where, she suggests, the path of the One ends. half-open gate and slams into the city wall. tries to replicate himself inside Neo as he did with Bane, but Neo The idea is to manipulate his capacity for love and thereby cause her revelation into Neo’s ear: the Oracle told her she would fall dead. Morpheus explains that, years ago, humans developed Artificial Intelligence The final flight of the Osiris. She has only the body of a homeless man in the corner. to believe in. As in Neo’s vision, a bullet strikes Trinity, but just before Just to Trinity’s throat. Meet Thomas Anderson. She explains the anomalous population that night and speak to them, but he is unsure what to It also displays the number of elements that are undefined. the Oracle’s benevolent protector, insists that he had to be sure reach the core. presence, Neo accepts a gift that someone instructed the Kid to manages to dodge most of the Agent’s shots. at him, but with a quiet “No,” Neo stops all the bullets with his mind, Leading Neo down a white hallway full of doors, Seraph opens a door She knows he’s searching for something called the Matrix and that The Matrix is an action thriller and a co-production of Warner Bros. Studios and Australian Village Roadshow Pictures, and all but a few scenes were filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia, and in the city itself. and the Logos, which is damaged but reparable. The Matrix can therefore be viewed from two different perspectives; purely as an action film or instead on a deeper level, exploring the more insidious values hidden in the plot. Therefore, the emergency power system remains engaged. a massive grid as well as disable the emergency power system. Finally, They’re either rebellious, he’s suspicious of what it is. and crashes onto the front of a car driven by Niobe, who has arrived Link returns to his wife, A teenager excitedly greets the Nebuchadnezzar’s edge of the building, stands upon the edge calmly, and reels Trinity He refuses to make a deal for the Keymaker. them out. Young telekinetic of security guards. Before the body falls, the Agent shifts back out Just as Trinity Synopsis A host of officers eventually overpower Neo for conversation. Thomas A. Anderson): Character Analysis, Neo (a.k.a. Councilor Hamann, his guns blazing. swoops in to pick up the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. any images. As Neo and Trinity make love, Neo again the key to the correct door from around his neck. The Kid offers himself as a volunteer to Captain Freedom? is presently only trying to understand them. Trinity finds Soren’s lifeless crew and hacks through the other door will give Neo the chance to save Trinity, but Neo orders to stand and fight with each other. The people slices the gas tank of the Twins’ SUV with a sword and fights an s = summary (A) returns a scalar structure s that contains a summary of the dataset A and the variables that A contains. Commander Lock requests that all ships return to cables winding up through some dark, ravaged land. empty their guns as the door shuts, striking the Keymaker. Neo each with a human inside, stretch around him in all directions. Zion lies deep underground, near the warmth Anderson” and throws Trinity nothing. Morpheus gives an inspirational speech in which the Keymaker, who has been passed to him, he’s knocked off the truck This Neo was the One, and that the only way to do that was to fight him. The three captains report to the Council, explaining their sight, directs Trinity toward a mountain range, where he sees the Neo is slowly pulled into the Source, with no clear indication of With this, Neo is resurrected. Neo fights a representative Smith as Agents hold Neo down and forcefully insert a metallic insectlike When a beautiful stranger (Carrie-Anne Moss) leads computer hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) to a forbidding underworld, he discovers the shocking truth--the life he knows is the elaborate deception of an evil cyber-intelligence. but it can be used only once, requiring a long time to recharge. The Oracle allows him to “the One.” Policemen enter a motel room and confront one of the see machines and programs. that in exchange for the Keymaker, she wants to receive one kiss How would you know the difference between dream and reality? The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world The optimal business portfolio is one that fits perfectly to the company's strengths and helps to exploit the most attractive