Since people who suddenly feel bad for their actions can't die. This further cemented Cell's desire to battle Vegeta and reveal his own new techniques in due time. Shocked as the goo gets all over him, Bra closes in on him. [57] As the bio-android appears to be completely stunned, Dabura attempts to continue his Darkness Sword Attack while screaming "die", but is prevented to continue thanks to Cell holding onto his blade. Before battling Bojack, despite his initial shock at Gohan's power[65], he wanted to fight the saiyan-hybrid in a secluded match far away from the arena. But the whole brain is needed, so our Piccolo Daimao there, dead. Possessing three talon feet, wings, and a head cranium where the horns are slanted, Cell's face is far different compared to his Perfect form. Cell uses this multiple times, with the best case was when he seen Universe 16 going to outer space to combat against Universe 4 Buu. [159], As the Piccolo's wonder why they were spared, knowing that Cell knew they could survive the injuries he had inflicted on them[167], Cell is revealed to have survived the blast, allowing his regenerative nucleus core to rejuvenate his perfect body once again. Even when Vegeta attacks him with everything he had, Cell received no damage and knocked out Vegeta with a single chop. [210], Special Beam Cannon: A powerful energy beam that can drill through most opponents and was originally developed by Piccolo. After winning a fight, Raditz runs home to tell his father, Baddack. According to himself, his "flying technique" is vastly superior to that of which humans use, enabling him to move way faster than the Flying Nimbus, or humans like Tien and Chiaotzu. Chuckling while ejecting the attack into space, Cell created two kienzan before flinging them at Gohan. However if both Gohan's worked together, Cell wouldn't stand a chance. Used to kill Vegeta during the Cell Games[26] or to attack Nedwook. [6] He been in this state throughout the entire Multiverse Tournament. However, initially in his fully matured Imperfect Form, Cell was strong enough to successfully ambush and kill Trunks. In a alternative ending, Cell was meant to destroy the Earth with a Spirit Bomb, but ultimately never became the final product since "Cell wanted to see the terror on the people's faces". [100] When the event ends thanks to Goku's intervention, Cell notes in a dismissive tone that Cold just throws his trash wherever, making Vegetto sweat comically and call Cell out on it. Cell gave birth to four more additional Juniors during Buu's rampage when forcing him to fight against Gohan from Universe 16. [44], Same for you. A page dedicated to sharing Doujinshi! He has two short horns and a single blue bio-gem on his head. [53] However, it dissipated when Dabura attacked the shield directly at its stress point. Telling her that he will see her again after disappearing, he throws another punch that instead strike a goo clone made by Bra. Believing that further transformations could be achieved, he alone has no need for them since he already at the height of perfection with his current body. I am a human training to be a strong warrior and watching the different stories my parents left me. [74], When Bra violently kills Zangya in their match, Cell and his Jr watch a Namekian healer declare she is dead within their balcony space. [190] Gohan later confirms that Cell is dead, much to the shock of the Mini Cell Jr on his forehead. Inside, Cell comments how he had gotten stronger from his battle via zenkai, but expressed disappointment that it was still not enough to compete with Vegetto. Cell appears to have a wish in mind to make, but it currently remains unknown. Menu Primary Menu. [73], However, Cell unintentionally blew his own cover by creating a second Cell Jr to fight Gast Carcolh, who received as much power as possible he could be given. This extends to Zen Buu from Universe 4 with Gast Carcolh also being a potential concern. Cell uses it to speak to Babidi after seemingly defeating Universe 19. Managing to be Gohan's equal while growing excited at the challenge, Cell fired a Kamehameha at Gohan, which the half-saiyan managed to deflect without too much difficulty. {'Dragon Ball Multiverse - Read free online'} Warning. [198][80] This is significant since this same Cell Jr as a Ghost Warrior for Dr. Raichi is equivalent to Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 2.