It simply means that one solar roof vent is equivalent to 20 whirlybirds. Tel: 0417 154 490. The total cost to install roof vents can be attributed to several factors which largely include the cost of labor and the cost of material. If you consider the cost of buying 10 whirlybird units versus one solar powered roof ventilation system, the numbers will not stock up favorably for the whirlybirds, most especially if you need to hire a professional for the installation. The traditional Whirlybird vent has been installed for decades on roofs around Australia, and comes in a range of different sizes and colours to match your roof. The Solar Whiz is an efficient solar-powered roof vent which can replace a large number of whirlybirds and is easy to install. WA Whirlybirds also has a great range of products including Wind-master whirlybird roofing vents, Eco solar vents, Hurricane and Typhoon industrial whirlybirds and solar skylights. Specifications . Unlike whirlybirds that can extract only 100 cubic meters of air per hour, solar roof vents can extract up to 2100 cubic meters of air per hour. Using the highest quality roof ventilators. Proper installation of roof vents comes at a price. Whirlybird Installation. Our Solar Whiz units (also referred to as solar whirly birds) are installed in a very similar manner to traditional whirlybirds. The solar-powered roof ventilators are far more valuable if you need power and want to make a serious difference to the airflow changes within your home or business. A solar roof vent system comprises of small solar panel that is used to feed power to a fan that is fitted inside the frame. The Solar … We service the whole of Melbourne but are located on the Mornington Peninsula, in Rosebud. Suitable for tile and corrugated roofs, DIY installation is easy. E-mail: A solar roof ventilation system consists of small solar panels that are used to feed power to an exhaust fan that is nested inside the frame. When it comes to roof vents in Perth, we offer warranties on all whirlybirds and solar … ... Whirlybird’s Fleet tracking system complies with to latest requirements of AIS140 wherein the device has to communicate with IRNSS also along with GPS. Affordable Solar Solutions & Skylights in Melbourne offers free in home quotes and full professional installation services. The roof ventilation solution (whirlybird alternative) called the Solar Whiz is a powerful ventilator which extracts heat to reduce build-up in the roof. Whirlybird Vent Installation. Designed with the testing Australian climate in mind, this solar powered roof ventilation unit is made from the highest quality materials and is ideal from almost every application. Whirlybird’s Solar power plant management solution is capable of managing solar plants & rectifiers at multi rooftops as a single unit. The Whirlybird is one of the most popular and cost effective methods of ventilating your roof space. Unlike a passive whirly bird, solar roof ventilation panels are actually activated when internal roof temperatures exceed 25 degrees celsius. For whirly bird installation, the principle applies. If you look at the cost of purchasing 10 whirlybirds (whirlygig) vs one solar-powered roof ventilator – the numbers don’t stack up very favourably for the whirlybirds – especially not if you have to pay to install them.