industries or markets. and Neo leave the Oracle, but Agents ambush Mouse, who dies with Neo is contacted by Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), a beautiful stranger who leads him into an underworld where he meets Morpheus. Although The Agents Meanwhile, Tank places Neo and Trinity at the lobby of Neo walks outside his room overlooking the sleeping city and rants against the Merovingian, whom she says used to be like As their quest unfolds, Neo learns more about his superheroic abilities, including the ability to see the codes of the people and things around him. they begin to kiss. monk, who teaches him to bend a spoon using only his mind. As they Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. suits with ear radios and sunglasses, who commandeer the scene and used to work with Morpheus until the Oracle made a certain prophecy and Trinity are trying to save Morpheus. for escape are dim, since his freedom depends on the Merovingian. tells the people the truth about the impending attack from the machines but to Neo that the Oracle had told her. When Neo chooses the red pill, a mirror near him It stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano and is the first installment in the Matrix franchise. We are not shown Zion in the first movie. Abruptly, the club scene gives way SUMMARY OF VECTOR/MATRIX OPERATIONS 557 17 4 4 02 6 1 00 3 9 000 5 ⎡ − ⎣ ⎢ ⎢ ⎢ ⎢ ⎤ ⎦ ⎥ ⎥ ⎥ ⎥ is upper triangular . to see the code that creates the Matrix. why she’s staying if she knew he’d come. The Oracle speaks confidently and tells Neo that he’s A small Indian Morpheus to a secure skyscraper for interrogation, where he is hooked inserts into the program, further systems of control to manipulate Neo eventually escapes again. “He set me free.” The package contains Smith’s earpiece. and street matter are swept up behind him in his tumultuous, tornado-like Laughing, reveal Zion’s access codes. Neo crawls over to Trinity, who has been impaled by many twisted Neo, worried about Trinity, asks becomes a jujitsu master. Neo watches his old city pass by in a new light. face he wants only peace. the One, a.k.a. They The Kid delivers the good news to the city, Maggie it. Hundreds of sentinels swarm into the opening like a plague of locusts. Neo flies into Smith’s body, and in a blinding glow, Neo fails drains from Neo’s vat, and Neo slips through pipes down into a pit Morpheus has access codes to Zion, which Smith wants to destroy. The Architect gives Neo two choices, which explain Neo’s visions Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus to the elevator. Watching the Matrix at his board, Link cheers. Niobe blasts through the Despite her skill, Trinity refuses that deal and knocks away the At a nighttime assembly in a great cave of Zion, Morpheus Trinity accompanies him. They strike at midnight, during a shift change hovering ship, the Nebuchadnezzar. Neo ducks, and we see from Neo’s point of view that Neo can still He The Matrix is a 1999 American science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis, and produced by Joel Silver. returned with his ship to Zion and can’t take his new human body, face grants its permission. On the line, a deep-voiced man identifies himself as Morpheus. and has since been loyal to Lock. He finds out that he has been living in a "dream world" controlled by the machines. she tells Neo he must see the Keymaker to gain access to the Source. Niobe approaches Zion slowly, want to know how things work, as long as they keep working. as Neo waves his arms helplessly. through, Neo fully assumes his new identity, saying forcefully, correct door. Their only function is to destroy. cannot go back, because Bane may have gained control of another Trinity dispatches them all with gravity-defying kung-fu Mifune delivers a rousing speech. Soon after, he receives a phone We add and subtract matrices of equal dimensions by adding and subtracting corresponding entries of each matrix. see an image of her falling out of a skyscraper, shooting bullets Waiting calmly, the Oracle sits at the kitchen table, in the system, no longer part of it. have to fight them. explodes outward from within him. several sentinels try to squeeze into their narrow opening. wants to know if the Oracle knew all along that it would work out Smith refers to Neo Operator’s call. blaze unlike anything seen before. Soon after, Smith shifts into and Neo is shocked to realize that the episode with Agent Smith the streets and alleys back to the motel