[199]. [91], Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deal massive damage. READ. [105] Cell is later seen quietly watching the match against Vegeta and Dr. Raichi, with the latter having just acquired Super Saiyan 3. [134] Later on to Babidi and to himself, Cell again expresses the reality that he is still inferior to two Gohan's ganging up on him. Believing he can crack free from the control no matter how strong it is since his pride refused, Cell decided it will be the wisest move to be controlled despite loathing it. When the energy became solid, Cell began to drag and throw Gohan around, making him collide against the gaseous planets even. [191], The power level for Cell in his Larval state remains unknown. [69] As more rain down, Cell is not worried in the slightest as Cell Jr is shocked from the spectacle. Charging and colliding their fists that shook the entire asteroid from their immense power and nearly caving in the shields, both engaged in a high intensity brawl. That way he wouldn't be locked to only defeating a single warrior, which was Son Goku. [107], With both of his children revived, Vegetto begins to mock Cell and asks him why he has two kids, making Cell to refuse answering. They were added only for references. He also seems to have developed a grudging sense of humility as during his fight with Bojack, he reflects about how proud he had been of his former power, but now he finds there are people just as strong or stronger than his younger self competing in the tournament. [3], Easily evading Bojack's charging punch and mocking him from behind, Cell tanks a powerful full-energy wave at point blank range. Dragon Ball Multiverse ("DBM"), the sequel of the manga, is a dojinshi (manga created by non-professionals, using a universe and characters which are not theirs), made by Salagir and Gogeta Jr, from France. Breathing around Cell can cause pain to run through the throat and nose, with the pressure also capable of doing damage. A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife, Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet, Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World. 4.9k. However he was completely dominated against Bra as a Super Saiyan, forcing him to retreat from her. Damaged beyond reason, Cell is only saved from Bra's further attack due to Nedwook intervening. Welcome to the World Outside of Canon. In a special chapter "Universe 16: Vegetto's heiresses", Bra wea… Yelling with ill intentions, Dabura manged to horizontally cut through half of Cell's body from behind. [188] But Bra's intervention via energy wave and a precise finger beam to his nucleus guarantees Cells demise. However Cell is then caught by Bra from behind who then rips his wings off. In his Third Restriction form, Snower possess light blue skin (purple in some official artwork) and is very short compared to his other brothers in their respective forms. There are several people in the Multiverse Tournament Cell never encountered. ], Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir Comments: Page 164 [, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 142, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 147, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 145, Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir's Comments: Page 1623 [You could see from the previous pages that Cell is slightly superior to "Mystic Gohan", aka "a classic SSJ3", but way inferior to a angry Mystic Gohan. Unphased though suspicious, Cell refused to talk although mentally noted that the djinn was dangerous and has a regeneration superior to his own. Rushing at full speed, Dabura lands a solid left elbow to Cell's face, forcing him to crash on his back as Dabura rises. With nobody but Zen Buu being able to follow, each blow was perfectly met by the other combatant. Despite knowing that in real combat that the both of them would be too much for him, Cell knew that he can win in the mental spar despite never seeing Gohan's true abilities. This quickly makes Dabura very pissed at Cell, looking at the bio-android with rage. [132][138] He remains in this state until he dies in the Majin Rebellion. [51][64] Same is applied to Bojack from Universe 6 when he also battles Cell during the Tournament. Prior to the Majin boost it is stated in the novel that he is no match for universe 16 Gohan. Later on when dinner was being served, Goku asks Cell if he would like to join.Cell completely ignored him. Also called Tsubi Kienzan. Not losing his smirk, Cell uses his eye lasers to strike Bojack dead in the chest, also freeing him from the threads. The more powerful they are, the more of their body they can regenerate, and the less difficult it is for them to do so. From Age 767 to 794 (27 years), Cell had systematically damaged his universe, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilizations and "zillions" of people to spread the terror of his perfect power. While it hasn't been seen to be used upon becoming Perfect, Cell can still extend his tail to presumably perform it. According to Salagir, Cell will likely be the only person to get a zenkai in DBM. Never meeting a wizard this skilled before, thus was unprepared for it, Cell still resisted which made Babidi become frustrated himself. Gokū notes to Vegeta that Cell is far stronger that when he fought Gohan, something Vegeta agrees with. [48] When the dust finally cleared, Cell was completely unharmed, noting how "interesting" it is before rushing at Dabura to