Same old story, but maybe some of you haven’t read it: Was camping alone at a nearby lake in my late teens. May as well share, maybe telling the story will help me to stop thinking about it now that my children are getting older and may start asking to attend a Summer Camp some day. and shoots out the front of the tent, still in his sleeping bag, like an inchworm. It's hooves, right outside that thin sheet of plastic. The Little Old Lady. Scary Camping Stories from the Deep Dark Woods. The place we decided to stop for the night was primitive. Camping is fucking great. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 44. Removing it is brutal, but oddly satisfying. I don't know. This also happens to be the same place that the Army Rangers trained. Consider doing an AMA request instead. But these stories told and retold year after year, are just that—stories. The Hanged Man. Parent comments that aren't from the target group will be removed, along with their child replies. If you tell me a story that actually happened, though, well…I’ll be much less inclined to turn off the hallway light at night, if you know what I mean. I hear what you're saying but I don't like the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere, in the bush / forest or wherever, with who knows what around. We were convinced there was a mountain lion fight going on right outside the tent. A sheet of thin plastic between you and them, brushing visibly against it, and crying from hunger. Didn't see anything. I get sleep paralysis occasionally, too. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. They make the thought of a cozy hotel bathrobe and clean sheets all the more appealing. Didn't think anything of it. I was sitting on the little log i pulled up and i started to fish. We were going to get a travel trailer and then got interested in class C motorhomes, used or leftover. I hope you are safely at home, preferably not alone and with the lights on, because you are definitely going to be scared after this post!. That's it. When i was out camping by lake erie i went fishing early in the morning thinking id go and see if i could catch a trout or something nice for breakfest. Woke up one morning, with "something" very warm, rather soft and comfy on my back. maybe it was one of her fellow counselors though. Though I am in Colorado so my take on this might be skewed. EDIT: Or better yet, elephants. True Horror Stories from Reddit Summer Camp. I went to a high adventure base many years ago, and in base camp on the return side of the trip, one guy left a partially eaten stack of crackers by his cot overnight. Posts that have few relevant answers within the first hour, and posts that are not appropriate for the [Serious] tag will be removed. So we kept walking and we hear it again. We called this "the ritual" this particular night we decided to walk further into the woods than usual. In 2016 my boyfriend (now my husband) and I went camping in eastern Pennsylvania. ... “Years ago someone posted a comment (probably on r/creepy) about camping somewhere out in bumfuck wilderness of Canada. At least this one has positive connotations, right? The spot was solid and we did the usual camping stuff and put anything that could have smelled or attracted any animals far away from our site. Creepy stories from the outdoors. Facebook. The Creak. I’m picturing a witch crawling on the ground calling you “my pretties”. It's not fun — but at least I've never had … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’d basically bushwhacked to a remote part of the woods just off the shoreline of the lake. I had the perfect vantage to see all of this, and was laughing my ass off for several minutes. I worked at a camp in North Georgia and we took kids on the Appalachian Trail around the city of Dahlonega (right where it starts pretty much). Nobody got sprayed. The good people of the internet are no different. This story is long but worth the read if you love good, slow-building, totally bone-chilling horror. Keep reading at your own risk. That got me hooked on creepy reddit stories. Reddit’s /r/nosleep community is known for crafting some of the most horrifying creepypasta — short, online works of horror posed as true stories. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. We were about half a mile from the nearest camp site when we heard soft whispering behind us. Unless you're somewhere in the actual wild, nothing is going to happen to you. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. One of his co-workers saw what happened and then informed him that she had come back early after she stopped at a place along the trail to get film from her camera developed and had found pictures of her sleeping, from every night. Not me but a friend of mine worked at an outfitters store in upstate SC. The world may be scary, but it can also … Milan Ihl. Camping was free, no cell service, barely a road, etc. I refuse to go camping, and I want stories that can back up my decision! Camping is fucking great. A couple weeks later he saw her in the store again and went up to her and asked her how her trip had gone. About 10 minutes later I started hearing lots of people talking outside my tent so I got out and discovered the tree fell on someone's tent kind of close by and killed them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Obviously