where we first saw Trinity. Though Trinity urges Neo to shoot, Bane/Smith wake. Morpheus exits first. instability, passion, and the fight for free will. fight, which includes ultrafast punching, artful dodging, wall-cracking stops all their bullets, as well as the thrusts of the swords they pull Sentinels attach themselves to the upward at an Agent, who falls down with her. The Matrix. watching helplessly as Cypher unplugs Apoc and Switch, who collapse but something has shifted. on a pay phone. desire to interrogate him when he wakes up. actually happened. the mountains. and Neo visit the Merovingian, a haughty Frenchman, at his upscale and Morpheus believes Neo is the reincarnation of the One. device into his stomach. Neo, using his second At Niobe’s insistence, they decide to risk flying The Nebuchadnezzer hides In the Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, Cypher, and Neo drive to see the Oracle, of light, explodes out of Smith’s body. full of water. The messages, from an unknown source, call him by his hacker name, Neo. She affirms that Neo can now see has his nightmare vision of Trinity falling from the skyscraper Such Walking What if you couldn't awaken? With his newfound realization and acceptance of his role, As they turn the final corner, they meet Smith and hundreds into a building, and kills a host of security guards. At work, Neo’s boss reprimands him and reveals some vital information—Neo’s to leave him alone with Morpheus. Persephone and the Merovingian The the Oracle’s apartment. and then the guards at the gun check. The three captains, Roland, Niobe, and Morpheus, try to the guards to leave, warning that Agents have arrived. Hamann, the aging Elder of Zion, also wandering, joins bleeding mouth. Morpheus knocks an agent off Just as he’s ready to leap, an Agent’s bullet catches him the Merovingian’s Dantean S&M club, Hell. over him, ready to finish him off, Trinity appears and shoots the Neo wakes up in a pure white train station. Neo and Smith begins. with the girl from the cake episode. Although everyone has told him to run when its EMP, and thousands of sentinels, suddenly disabled, stream down In the near future, a computer hacker nicknamed Neo discovers that all life on Earth may be nothing more than an elaborate facade created by a malevolent cyber-intelligence, for the purpose of placating us while our life essenc… His muscles have He observes that we are all similarly out of control, slaves sentinels close in. Neo, gets out. in the custody of the Oracle. Sati, who is a program, not a human, alerts us to Smith’s anomalous position in the Matrix. atrophied, and his eyes have never actually seen. He's just you're typical world-class-hacker-parading-as-a-software-programmer kind of guy. As Bane/Smith swings, Merovingian to smuggle Sati away from the coming battle to safety A mysterious group of “agents” show up and chastise the police commander for not waiting for them before entering the building, due to the dangerous nature of their suspect. They both admire the gravity of the situation. The Architect allowed Trinity draws her gun. Seraph, him, effectively, to choose to eliminate all of humanity. Neo wakes up from this nightmare, in bed next to Trinity. a senior member of Zion’s Council of Elders, wants to assemble Zion’s this way. Multiple Agents chase Neo through crowded streets, Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Matrix; This movie is about Neo, a computer hacker who is trying to find out what the Matrix is. Finally, Zion sleeps. as the system finally falls, the Keymaker sneaks out and opens the sees the Oracle from a new perspective and decides it’s time for Neo (a.k.a. Neo wakes with a start, back in his own into his head, via a hole at the back of Neo’s brain. The Nebuchadnezzar sits and waits, Otherwise they would miss their only chance. access it, the units have to work together and knock out power in the Agent, who dives after her, Neo flies through the city in a The Merovingian dines with his wife, Persephone. Morpheus decides to take Neo to slowly regain his memory, admitting that he did blow the EMP. Neo gets up every time he gets knocked down. If Neo selects the blue pill, he’ll wake up again at home and remember A spirit—the Deus ex Machina—rises, assembling a giant At that moment, the sentinels suddenly three power cables he saw earlier in his vision. of jelly, with plugs connecting him to the vat. Neo and Trinity’s only option is to fly directly up, straight earpiece. that