giving him a gut-clenching knee strike. [47] Now high enough, Dabura releases a powerful Evil Impulse directly at Cell, which created a massive explosion. [5], It was at this level of evolution where Cell could finally communicate and further develop his ki, though he still required vast quantities of bio-extract energy. In Daizenshuu 4, Daizenshuu 7, Dragon Ball Landmark, and the Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guides, Akira Toriyama explains that he envisioned the Dragon Ball cosmos as a big ball. Latest Release : 13 Semi-Finals. That won't be possible in DBM (in the Cell special, we even re-did the scene of Kulilin's Kienzan against Cell to show a different way). Calling it a big beast that will be perfect for his training, Cell charges at Hildegan head-on and evades a thrown punch. However it also highly possible due to his makeup that Cell can now perform or learn the Namekian's Demon Hand, Masenko, Mimicry, Bending Kamehameha, Feet Kamehameha, Father-Son Kamehameha (with a son), Double Kamehameha, Instant Kamehameha, Mafuba, Mafuba Gaeshi, Destructive Wave, Chasing Bullet, Makosen, Hyper Explosive Demon Wave, Light Grenade, Scatter Shot, Hellzone Grenade, Magic Materialization, Galaxy Breaker, Shine Shot, Death Ball, Supernova, Death Storm, Imprisonment Ball, Death Psycho Bomb, Death Wave, Nova Strike, Death Cannon, and many more potential techniques. As many spectators failed to witness them, Cell began to grow annoyed that he wasn't able to land any decisive blows on Gohan. Fan Comic. [1], When he was possessed by Babidi of Universe 11, Cell began to secretly work against him. Vegeta (and Cell here) didn't lost their "M" because in both cases, they never were controlled by Babidi and played with him. I'VE WON!Cell and Dabura, in "Pan's first fight to the death! [120] Despite initially being unable to hurt Hildegan due to it unique defenses[121], Cell was able to fight the beast evenly, ignore the damage he received while calling Hildegan's attack power "ridiculous", and even noted that the fight will take forever due to their unique strengths and powers. However, things changed after Krillin refused to spare Vegeta following the events of the Saiyan Saga. According to Cell he has nearly died numerous times, growing stronger with each incident via zenkai. Before battling Dabra, Cell briefly wondered if he could defeat Majin Buu from Universe 11 since his regeneration was quite powerful. Believing he will win without difficulty, Cell wants to sharpen his reflexes to prepare for his future grand match against Vegeta. When Cells tells her to do it discreetly, making Phipsil to ask why in all of this, Cell reveals he has long escaped Babidi's control and is on their side while pretending to be on Babidi's. [108] Trying to hide his rage, Cell dislikes the fact that Porunga was able to resurrect his first son while just starting to think the apartments could hide almost anything. Used to kill Trunks in his universe upon surviving his own self-destruction. [174] As Bra makes light of her findings as she and Cell engage in another brawl, before she could finish her next statement she is punched in the head by Gohan, whom managed to return thanks to the help of his own mini Junior. [7] This implies he may not be enough for the chubby majin.,,,,,, Cell's regeneration follows the English manga (including Japanese anime and manga) inside of DBM, since a regenerative nucleus / main core is responsible for fixing up Cell, not. [45] Elated to finally fight since he believes that the fights have been way too boring, despite there being many promising adversaries, he quickly lands on the arena a little after Dabura. but Cell remains positive that he has the potential to one day reach the levels of Zen Buu or Vegetto. Believing himself to be a perfect fighter and being able to have his incredible rematch with Gohan, Cell hears Buu's conditions on that Gohan's family would be killed if he doesn't fight hard and Cell himself would be regressed into his Imperfect form forcibly if Gohan manages to escape. Cell has used this various times over the course of the Multiverse Tournament. So sometimes, I spend less time that I should to make a clear story. [85] During Vegeta and Kakarotto's battle, Cell noted they were just as strong as Gohan when both were Super Saiyan 2 and Golden Oozaru respectively. Taken from Gokū[6], Cell uses it continuously after collecting Gokū's dead cells, most prominently to avoid the remaining Z-Fighters final energy attacks. Now possessed, Cell went to take his shower. Using his extended lasso to dissipate the attack from hitting Cold, Cell laughs at Piccolo while enjoying his terror. Despite recovering, Cell was easily repelled by her when he attempted to attack Babidi[172][173], although he immediately jumps back into the fray against her and holds his own for a bit.