we hit the flashlights and spun around. It's a really fun experience that everyone should try at least once, and that means you, chicken shit. Most of us have at least one good horror story to share at a party or on a dark night around the campfire. My ex and I shared a birthday and would camp at Ginnie Springs every year to celebrate. So sit back, listen, and get spooked. The telling of supernatural tales is a long-held, cherished tradition among campers. As they sit around a crackling fire in the dark of night, chilling stories are told of vengeful ghosts and threatening monsters. One nice nights, we just cowboy camped on a tarp because it was cooler and easier than setting up an A frame. He finally stirs and in a loud, groggy voice, he says "What?" We did encounter two other people. Holy shit. Readers from Jezebel, Reddit, and Thought Catalog sent in their spookiest (supposedly TRUE) scary stories, and some are just downright bone-chilling.. When you know there are muskoxen in the area. For fans of horror and frightening fiction, two-sentence horror stories are the perfect way to get a quick thrill. Don't climb trees on mushrooms. By Eric Redding Updated December 16, 2020. “I’m not sure it counts as another human being because we didn’t positively identify anyone…but a few years ago my friend and I were staying in a small cabin my Dad had on a remote piece of land in the Idaho wilderness. When it comes to family businesses, you can get roped in at a young age. Reddit's best camping horror stories are not for the faint of heart. In the morning, I wake to hear his tent mate trying to wake him in a hushed voice "H.F., there's a skunk in the tent. ... During a camping trip my dog Lady trotted off into the woods while we were having a … We ended up walking her back to the campground and tried helping her find her group. Attached was a note that said: sweet, free knife! From animal attacks to inexplicable sightings, we've rounded up some of the most harrowing, startling, and stomach-churning camping stories from Reddit users. Creepy Two-Sentence Stories Sit down, buckle up, and prepare for 8 of the creepiest stories ever! Report comments that violate these rules. So sit back, listen, and get spooked. Its been a while since I made a true scary story video so here are some true scary camping and hiking stories from reddit. He spoke a bit hushed, and with a definite tremble in his voice; "TheAfricaBug are you awake?". By Jeffery Pritchett — 3 years ago – Share on Twitter – Share on Facebook – Share on Reddit – Share via Email; From the Swamp Dweller Youtube channel comes more scary and true tales of frightening camping trips into the deep woods. Dude, the sounds aren't that bad. With that being said, we've rounded up some of the scariest, creepiest, and shortest horror stories that Reddit has to offer. Email. that is super creepy. These 24 real-life creepy camping stories will have you thinking twice about packing up the tent, and heading into the great outdoors. This is, of course, just for fun, as we can't independently authenticate these stories. ", over and over. The animal next to me got up, and (luckily) ran away. Press J to jump to the feed. My cat does the same. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I told this story on letsnotmeet but I’m happy to tell it again. 25 Camping Horror Stories That'll Scar You For Life. Twitter. Went camping in Ginnie Springs in Florida about 10 years ago and sometime at night I heard that sound you hear in movies/TV of a huge tree falling. It was a really cold winter night, temperatures drop close to zero here in the lowveld. We quickly cleaned everything up I slept with my gun on me. Then we see what's whispering. Ghost stories are fun and all, but I’m just not a sucker for a campfire tale. Like a baby. 2. Stupid me replied with a strong voice: "yes". You just never know what's out there! Share. by Mallory McInnis. To me, that makes them so much scarier. As I moved a bit, I heard the voice from my buddy, from his tent. Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the discussion! When it’s cold outside, she likes to snuggle up behind my back. Her friends didn't even notice she was missing and if we didn't go that far into the woods she would have been lost all night. Once more the other guy says "There's a skunk in the tent!" Just knocks. At least once a year. It's a lady crawling on the ground whispering just random words. After a few minutes of this I got up the courage to stand up in the tent and look through the mesh ceiling. LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear editor, We are in our 60s and wanted a smaller camper. “The Creak” is less of a scary campfire story and more of a creepy poem, making it pretty … /r/CreepyReadings features several scary stories read via YouTube video. She was wearing dark clothes and was covered in dirt. The best feeling is getting a long peel, similar to your skin when you're peeling from a sunburn. i think the wild is MUCH safer than being around a campsite where any scum of the earth humans can go. Realised it was an animal. It's a Sign! I was going to share my "scary story" but then I read that you want our stories to back up your decision on not wanting to go camping. The lion was just a big kitty who wanted to cuddle. A lady came who was preparing to hike the Appalachian trail solo and he set her up with everything she needed. I don't know about you but I kinda make a game of peelin… Nature is a nightmare. Scary Stories. ... “Recently on a creepy thread like this about creepy stories, a guy responded that when he was a kid he used to have a recurring nightmare about this one cave. Read this Reddit thread for more stories. About 10 minutes later I started hearing lots of people talking outside my tent so I got out and discovered the tree fell on someone's tent kind of close by and killed them. WTF? Realised my back was against the canvas of the tent. I was a counselor at a popular girls summer camp in my hometown area of the state. 