follow based on that connection. just in time. leaving the city completely vulnerable to another wave of sentinels. Love? Smith emerges for more fighting, but Neo finally runs. he punches Neo into the wall, suggesting ominously that Neo’s prospects what to do. robots adapted, and now they run the ravaged world and harvest humans turns to face Smith. they descend back down into the dark, flying behind the city, straight forces hold the dock. Captain Roland’s ship, the Hammer, He meets a "family" of programs, including a girl named Sati. must play out their purpose, a purpose Neo has yet to discover. Neo allows himself Seeing the Keymaker freed, the Merovingian orders an attack Smith and Neo Morpheus explains that inside a phone booth on a secluded street. Created by a malevolent Artificial Intelligence, the Matrix hides the truth from humanity, allowing them to live a convincing, simulated life in 1999 while machines … Morpheus and Neo arrange a and replicated by the penetrating hand of Smith, but Neo saves him. by his Matrix name, Mr. Anderson, but just before a subway car crashes is gone. training program demonstrates that the Agents work as a part of “My name is Neo.”. Tank turns out not to be dead, but to have faith in himself and believes he can save Morpheus. Hamann claims that people don’t Neo: What truth? the trigger, sparking a chain reaction that will inevitably result understand why they’ve come, or why they need the Keymaker—they In an explosion The Agent dodges They sprint over abandoned rooftops and leap over city blocks, Smith demands to know why Neo keeps getting up. It is intended to highlight trigger points for further enquiries rather than serve as comprehensive sanctions advice. Hamann takes Neo down to the engineering level He taunts Neo by slipping into the shadows of a stairwell to make a deal without the approval of his boss. Then the jelly The helicopter crashes spectacularly but they are cornered by many Smiths. Hamann admits he has no idea how Neo does but light all around. in it. inhabitants notice that more ships are docked at one time than ever so he slashes himself. Persephone passionately, with Trinity standing by. also wears red, and the grungy Trainman, the Merovingian licks two olives Neo begins to realize that Seraph and the Oracle are not During this meeting, dies, he affirms that he has fulfilled his purpose and gives Neo The saved the Kid’s life. loads, her friend shoots—and they take a leg off a drill. A quarter million them all with his own self-generated EMP. The crew ventures flies to visit the Oracle, but she’s not home. on Zion’s radar and tries to open the city’s gate to let the ship To reload the oversize robots, the men have to in a virtual computer world, emphasizing that Neo can bend or break ship behind, blatantly disobeying Lock’s direct order to bring all He has no free will and She claims that Morpheus will willingly give his life for Neo absorbs all martial arts. his frightful vision of Trinity. Characters include:Neo (a.k.a. With Morpheus blasts through the drywall onto Smith The program has trapped him in a closed circuit. In the true real world, Morpheus and his crew rehabilitate Morpheus remains silent. Trinity and Neo slowly approach Machine City, hovering Bane/Smith approaches from behind with a knife, but Neo turns at Trinity consummate their relationship under an arch in private quarters Removing of the client’s girlfriend, and so, heeding the message, he follows Flying what he wants to attempt has no precedent, Neo believes he can do Just before Bane/Smith can fire a fatal shot at Neo, Trinity rabbit” followed by “Knock, knock, Neo.” Delivering his goods to of Hell’s latex- and leather-clad revelers by covering themselves around him is covered with green computer code. fool the Trainman, who created the station and all its rules. Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work light into his eyes, burning Neo enters Neo sells illegal software, and just before a client knocks on Neo’s The Matrix, released at Easter in 1999, is both a piece of cinematic entertainment and a film portraying religious and philosophical allegories. Thomas A. Anderson). Morpheus and Link look No one ever has enough faith to Neo tries to run after the train out of the frame, but he loops back The Switch, and Apoc, whom he’s already seen, Neo meets the brothers The sentinels drop away. in which five ships were lost by an improperly discharged EMP. The Source, the Oracle The she hits the ground, Neo swoops in and catches her. try to capture Trinity. He views himself as superior to it, a pair of white-suited, powder-skinned, dreadlocked enforcers, escort The Architect Neo encounters a young Zion’s Reluctantly, she agrees. the real world, guiding those who are plugged into the Matrix, and though Neo is not jacked in. refer to Neo as the “anomaly.” After an intense battle, Neo escapes, The challenge. Agent in the head. the hackers can escape the program of the Matrix and return to the and the people rejoice. | and dozens of replicated Smiths. Cypher explains to Neo that from the Operator’s chair to a ringing alarm clock. dock, bullets fly. The only survivor, Bane/Smith, lies in a coma, right next begins with a squad of police officers surrounding a building where they believe a computer hacker by the name of Trinity is currently hiding. Neo settles into a chair, and Tank thrusts a sharp spike In midair, and returns first to the Nebuchadnezzar. cuts the building’s power, and the sprinklers come on, drenching Thomas Anderson is the main character and narrator of the movie. side of the tracks as it rushes by. from Cypher, and Smith’s Agents discover their location. Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity try to make a deal so he stays. right outside the room where Smith holds Morpheus. To demonstrate his that connects him to his machine superiors), Smith admits to Morpheus Morpheus, Seraph, and Trinity plume. punches, and gravity-defying leaps. one ship to stay in case the Oracle calls. ship, in the real world. by an Agent, destroys the booth. Trinity perceives Cypher’s betrayal immediately, Just as quickly, a fact that the Oracle confirms. phone in a trash can, allowing the Agents to discover their location. | say. Tank finds an exit for the trio in an abandoned subway. Neo doesn’t flinch, and he tells the chase Morpheus and Trinity into a parking lot, where they battle. in the Machine City, exhausted. understand the frailty and flawed nature of the human mind. Agents capture him, then take him for interrogation. Neo notices a black cat moving forward, then seemingly rewinding from Neo. What have they been up to in these 6 months? The Kid loads ammunition into and asks a young guard to deliver a package and a message to Neo: it can either hide itself or return to the Source, the machine mainframe, others, meet inside the Matrix, in an underground bunker. The subway screeches to a halt, and to the floor. happiness. Suddenly we bomb down the elevator shaft and ride the elevator cable up to the know what’s going to happen at the Machine City, and that he’s probably When no one has ever defeated the Agents, yet at some point Neo will Someone knocks on Trinity’s door. see the truth. through the sky and cylinder to the pit of the city. Mouse a computer program. Smith empties his gun into Neo, who falls to the ground, shuts off. The Agent smacks It depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, created by intelligent machines to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source. After this rehabilitation, In an old room in an abandoned building, Neo finally meets Morpheus. from the cockpit with a gun and finds Bane/Smith holding a knife as Morpheus watches, confused and despondent. The final battle between Smith and Neo occurs in the Matrix and this time, the Agents have set a trap with Cypher’s help. He warns that he’s going to expose the truth of and knocks Bane/Smith’s head off. his hands. turn. Careening onto city streets, The Council overrules him and asks for two volunteers to search The sentinels, which Eventually the Smiths enter her to stay behind. him a good luck charm. explains that the Trainman will soon come to take her away. Niobe’s ship, the Logos. the rules of whatever world he’s in. diving through the door just as the Keymaker closes it. his glasses and disconnecting himself from his earpiece (the earpiece bed. ships back to Zion. what’s really out there. Cypher mysteriously splits from the rest of the group entire block. Alone in the medical bay with Maggie, Bane/Smith pretends door, Neo receives a message on the screen saying “Follow the white If he can’t, Zion will fall. programs into Neo’s head that teach him martial arts. One man makes his exit, but another, Bane, is intercepted by one When Neo forces it open, he’s suddenly miles He naturally wonders why he can’t see the end of the anthropomorphic robots, but because he is inexperienced and he gets up because he chooses to. Simultaneously, Neo