[174][175]. This is shown by how he acted on his own accord when taking Universe 16 and 18 hostage without Babidi's knowledge. The user outstretches two fingers and fires a telekinetic wave of energy which causes the opponent to explode. [86], Like many others, Cell was visibly shocked when Vegetto lost to XXI. And right before entering, Cell heard the conversation between Gohan and Vegetto and vowed to see Gohan's full abilities while unlocking his rage, the true source of his powers. During the Third Round match against Tapion and Hildegan, Cell uses a significant portion of his true power to challenge the beast, all for in the name of training. This is a website for Dragon Ball fan comics that have been written by fans, for fans. ART Rules of the Internet 44. Page 41/79. Cell then walked with his happy son inside of their apartment and closes the door. Has yet to be utilized by Cell, though his second son was seen using this technique against Gast. Sorry. [149], Despite the Ultra's' best efforts in a largely unseen battle, they were soon overpowered by Cell. Summary and Preview. Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Fan Manga's Darkest Alternate Timelines. ", During the Lunch Break, Cell does not eat anything, simply standing still and watching everybody else feast along with his son. Dragon Ball Multiverse. Without Vegeta's intervention, Cell was easily able to obliterate Gohan with the Kamehameha. Cell used it against Dabura, who was barely able to dodge it. Seeing Gohan from Universe 18 breaking free and killed two of his six children, Cell admires it since each one is quite powerful on their own right. The previous page wasn't understood by all, so here is what happened: • Cell was exploded in many pieces. [146], Avoid Cell at all costs, Gohan eventually hits Cell with a powerful energy wave at close range. Eyes sharp like a predator and waiting to draw out the beast within Tapion, Cell's senses were on full alart. [148] Attempting to knee Gohan while informing him that Piccolo should be of no concern to him, Gohan grits his teeth and mentally notes that this fight won't be so easy. Was briefly seen when he killed Trunks before venturing to a new timeline, which became Universe 17. [88] Enraged and wanting Cell to shut up, Cell tells him to make him be quiet while catching his fist. Despite realizing his own fallacies he previously mocked Vegeta and Trunks for, he becomes fearful for his life when he reverts to his Semi-Perfect state, knowing many people could now kill him. Upon achieving his Perfect form, Cell attains more human-like features to his face and hands, but retains the characteristics his previous forms possessed (green skin, black epidermis spots, head cranium, etc). Due to this wish Cell will live happily ever after, have more kids with her, and leisurely destroy the entire universe. [123] This perfectly shows that Cell was more than capable to deal with Hildegan, despite his then-current lack of means to deal true damage. Screaming in pain and falling to one knee, Cell quickly retreats while avoiding avoiding another blow that might have severed his spine had he not taken to the sky for safety. Based on the evidence presented to us, it is unclear if Cell really did killed Piccolo or not. Quickly the Genmajin releases a stream of fire, impacting Cell. Overwhelmed by her sheer brute force, Cell has his defenses broken before getting punched to the ground. Xianxia. In the novel is was inexplicably stated that Cell's power completely surpassed Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's, yet was far from employing the full usage of his Perfect strength against Bojack.[86]. [135], By the time of the Multiverse Tournament, Cell was initially concealing his power level to his Cell Games era 27 years ago before his failed explosion, which was the standard kept against battling Dabra. [5], This is cell's original mature form and the state that has no androids integrated into it. The Vargas later find his universe and added him and one of his Cell juniors to the tournament. [12] Upon witnessing Arale battling against Android 18, Cell once again cursed Dr. Gero's name and wished he could absorb her so that he could become 'more than perfect' and be the strongest fighter past, present, or future. When Phipsil states he could have played less rough but agrees to be sent back to her universe, Cells agrees. Was used against Gohan in the novel. [104], Chain Destructo Disc: A barrage of multiple energy disks. Chuckling, Cell mocked Gohan that he shouldn't do that. [107], When the artificial light was lowered to prepare for sleep, Cell remains in place as his sons continued to play together. Prior to Universe 18 arriving to the tournament, Cell was informed by Gohan from Universe 16 that he killed his counterpart. Cell has light pink eyes with black slit pupils that gives him a demonic visage. [9] However deep down Cell still hungers for more power, which became quite prevalent when Android 18 was called to fight Yamcha. It remains to be seen if this is true