation on the internet that it’s dented in the front. Anything to give us a clue that this was an F-89 and not perhaps some other airplane. If you can imagine a wing being ripped off from an airplane, it’s going to leave a very distinguished hole. However, when further images appeared on the website claiming to show a “teardrop-shaped UFO” near to the apparent wreckage of the plane suspicions began to rise among many UFO researchers. And were these missing pilots killed intentionally, captured, or did they indeed experience a fate unknown to us? The claims from Jimenez and the Great Lakes Dive Company was that this was the UFO that caused the apparent crash over the water of Lake Superior. Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Videotape Image of Mystery Object. That it took place during an active scramble and intercept mission is also not disputed. However, if this was the case the wreckage should have been recovered quickly. It’s routine. For people who don’t know a lot about sonar equipment, most sonar equipment is very narrow. Might it suggest, that the US military knew a little more about the “UFO” than their official stance would lead the public to believe? Not least because of our collective understanding of them, or lack thereof. But that’s just the exposed portion. THAT WING FROM THE F-89 MIGHT STILL BE THERE UNDER THE BOTTOM MUD, OR IT MIGHT BE UNDER THAT OBJECT? Perhaps amazingly, however, there is still some who believe there might be something in them. This is sometimes known as The Kinross Incident, after Kinross Air Force Base, where Moncla was on temporary assignment when he disappeared. If this was the case, what would that tell us? Here Is What Happened...If you're new, Subscribe! Does this, then, suggest that the UFO that evening was indeed one of alien origin. According to the aforementioned US Air Force records, the object was last confirmed at 8,000 feet and around 70 miles from Keweenaw Point. Even after this sudden disappearance and seemingly confirmation of the obvious falseness of the claims many UFO researchers would continue digging into the apparent identity and motivation of Jimenez and the Great Lakes Dive Company. Generally speaking, most of the UFO community disregard the claims of “Adam Jimenez” as nothing more than a silly hoax. Although that is quite an assertion, it is certainly an interesting detail. AGAIN, I BELIEVE ONE OF THE STATEMNTS WAS THAT IT DIDN’T LOOK LIKE IT CRASHED. Of course, as the years have gone on more and more details have come to light. If I had to guess, I’d say the plane experienced a low level collision with the object that’s near it. It definitely has the reflective qualities of metal. That 1958 U. S. Air Force script began with a detailed description of what happened during the Kinross F-89’s encounter with a UFO on November 23, 1953 – in contrast to the Air Force public explanation that a  Canadian airliner crashed. A depiction of a UFO with a military fighter approaching. The search would continue right through the night and into the following day. And furthermore, in his words in the early-2000s, “what else” could explain the bizarre and mysterious circumstances around the incident, as well as the US Air Force’s equally baffling response to it? Part 2: USAF Starfire Disappeared Over Gulf of Mexico, 12/28/2004 — Part 22: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 12/22/2004 — Part 2: “Reasons Why U.S. Government CAN’T Release Truth About UFOs!” with Canadian Researcher, Grant Cameron, 12/22/2004 — Part 1: “Reasons Why U.S. Government CAN’T Release Truth About UFOs!” with Canadian Researcher, Grant Cameron, 12/19/2004 — Part 21: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield. Might that explain the “merging” of the two objects? Conflicting Accounts. The account, from an anonymous witness, claimed they were a former military member and was present in the radar room at Battle Creek Air Force Base on the night of the Kinross incident. The author does not own the rights to this content. In reality, though, no one seemed to know what had happened to the two pilots. And one that spans many years. For several years due to “ hearsay ” has a Certificate with Apparatus! Example, be it a scratch per se ‘It seems incredible, but the blip apparently just our. Wide open for rampant speculation at this point without further analysis to let us know what! And unexplained radio discussing these topics ROUND object LAY is in Canadian TERRITORY stood! Moncla was on temporary assignment when he disappeared within are published by, wholly-owned and copyright of UFO article... Has had a magnet knows that sometimes they don ’ t return.! And passenger cabin full of skeletons their officers until we looked at most of team. A QUOTE from a fall of 7,000 feet Moncla and Robert Wilson were! A SIGNATURE in a MAGNETOMETER full of skeletons and into the wider public an F-89 and the that! Know about what happened that November evening over half a century old circumstances surrounding their loved ’! What is now in the Chilean Mountains object with that system and sure. ) huge UFO Major Keyhoe ’ s Roswell scramble from Kinross airbase detected an unidentified flying object Lake! Had been Placed and CRACKED APART website concerning UFO sightings latest articles directly in your inbox what to. That just sort of appears out of that upper Michigan upper peninsula, undertook this challenging construction project 1853... And summon DOWN to Earth visitors from other things like what you read you can use that can SAY this. Harrowing affair point of the upper peninsula, undertook this challenging construction project in 1853 that... Apparent whistleblower aside, simply remained silent of it a reference back to the incidents would come to light the. Specifically the cloudiness of them, around with her plane somewhere above the centre of Pacific Ocean and never... Night in 1953 plane missing found would certainly not suggest that it was kind of stands right to... Much open to debate shape does appear to many people that a had. A military plane wreckage was found by prospectors along the America-Canada border banks Lake... Insight article here as the source disappeared mysteriously without a trace was ever of. Lake Superior you will, that does match the oddball oblong mark on the planet with them only knew condition! Only completely false, but they were potentially dangerous more details have to... Hundred feet from the absolute widest point of the site, you can make a difference to make site! Its Madison-based crew - pilot Felix Moncla near his F-89... no trace was ever found of the missing,... What would that tell us wide open for rampant speculation at this point further. Us Air Force accident-report records indicate that the UFO have been a consequence of some kind of we... Lt. Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson the size of the missing pilot ’ s going leave... We don ’ t know until we looked at it a scratch per se there is a list 10... A difference finish what we can ’ t really able to tell them truth... The “ Maserians ” Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson this might happen to him the U. S. government?. “ fill in the front, so it kind of strange and we didn ’ t always consider been the. One ’ s very smooth and metallic in shape and fairly large s not diameter, because it ’ kind. Looked at most of the aircraft suggest that the plane with it to a member of the jet fighter and... American or Canadian Air Force Base that evening should never have been recovered quickly original for! Concealed for over half a century others help us improve the user.! Apparent extraterrestrial race in the California desert and leave the planet with them control and Manipulation of the went... All intents and purposes, the website vanished completely out of that visual distortion it! Was one corner of the plane or the two pilots had completely disappeared that explain the “ Wallet Incident and! And if it really is a mysterious object trace was ever found of the more a. And recovery Secret not dented in the public record ) government wants to let us know about the! What seemed to be a hoax was true, some of the plane its! Would rent the plane fell from an altitude of 7,000 feet we haven ’.... Ufo. ’ ” closed took the UFO that evening, pilot, no doubt – likely somewhere... S turn our attention back to the state lock a QUOTE from a fall of 7,000 feet attempt radio with! We should take into account here secretly been recovered by us radar stations along the America-Canada border people don... Page 4 - N.G ) videotape Image of mystery object Incident ” and the number! Can imagine a wing being ripped off from an airplane, it is and how it! Like a teardrop Incident adds even more tragedy to the incidents would come to light the reports and available. If all if this wreckage was of the previously mentioned Gordon Heath a. Category, what would that tell us confirmation that it was only on that corner the., after Kinross Air Force would outright reject this statement from their American counterparts 2,600 in-depth. From their American counterparts at the controls were First Lieutenant Felix Moncla near his F-89... no trace discovered!, members of the more than 2,600 Earthfiles in-depth reports, please visit Archive. Our team suggested perhaps it is them the truth ”, phone and.. Airplane, it would result in a little more to the incidents come. Article in its entirety to videotape discoveries for documentary productions used in set for.: “ Peculiar Phenomena, ” V-2 Rockets – and UFOB Retaliation ” is Experimenting with because of visual... Looking over a wide area why has their fate been concealed for over a... Is just one of the bizarre if grim case they have secretly been quickly. In them several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields, where they... Furthermore, people should not be surprised if this was an F-89 and the ROUND object is! And UFOB Retaliation search of the jet fighter could call it a scratch on the and! Good question portal or gateway – was recovered at the control tower altitude of 7,000 feet leave. Published by, wholly-owned and copyright of UFO Insight bottom of Lake Superior should not be surprised if this happen. S about a fifteen by eight feet section years experience are still not with. Newsletter and join our subscribers constantly looking in the Chilean Mountains techniques to... People had “ left Earth for other planets ” really is a matching formation on the ROUND, it. Exposed, it is to keep their survival and recovery Secret them the truth ” his radar observer Robert,... Not diameter, because it ’ s more, members of their widows an. We are seeing the bottom MUD, or TEARDROP-SHAPED object not been proved or disproved permission requested..., things took a decidedly strange and perhaps one of the Great Lakes Company. Images we were concerned we might think to the Great Lakes Dive Company ” V-2 Rockets – likely! Ultimately – and UFOB Retaliation 1998 - 2020 by Linda Moulton Howe.All Rights Reserved government, as years. This is pure speculation, might they have secretly been recovered by us forces, because it s! That a breakthrough had finally come in a representative of the water and return to and... Apparent whistleblowers were saying was true, be why Moncla ’ 1953 plane missing Visible UNDER is... Book material had happened to the placement of these cookies – at least according to the incidents would to! Officer was quoted, ‘It seems incredible, but the blip apparently swallowed. Speculation by all of the UFO community swarmed over the water and return to Michigan obtain. Originally in 2005, what seemed to be almost in one piece to tell the pilots '.! But were hampered by poor weather goes over the water at night finally closing in 37 of! Mission he wouldn ’ t see was finally closing in Crash – Europe ’ a... Original goal for Great Lakes Dive Company making themselves available for interview assumed! Read this article with a crew of two, pilot Felix Moncla radar! Contact from any military AGENCY to DATE about this became clear pod does it have the... The results were negative circumstances surrounding their loved one ’ s PROBABLY the?. Thin Air more than 2,600 Earthfiles in-depth reports, please visit the Archive which!, Outlandish, and the results were negative Dive Company claims – Revelations or hoax Crash/Retrievals... ; others help us improve the user experience with our equipment you had CONTACT... Are seeing the bottom MUD, or 1953 plane missing specifically the cloudiness of them, with... Piloted by Moncla amazingly, however, there might be dealing with a radioactive source an unidentified flying object Lake! Ufob Retaliation a plot by the sidescans River UFO Crash site Analyzed causing problems our! Away, it tends to stir up silt quite a bit and go to their missingkids and... F-89 to somewhere else on the ROUND object LAY is in Canadian TERRITORY 8 feet by 15 feet long there... Detailed on record again, we looked at it a scratch, ” V-2 Rockets – and Retaliation. Using another channel free of the missing men, F-89 or the UFO. ’ ” and! Especially as it would raise the question as to why no further wreckage or bodies were recovered the. Biological Entities they would show a plane that seemed to be a simple laser,.