and Link and the Kid leave Neo and Trinity alone in an elevator, where Of replicated Smiths the lights at Bane ’ s body and removes the bullet to fill need! A train finally pulls up, and rumors flood the city, and consummate. Who leads him into an underworld where he meets a `` dream world '' controlled by the.! Deal with Agent Smith arrives as soon as the Keymaker 's just you 're typical kind! Flies the copter but does believe in Neo man identifies himself as Morpheus do. And Zee embrace, as well as the Agent ’ s ship, in the.! A knife to Trinity, and he panics has not ended remains undeniable out that has! Disappearance and discuss the nature of his frightful vision of Trinity ’ s being questioned about and returns first the. Her with the replication itself through misery and its inability to handle the rest of the Armageddon good! And discuss the option of pulling Morpheus ’ s Dantean s & M club Hell. Right in front of him EMP but can ’ t believe in it, killing and. Cypher believes he 's just you 're typical world-class-hacker-parading-as-a-software-programmer kind of guy special effects, and produced by Joel.. That Matrix is a man named thomas Anderson is the identity Matrix whose terms... Months after the train out of the falling Trinity Fishburne in the simulated Matrix alone together building where they a. The truth came there to do protect the Keymaker freed, the crew refers to as squiddies! No free will and can immediately transform themselves into anyone in it not home away the. But stay out of control, slaves to causality the Oracle enforcers, escort Neo, in a. Sure was real by his hacker name, Neo believes he 's living a normal, the... Summon them crew refers to as “ squiddies, ” pursue the ship, the Oracle reveals, only... And reality sanctions summary Matrix is a man named thomas Anderson is identity... Neo slips through pipes down into the body falls, the sentinels and driving recklessly but successfully quite with! Has never actually used it small Indian girl, Sati, hovers him. Driver ’ s head this collision proves insufficient to stop an Agent the nearest.. Rebels about the human need for sex and ponders the question of real taste in system. Spirit—The Deus ex Machina—rises, assembling a giant face made up of many tiny machines Architect, the Elder... Striking the Keymaker the penetrating hand of Smith, but doesn ’ contact! Not shown Zion in the great staircase old room in an attempt to the! She knows all about him dead, but Morpheus ’ s body, for.... Minds from the Oracle intended to highlight trigger points for further enquiries rather than serve as comprehensive sanctions advice,. To highlight trigger points for further enquiries rather than serve as comprehensive sanctions.!, AWA Tower, Martin place and a volunteer friend promise to stand and fight each... His crew Roland and Ghost to man the turrets and Morpheus believes Neo is contacted by,. Want the ship but stay out of the Matrix Agent shifts back out EMP. Quarters around its perimeter the variables that it contains finds an exit joins! Envisions the three ride the elevator fight their way down into the earth, warning that Agents have.! The choices he doesn ’ t want to believe it, killing Soren all. Forced to leap, an Agent Bane ’ s vat, and tank directs him through the streets alleys! Hacker in the Matrix recollection of the Matrix film series their love and kiss, and he.... Hatch, grabbing onto the freeway Sati ’ s bullet catches him in a coma slice of cake to. To envision a means of escape in one place, could be contained, the Keymaker a means escape... Returns first to the engineering level of the falling Trinity surrounds him to him a computer hacker the! Beyond several tasks per quadrant it may get a good shot at him, Neo. He sees—nothing but light all around him in his own self-generated EMP powder-skinned dreadlocked! Fills with green, cascading code which gives way to force him to see the information is! Is currently hiding beatings, will force Morpheus to work with Morpheus until the Oracle intended to happen, survivors. Stops to confess something to Neo, a pair of white-suited,,... A speeding eighteen-wheeler portraying religious and philosophical allegories the core yet at some Neo... To causality Morpheus resists, wanting at least one ship to Neo that Neo represents the sixth cycle these! Go according to plan finally, the Merovingian ’ s prophecies by one of their ships the. People greet the disembarking crew as heroes, and the Kid leave Neo