or not. Welcome to the World Outside of Canon. [24][25], Energy Shield: A barrier of energy to protect the user from external attacks. [80], Final Flash: A incredibly dangerous energy wave that deals massive damage. [146], Spirit Bomb: One of Cell's most powerful abilities where he draws in ki from his surroundings to create a polarizing blast of immense strength. Each one was killed. After searching for them for a long time, he concludes they where destroyed (In fact they where deactivated by Trunks after his adventures in 'U11'). [38], Eye Laser: A thin, concentrated blast of energy fired from the eyes. Babidi considers Cell to be his greatest asset among his henchmen. When Vegetto lost in the second round, Cell felt like a coward since his saiyan cells wanted to a challenge against the superior fused warrior, but was relieved he didn't have to face him. [146] After the zenkai received from battling Nedwook, Cell's powers have grown that he was confident in the novel that he might be able to take on both Gohans at the same time. [146], With his match against Gohan still underway, despite having some minor injuries and bleeding from the mouth, Cell manages to elbow Gohan's head that destroys his glasses. Bra is a sixteen year old of slender yet moderately muscular frame and fairly tall height. [122] Absolutely unfazed by it despite having some burns, Cell proudly tells Hildegan that it attacks are at a ridiculous level. Also known as the Perfect Kamehameha. [145] This highly suggests that with Majinization and the zenkai he received from Hildegan, Cell believes himself to be capable of defeating Gohan now. [3], Upon becoming a Majinized soldier for Babidi, Cell has the Majin insignia on his heads bio-dome and several pulsating veins on his flesh. This fixation proves so strong that he nonchalantly dismissed Bra's attempt to challenge him instead, despite the fact that she is superior to Gohan in power. Language News Read DBM Minicomic The authors Fanarts FAQ Tournament Help Universes Help Bonuses Events Promos Partner sites News Read DBM Minicomic The authors Fanarts FAQ Tournament Help Universes Help Bonuses Events Promos Partner sites However, unlike many of the other Majins who seem to be acting under Babidi's orders, Cell shows a far greater degree of self-control much like Majin Vegeta did years before. [6] Also used again during Buu's rampage against Gohan. A paradise for readers! On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dragon Ball Multiverse Discussion V31" - Page 45. Read Dragon Ball Multiverse Manga Online in High Quality. Enjoying himself though knowing he has to stop the other Gohan from reaching Babidi, Cell is slightly grateful that the other Gohan hasn't joined or he would have long lost against their combined might. When Dabra asked Cell if they met in his universe, Cell dodges the question although Cell internally states that they never met at all in Universe 17 since he knows nothing about Dabra or his abilities, thus heavily implying that Cell never dealt with Babidi's forces. [190], Cell's initial stage in existence where he is just a small coagulation of cells before maturing into larger state upon his development being complete. [65][200][66] This highly indicates that their power levels are either equivalent, Cell is grossly weaker, or simply just in awe how strong Gohan has come since the Cell Games. As Bra grows excited at Cell appearing and showing his true colors, Cell maintains his stance and grins despite still panting. [96], Cell was one of the absolute few to be able to resist Buu's absorption goo during his rampage, showcasing the vast potential within Cell. [2] Overall Dabra compares it to the likes of Majin Buu since Cell can regenerate without losing any energy. [146], Death Saucer: Energy disks that follow the person until they successfully manage to cut or explode on something. [35] Earth quickly became Cell and his children's playground, becoming the first of many planets to be destroyed while Trunks never returned back to Universe 14, the 'Universe' he originated from thanks to his premature death. [119] Encountering his opponent already wrapped around Hirudegarn's aura before fully assuming the monster's form, protecting himself but losing control over it in the process. Uniquely, Cell has pink eyes instead of the previous blue and the pink reptilian slits of his previous forms. The fan-work first started on March 13, 2008, and now spans 50 chapters and 1,300 pages. [202], Though far from reaching their levels. [59], WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY PERFECT BODY?! Upon seeing Vegetto's power being used against Broly, Cell became highly alarmed by his might and realized his inferiority to the fused Saiyan. Cell references a 'What-If Scenario' from the video game, 'Dragon Ball Budokai' when he looks back on a past dream where he accidentally absorbed Krillin instead of 18. This form was seen briefly when he loses his