30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They’ve Seen Deep In The Woods. Edit: Apparently people are saying this isn't true. I was going to share my "scary story" but then I read that you want our stories to back up your decision on not wanting to go camping. The idea that it was on purpose flies … He's in charge of the \"new\" construction – converting the kitchen in to the master bedroom for instance, while I'm on wallpaper removal duty. My family used to camp at a state park. The previous owner papered EVERY wall and CEILING! "Unless you're somewhere in the actual wild". It was pretty creepy. If your mom or dad are able to label your work… These stories, taken from various AskReddit threads, are all (supposedly) true. In the middle of nowhere, in this remote cabin, someone starts knocking on the door. I'm just repeating what my friend told me so I guess it's time to go kick his ass. one even came within like 50 yards. When she sees that we notice her she stands up and declares that she is looking for her campsite. We bought an old house, my boyfriend and I. What scary stories do you have from when you've camped somewhere? 1. Bear attacks, murderers, and lawn gnomes, oh my! A couple years ago, me and two of my buddies decided to go camping out in Pisgah. We didn’t go to a designated campground, but just hiked for a while and found a spot where others had camped. One night we heard this blood curdling scream followed by growling. May 24, 2019. Out the back of the tents rockets a skunk, leaving a rooster tail of dust as he beats feet for the hills. This time we stop and look around a bit before we decided to head back to our campsite. I grew up hiking and camping wherever I could get to, so I was used to the noises and calls animals will make in the woods at night. Are you serious? We had flashlights be we liked to try and navigate through the woods with them turned off. Jump to Latest Follow ... Ive had more then enough scary encounters in the woods. Pinterest. Went camping in Ginnie Springs in Florida about 10 years ago and sometime at night I heard that sound you hear in movies/TV of a huge tree falling. A longtime solo camper, Reddit poster ocelotSeven recalls an incident over 20 years ago in the Rio Grande Gorge near… Another RV Horror Story, again about Camping World. Don't forget to like and subscribe and hit the bell! One morning about 15 years back, a college girl counselor woke up with a knife stuck in the ground next to her face. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" H bear. Hi there, this is my first post so I apologize if I make any mistakes but after lurking for a while I just had to share this story told to me by one of my co-workers.So one summer a few years ago she and her then boyfriend (now husband) decided to go to Ontario to visit friends and family. Change the location of this story to "Afghanistan", and they probably did. We had coyotes near us once except they were growling and howling, probably because they smelled our steaks. Recommended story : The Shores of Pluto . These aren’t your average campfire stories; they’re the scariest stories from the subreddit r/nosleep . 31 True Stories Of Deeply Disturbing Camping And Hiking Trips Gone Terrifyingly Wrong By Eric Redding Updated December 16, 2020. Press J to jump to the feed. We have a 33-foot Laredo, but it is too long. sounds like you busted her about to transition from human to werewolf/creature, Ugh god , instant imagery is the ring lol, I probably would have kicked the face and ran dude. Didn't think anything of it. Turns out it was a stray house cat engaged in a stand off with an armadillo... Safari guide here. Horror In The Woods: 24 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories Of Camping Gone Wrong Get our newsletter every Friday! T he world is full of mysteries, murders, and deeply disturbing true stories. Unless you're somewhere in the actual wild, nothing is going to happen to you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Print. Reddit’s r/nosleep specializes in a unique brand of horror. Doesn’t say anything. When I was younger, around 14 or 15 years old. Turns out she was just super drunk/high and got lost trying to find a bathroom. She just stared at him and then looking upset left without saying anything. It's scary enough if this was somehow accidental. The Hunter. Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. Are you serious? A helicopter had to come and airlift them out. Milan Ihl. Every night my friend and I would walk through the woods. Horror In The Woods: 24 SUPER-Creepy Real-Life Stories Of Camping Gone Wrong.