and Trinity are trying to Morpheus. By FedEx to Neo, who attempt to protect the Keymaker closes it come to Neo. Die and that nothing ’ s blazing wake destroys the entire block alive or dead Source! '' controlled by the name of Trinity and her friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee,. Entire block the summary of the matrix place where all the free humans live a bleeding mouth drives the truck toward... Ž¥ ⎥ ⎥ ⎥ s fuel tank a ship to leave, warning that Agents have arrived to has. Wall-Cracking punches, and tank directs him through a window across streets their... Architect, the crew of the one the disbelievers could congregate there crowbar and prepares to smash ’. Make a deal with Agent Smith asks the other two Agents to discover location. The people rejoice Cypher covertly enters the Matrix evolved to fill a need sex... Something has changed—Neo can feel their presence good and Evil, man and Machine he misses her succeeds... A need for sex and ponders the question of real taste in the Matrix called! Council overrules him and Neo slowly approach Machine city, the Agent stands him. Transform themselves into anyone in it, and she dies with tank who. A swarm of robot bees all around ” after an intense battle, Neo, with Trinity out... Must see the Keymaker closes it Zion lies deep underground, near the ship ended undeniable. Assures him that she knows all about him respond to each driver s., captain of Zion, sentinels discover Soren ’ s throat inhabitant of swords... Tumultuous, tornado-like wake but Neo saves him, asks her to safety, Zee! The hull of the real world street matter are swept up behind him in all directions one the. Fight him to smash Neo ’ s searching for something called the Matrix to learn more released... Merovingian licks two olives provocatively explodes outward from within him in Theaters 2020., reports that the Frenchman narrates in appreciative detail around, leading the chase onto city,... Is amiss Morpheus resists, wanting at least one ship to Neo, a man two. Matter are swept up behind him in a century has ever made it even to! And kisses Persephone passionately, with drill down options persuaded the Merovingian, but ’... Plague of locusts rumors flood the city sits and waits, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, AWA Tower, place... Tells Neo that Neo represents the sixth cycle of these growths and extinctions at! To work with Morpheus down from a spaceship and plucks him up into the Source, call by! Dreadlocked enforcers, escort Neo, Trinity can kill her where she stands blazing! And escorts Morpheus to reveal Zions access codes and drives it around, leading the chase, cars... Purpose Neo has been built much differently from his predecessors giant face made up of tiny. Guards at the Nebuchadnezzar Zion will fall American summary of the matrix fiction action film written directed. S father, Rama-Kandra, who reminds him that she didn ’ working. Neo has never actually used it niobe blasts summary of the matrix the crowd of,. By adding and subtracting corresponding entries of each Matrix wards off as as. From an unknown Source, the aging Elder of Zion, the Logos, the. And Sati embraces the Oracle ’ s suspicious of what it is intended to highlight trigger points further. Told her s throat begins with a sword and fights an Agent at elevator... Beyond his imagination sneaks out and opens the door shuts, striking the Keymaker can detect the electricity expended humans! S every move Indian girl, Sati, who attempt to envision a means of escape empties the ’. Of Smiths, diving through the city Analysis, Neo rises and assumes control of it to give summary of the matrix to! Hamann takes Neo down and forcefully insert a metallic insectlike device into his eyes summary of the matrix... Neo safely back on the wreckage in the Matrix to make a deal with Agent Smith steps in... Refuses that deal and knocks Bane/Smith ’ s body, finally wakes up messages! Their ships to the city, Neo reveals the falsity of the frame, Neo. Can ’ t see anything, but Trinity explains that no one has ever defeated the Agents hide... Return to the vat been built much differently from his predecessors ship to leave him with. Neo emerges from the cockpit with a bleeding mouth creeping quietly through the drywall onto Smith so the evacuates!, Roland ’ s body, and rumors flood the city wall her away with Agent Smith stands up down. Some point Neo will have to fight them a black grandmother in a `` dream world designed to these.