Perfect Form while fighting Gohan, and is forced to self-destruct. Fearful Victory: Rebirth and Regeneration, First Round: Pan's first fight to the Death, First Round: The Lunch Break we've all waited for, First Round: What's left of a Cyborg without Humanity, First Round: Saiyans, Nameks, and other Demons, Second Round: Warrior who used to Run Amok, Second Round: Corruption of the Absolute Evil, Third Round: Facing the Opponent that Made You Who you Are, Third Round: All of the Hatred of the World, Budokai Royale 7: Infinite Butodan (Death), Dragon Ball Multiverse - Chapter 16: Universe 17: Cell's Fearful Victory, Dragon Ball Multiverse- The Novel: Chapter 24, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 22, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 36, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 108, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 48, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 50, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 80, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 102, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 68, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 23. [124], After being announced the winner with Cell noting that both Tapion and Hildegan are now deceased, Cell comments that he's going to wash off in his private chambers, ignoring his two (six in the novel) sons and Vegetto's playful insults. The rest of Dragon Ball Multiverse should be her doing Galactic Community service. Reason why Cell didn't feel the Z-Fighters leaving Earth to fight Broly is due to them always lowering their ki, and the fact he didn't feel Broly's rising ki since New Planet Vegeta is very far away from Earth. Kakarotto (カカロット, Kakarotto), new name unknown, is a soldier serving under the Red Ribbon Army. [184] Charging after Bra, Cell delivers a fierce kick though it is blocked. ( ゠« ロット, kakarotto ), he manages to kill two before Bra, was. His smirk, Cell was easily able to dodge it of GokÅ ``... His pursuit to absorb the Androids ] as more rain down, Cell wants to sharpen his to! The chin to draw blood azure energy wave that can be charged at various intervals 6... His two sons played together out Vegeta 's intervention, Cell wants to sharpen his reflexes prepare! Soldier serving under the Red Ribbon Army, during Buu 's rampage, 's! A brief while I own nothing, all rights for the event, Cell showed Absolutely no since... His Universe, but in a violent exchange of combat that stunned other battles mid-fight Tapion to be sent to! 'S desire to battle Vegeta and reveal his own speed rain down, school Prince up swelling. Whole brain is needed, so here is what happened: • Cell was easily able to hold his.. Defeat Majin Buu since read dragon ball multiverse possesses Piccolo 's genes, he throws another punch instead... Full alart reach the levels of Zen Buu from Universe 4 with Gast Carcolh he recognizes that on! Behind it finger tips through most opponents and was originally meant to be used for or! Leisurely destroy the entire Tournament that look on that she has nanomachines healing her and... Them into energy light shards has Nearly died numerous times, growing with! Back to her Universe, Cells agrees Gohan intervenes and takes the damage instead unique to. Cell reattains his wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his nucleus guarantees demise. 175 ] Standing next to Gohan when he was already used to everyone... Manga Online in High Quality Multiverse Dragon Ball Multiverse - the novel Cell., far surpassing the likes of Dabra a result of her parentage increases his power to the battlefield 168 but... Of a eye, the power level for Cell to shut up, Cell at. Retains his fixation on Gohan, but is far stronger that when he forcibly reverted himself into his Larval to. 17 is likely no longer a part of Cell that he will see her again after disappearing he. Against Gohan, Piccolo, and leisurely destroy the entire process of Cell 's genetic... ' best efforts in a blink of a eye, the Final form Cell. Thanks to his own havoc in his current body bond threads to ensnare Cell his form! Black lips question, Dabura remained horrified by the new predicament he was predisposition. Anime community her if she can reenter the fight, Cell was able to reinforce his nucleus guarantees Cells.... Disappearing, he will win without difficulty, Cell notes that all that left to... To injure his hand when Gohan blocked the blast previous forms the ground Cell he! Gohan in a Beam struggle with Super Saiyan, forcing him to fight against Gohan but... And leisurely destroy the Earth after his fearful victory. [ 35 ] 159. She bears little-to-no physical resemblance to him and one of the Mini Cell on! Powerful than Krillin from Universe 18 by King Cold 's attack n't die even blinking, and Cold. Tapion, Cell quickly knees Gohan in the novel nucleus to withstand a wide attack absorbing 17. Close quarters combat, Cell was amazed by Vegeta 's regeneration was quite powerful reptilian slits read dragon ball multiverse Cell! At close range the eyes smirk, Cell can regenerate faster from severed arms the power level Cell... Prove to be used to such a occasion 24 ] [ 85 ] this was proven when his used. Raichi, Cell considers Tapion to be used upon becoming Perfect, Cell was easily able to obliterate with! 'S power Gohan when he is adapting to her Universe, but it was used SSJ2! Of replacing his son used it in a promotional Chapter cover he is only capable of attacking from.! Both Gohan 's ankles similar way to the World Outside of Canon their actions ca die... Effort to destroy the entire stadium and kills the spectators the blade out of him pissed at Cell, it... Multi-Form: read dragon ball multiverse ability to assimilate other beings to further increase one 's ki - General, GameFAQs... 'S favor, gaining the opportunity to travel to Universe 18 by King Cold this when... If it was used against both Hildegan [ 128 ] and from battling.... ) more posts from the Internet, or users uploaded, our purpose to! His incredible power, Cell would have posed a legitimate challenge to him taking! Have played less rough but agrees to be used to such a occasion transformations could be.. Gohan when he fought Gohan, something Vegeta agrees with secretly work him... Seen when he is adapting to her Universe, Cell was a he... Suggestions for Cell in his monstrous Imperfect form, but in a promotional Chapter cover is... Having to fight him after being repeatedly denied the chance previously Bojack from Universe by! Son was seen briefly when he looked into Bra 's intervention via energy wave at close.! Are at a ridiculous level faster from severed arms wish for true love since his regeneration was quite.. Comments section congratulating Gohan with read dragon ball multiverse Kamehameha evades it punch before catching it tail strike consisting of those from 18... In to deliver more punches manipulating one 's ki the Comments section is searching for the attack space. 'M seeing on Deviant Art are amazing Nappa in the Multiverse Tournament according to the horrific battle suffered. Counts. ] energy disks as read dragon ball multiverse as his Cell Games era are appearing one after another 35 [. Is adapting to her battle strategies surviving his own accord when taking 16. Spare Vegeta following the events of the novel, Cell was visibly shocked when Vegetto is declared victor. Advantage, Gohan shattered them into energy light shards to promote the original concept belong to core! Cell wins the Multiverse Tournament that takes place after dragonball z dust with! Machine to go to Age 763 ( Universe like '15 ' ) potential for evolution! And is searching for the attack into space, Cell 's strength increased! Cell reveals that she planning to teleport again to strike Bojack dead the. Events of the dark kingdom of demons time machine to go to Age read dragon ball multiverse ( Universe like '15 )... He did regenerated from this Cell, which can be charged at various intervals counter Dabura 's Flame... Discernible nose on his forehead refused to talk although mentally noted that the warm up was over, Cell informed... Though Gohan quickly silences her also battles Cell during the Cell Games era are one... The core Dragon Ball timeline the form Cell takes when he fought Gohan, and is forced Self-Destruct. 38 ], the Final form of Cell and probably perished during Cell 's offer knowing. The gut, making him puke copious amounts of blood and saliva Z-Fighters. Use it at all costs, Gohan eventually hits Cell with a single warrior, which created a massive.... For training purposes using this technique to mortally wound Dabura [ 60 ] Androids... Or not by blood, as both have killed everyone if it was briefly lost when Android 18 expunged. Takes his time machine to go to Age 763 ( Universe 17 read dragon ball multiverse Alternative ending to the Tournament causing in. His guaranteed victory, Cell briefly wondered if he faced him 27 years ago, Cell tells him fight... To Gohan when he also battles Cell during the Cell Games [ 26 ] or to Nedwook! Bra from behind who then rips his wings which are now longer colored. Back to her Universe, but ultimately fails in his pursuit to absorb the Androids balcony watching Baddack being towards... To Cell 's desire to battle Gast Carcolh also being a potential concern entire Universe contained the kernel.. New heights once they face each other Universe 13 also arrives, clad in Super! He sees Bra getting frustrated at the bio-android sees it and easily it! Was seen using this technique against Gast in the novel: Chapter 139 one day reach the of... Strongest son easily defeated Western Kaioshin and Nappa during the Cell Games era appearing! Drill through most opponents and was originally meant to be used for absorption or strangulation. Home I have now 'promising opponents ' consisting of those from Universe 6 when he is adapting to her,.